My Other Half

† Fifteen †

Shu's POV...

How long have I forgotten how I lost my motivation until she came along. At first, I thought she was just some other crap girl. But when I got a good look at her, I finally remembered her. She was that girl Beatrix had always watched over when she wenr out of the mansion every night when everyone is asleep.

I actually don't want anything to do with her. But you can't just stay away from her. She's kind, caring and easy to love. She can always made your day go brighter. Especially when all of us heard her story from Yui and Laito.

I suddenly remembered Edgar. All of us were just like her. All had led our own version of fucked up lives. But unlike us, she's stronger. Much stronger than any of us. She always smiled so brightly like the sun, as if nothing those were nothing.

I watched as I saw my brothers filled with anxiety for the first time. Reiji fiddled as he looked over at his pocket watch. Kanato kept asking Laito, totally ignoring teddy for the first time, if Yumi's going to be alright while the perverted playboy rubbed his hand restlessly. Ayato keep on fidgeting with the hem of his shirt, Yui fumbling with her fingers and Subaru pacing back and forth.

Finally, after long hours of waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the doctor emerged from the door of the emergency room. "Who is Ms. Yumiko's family?" he asked and all of us stood up.

"I AM!" we all exclaimed. He rose an eyebrow and Reiji explained "We're all her brothers.. She's just a friend" he said pertaining to Yui. The doctor nods and explained us the situation.

End of Shu's POV...

"Yumi.." I heard a sweet voice as my vision was blinded by the illuminating of the sun's light "Yumi.." I stood up catching the sight of a silhouette of a woman dressed in red and black gown

"Huh..?" I said, putting up a hand to prevent my eyes be hurt by the bright light "Who are you?"

"You'll know soon.. But right now" she smiled "They all need you.. She needs you"




I woke by the bright light of the florescent lamp, hanging from the white ceiling. I looked around, realizing I'm in a room painted all in white. I didn't felt more terrible than before as I began to notice a dextrose hanging beside me and was connected to an IV on my hand.

I knew then that I was in a hospital. "Seems like you're already awake" I turned and saw Shu sitting on a chair beside me and the brothers + Yui, scattered around the room. Seems like she could get anywhere fast like the vampires because of Aya-nii.

"Do you want some boiled eggs? I made you some" Aya-nii showed off a bowl of boiled eggs. It was surprising to see that teddy isn't no where with him.

Laito-nii sat on the corner of the bed with a fruit knife and an apple on hand "I can peel you some apples if you want, little sis~"

"What about some peeled seedless grapes? I have a lot" Yui smiled and Aya-nii walked up behind her "Don't worry, Yumi! Ore-sama have a lot of peeled banana's for you if you want!"

"Your being a pervert again, Ayato!" Suba-nii hollered at him and he surprisingly raised his hand in defeat. "Will all of you pipe down? You're making her feel worst" Reiji-nii coughed, pushing his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

"Anyways.. Shu" the second oldest turned to Shu-nii and the other nodded. He sat on the corner of my bed to brushed some hair out of my face "I know I should have told you this sooner, but.." he said "I just can't find the right time to tell you.."

"Tell me what?" I asked

"Remember about the blonde woman you asked when we were on your first day of school at the limo?"


"Her name is Beatrix.. She's mine and Reiji's mom and the second wife of our father" he sighed "We actually all have different mothers.. Cordelia for the triplets.. She's the first mistress and the last is Christa.. You and Subaru's mom"

"Christa?" I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. All the brothers nodded and Shu-nii continued "There was a bright red eclipse that time when you two were born.."


"AAAAAAAAAHH!" the room were filled with screams of a woman giving birth. "Push, malady! Push!" the midwife cried.

After several hours of intense pain, the room is now filled with cries of a new born identical twin. A baby boy and a baby girl.

Beatrix, a blonde woman with blue eyes, smiled as she wraped the two infant with a towel and handed them to the beautiful new mother of hair white as snow and eyes red as blood. "Congratulations, Christa" she smiled to the third mistress of the family.

She was actually strict and cold on the outside, but was soft on the inside. One of those who can see this side of her is Christa. They may act like they don't care for each other in a crowd, but they have a better relationship than with Cordelia.

"Beatrix.. I want you to do me a favor" Christa asked, eyes are cold but contained deep hurt, as she stroked the cheek of her female child. "What is it?" the said woman asked anxiously.

"Please.. Take her far away" the white haired female said as tears started to form on the corner of her eyes "Far away where she'll be safe from him and from Cordelia"

"W-what are you sayi - ?!"

"She's a human, Beatrix! If she grew up here.. She'll be nothing but a prey to all of us!" Christa couldn't let stopped the tears that fell freely from her eyes "I know that if that happens.. She'll grow up, defenseless and that is the least thing I wanted while I'm locked up here"

"B-but.. I can protect her for you - "

"No you can't! You have two sons of your own and I don't want to burden you of a child that isn't your own.." Christa looked at her and said "I'm sorry but please.. Promise me that you'll always watched over her"

Beatrix sighed and nodded "I will.."

End of Flashback...

"That night, she took you away from us and left you to a place she knew you'll be safe and the words that Lady Christa only had a son" Shu-nii explained "And just as she said, she kept her promise and always watched over you and not once did she ever failed it until she died"

"Y-you mean..?"

"The promotion, the company of your father is all because of her" Shu said "Her only mistake is when your foster father died in a car crash.. It wasn't part of her plan though.. Even your aunt's adoption weren't part of this"

"So it means my real mom is alive?"

"Yes.." the brothers all smiled and Suba-nii came up to me. He took my hand and said "You'll meet her tomorrow.."

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