My Other Half

† Fourteen †

I walked towards the hallways of the school to my next class. I've been resting for weeks and I know I've missed a lot of lesson for just those breaks Reiji-nii and Laito-nii insisted. My eyes slowly became hollowed ever since I saw that blonde woman in the hallway. My rapidly turning weak body and the pain in my chest, making me breathe with difficulty, isn't helping also.

I know I looked terribly haggard right now. I looked sick even. But I just can't stay home and lie all day. So even against their wishes, I went to school even without their permission. "Really?!" a girl, which looked like a 2nd year student, squealed "Ayato-kun will be participating with the school's basketball team for the inter-high basketball tournament tomorrow?! Kyaaaa!"

I began to wonder if should watch the match me being me will come watch his match tomorrow. Well, knowing the brothers, no one will come and try to support him. I sighed in defeat and asked the girl about this inter-high tournament.


Squeals and screams of fangirls boomed inside the auditorium. I covered my ears to not let my ear drums be tortured by the shouting of the Ayato obsessed girls and made my head throbbed even more.

The room is filled with people to support each team. It was amazing I was able get tickets before it was sold out. Soon enough, the game started. At first, Ayato's team is in the lead. But as each quarter passed, it became more intense.

Ayato's losing - or rather, a vampire's losing - and I can't believe it. The other team won the third quarter by a 9 point difference. I can't help but tense as I watched the other team's ace who is up against him.

He has messy dark blonde hair, tied up in a bun with bangs and some strands hanging out from the back. He's a really good basketball player and really cute I admit. But I can't let my brother lose. I didn't come here to look for cute guys, I came here to support my brother.

The 4th quarter started not long and both team isn't even advancing. Defence and Offense are good. Anxiety took over me and my chest pained even more. I don't know what's happening to me but I can't give on him.

"FIGHT! AYA-NII!!!!" I screamed as hard as I can. A lot of heads caught my attention, including Ayato and the other teams "WIN AYA-NII! DON'T GIVE UP!"

Ayato's eyes widenned and he smirked. This boosts up his and his team's fighting spirit and in the end, they won..

Ayato's POV...

I cheered so much together with my team mates for the first time. We finally won - or rather "Ore-sama" won - against that bastard. I turned my head and saw a better image of her, still standing there and cheering with the crowds.

However, she looked more terrible that I had imagined.. DId she just lose weight? Is she sick? Suddenly, I remembered how she often rub her hand on her chest, as if she's having difficulty breathing. Her appetite is also decreasing and her head usually throbbed at the mansion.

I ran up the stairs to where she is and the cheers of the crowds died down. Probably to eavesdrop on our conversation. "What are you doing here, idiot?" I said standing infront of her and slightly annoyed. But despite the situation, she smiled brightly as always.

"I'm here to support you, Aya-nii.." she said "Isn't that obvious?"

I rubbed the back of my neck, losing my vocabularies to answer her. "I don't know why you even try to come! I don't need your support!" I didn't mean to holler agaisnt her. I just can't.. I don't know! I don't know how to tell her how happy I am to see her here.

"Of course you do.." she smiled and took my mand with her "I'm your sister and no matter what consequenses happens.. I should always be here to stand beside you"


"W-what do you mean..? I don't understand.."

"Of course you don't understand.." I sighed in defeat "Remember when you fainted while you were out in the cemetery with Kanato?"

She nods and I continued "Reiji called a doctor to check on you.. We all waited anxiously outside the door but when the doctor came out, he said.." I sighed as tears tried to form in the corner of my eyes but I willed them back "he said.. you have a rare case of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy"

"What..?" she said and I nod. "Those dark days from the mansion had always been too much for us to bear.. We always thought of leaving but we just cant. Not because of our mothers, but because of the past that bind us there.." I took her hands with mine and sighed deeply ".. But all of those ended when you came along.. At first we're confused for Subaru having a younger twin sister and an additional family member to the house. But not just a simple family member, but a sister.. An only girl"

"Our lives had always been full of shit.. And even if we try to push you away, you're always too kind and caring that we didn't knew we began to love you so much.. You were the only one who made us feel that we are special and your bright smile.. It always brightens up our darkened days"

Yumiko smiled sweetly as she rubbed my hands and said "After everything that I've been through, you guys are the only ones who ever made me feel I belonged for the first time.. That's why I cared for all of you a lot.. and even if I died now, I know I will bring the most precious treasure with me"

"Don't act like you're going to die!" I snapped my hand away from her and hollered "You're going to live!" however, she closed our distance and hugged me gently.

"I will.. For you guys" I was frozen from her words as I hugged her back and closed my eyes. I can't let my tears stream down my face. I'm already too out of character!

Once I released her, that bastard son of a bitch who's a sugar cubeaholic came towards us. "So this is the Skamaki bother's only sister?" he smirked "No wonder she looked like the youngest brother" he took her by the waist, as if flirting with her.

But before I was to pry him off, Shu suddenly appeared and grabbed him by the shirt with the other brothers behind him. "Get off of her" he threw him down effortlessly and he looked more pissed than when I challenged him back to a game of darts "Touch her gain, and I'll KILL you"

I admit, I was taken aback by this side of his. "Yumiko, are you okay?! Did that bastard hurt you?!" Kanato and Laito asked her hysterically. Reiji also came up to me "Why did you took her here? Didn't that pea brean of yours even register that she should rest at the mansion?" he asked sternly but pissed "What if something bad happens to her? What will you do?"

"Reiji-nii.. It's not Aya-nii's fault.. I came here on my own" she smiled and the tableware otaku calmed down, pushing the glasses on the bridge of his nose. "Very well.." he said "You're lucky you won't get any punishment for such a deplorable behavior.. Let's go"

When were about to leave, Yumiko suddenly grabbed onto Shu. Subaru ran to her side "Yumi, what's wrong?!" she wheezed as she clutched on her chest. Her knees gave in, as those two supported her. Our eyes widenned but before we could do anything, she fainted.


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