My Other Half

† Sixteen †

"Where are you guys taking me?" I asked as Reiji-nii pushed the wheelchair I'm sitting on. They also blindfolded me, much to my dismay, and took me towards a side of the mansion I haven't seen before. The other brothers are in tow. I heard the creaking sounds of a tall grand gate, creaked being openned.

We stopped quite a long walk after passing the gate. "We're here~" Laito-nii cheered as the others took of my blind fold. After my blurry vision subsided, beyond my eyes lies a garden bed of white roses. Shining elegantly under the illumination of the moonlight night.

The middle pathway leads to a tall tower with a barred window and infront of me, stood a beautiful woman with white hair tied up in a bun by a frilly band with long piece of hair strand, hanging loose infront and her eyes are red. Similar to the young man, Suba-nii, standing behind her.

"Y-Yumiko..?" she gasped, covering her mouth with her hands, and tears formed in the corner of herr eyes. I nod, smiling as she closed our distance and we both gently enveloped each other in a warm hug.


"You know.. When I was pregnant with the two of you.. I was always scared" Christa - or rather mom - said. The others left the two of us together to have our mother-and-daughter talk. "I was never ready, but.. I was forced by that man"

"Beatrix was there to calm my heart.. She wasn't just a friend, but she's always like a sister to me.. Time flew fast and when the time of your birth came, I became more frightened" she talked, reminiscing about the past "The pain was too unbearable but all of that ended when I finally saw the two of you.. You both got my hair and those big red rounded orbs.. the way you two cooed.. was the mot happiest day of my life"

A single tear fell down on her face as she talked like a mother would when they saw their child for the first time. "But I can't have you.." she said "You were human.. You two were twins born as a pure vampire and a pure human.. I was afraid that you might be killed by creatures like us while I'm locked away"

"I sacfriced the years where I wouldn't be there to guide you, to love you and to watch you grow up and become a woman just so you would live" She kneeled infront of me and took both of my hands. She kissed the back of it and stared at my blood red eyes.

"It's fine.." tears started to form in the corner of my eyes "Because I know that you only did it for my own good and you gave me to a family that loved me even if I am not bounded to them by blood.. Is more than enough for me to forgive you"

"But even so.. Everything that happened to you was still my fault for being powerless" she said and I shook my head "No.. Everything that happened to me is the reason why I became I am now.. I learned to become stronger in order to survive"

"And because of that, I've met you.. I've met Suba-nii.. I've met everyone" I continued, giving her one of my sweetest smile "and that is the most greatest moment that I'll always treasure for the rest of my life"

We both hugged each other that night. Savoring the times we've lost for all these years..

However, that happines is short lived. Because lurking beyond the shadows of the moonlight night, lies a great eerie presence of a dangerous creature. Mom seems to notice this too and we both turned our heads to the direction of that certain someone.

"I know you're in there.. Show yourself!" Mom had a serious stern face as a man appeared out of nowhere. He had dark-greenish hair that stopped abruptly right on his shoulder and dark red eyes. Mom narrowed her eye at the intruder "What are you doing here, Richter?"

"Aren't you going to introduce me to my niece, Christa?" the man called richter said, giving away his position as my uncle "Anyways, If you really wanted to know.. I'm just here to see how my nephews and my newfound niece is doing"

He smirked walking towards us and even if I'm not a vampire, I could still feel the presence of death behind the door lurked within him. "Now tell me.. What is your name, sweet angel?"

"There's nothing for you to know! Nor where you even welcome here" mom stood protectively against me. He turn around, the smirk still planted on his dark face "I see.. Then when are you going to tell her the truth behind her sickness?"

"Sickness..?" I wondered and mom hollered "RICHTER!"

Just then, all my brothers came together with Yui. They stood their ground protectively beside my mom with Yui beside me. "If you ever lay a finger on her, I'll kill you Richter!" Suba-nii hollered and the said man made a fake look of hurt.

"Is that really how you guys treat your uncle?" he said and Aya-nii answered him "You were never an uncle to me, to her and to any of us!"

"Alright then" he said, facing us and looked me straight into my eyes "The awakening will manifest, without awaiting it's time.."

His voice echoed as a gush of wind blew along the horizon, making us cover our eyes. But before we knew it, he's already gone..

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