My Other Half

† Seventeen †

"Don't let those things what that man said get you.."

Those were always mom's words whenever I ask her about what Richter - or rather, uncle Richter - meant by "Truth behinds her sickness"and as much as those words disturb me, I also curious to know..

I realized I was always prone to sickness ever since without any obvious reason. But now, the way he said those things, as if he knew everything since the beginning, and mom's attitude about all this now starts to confuse me.

Even my brothers seems to be more over-protective than before. Whenever I try to ask them, they always shrug it off. They all seemed to be hidding something from me. I want to know what is it. I need answers.

Answers that only that man knows..

I stood up from my bed and walked towards the door with my trembling legs. But before just as I openned the door, I jumped at the familiar chuckle of an older brother of mine. "Oho~ Why is little sis' still up in the middle of the night?"

Laito-nii had his signature smirk printed on his face. But, his eyes says otherwise. "U-um.." I stuttered "I just feel like I.. um.. wanted to go out for a walk - "

"But mansion is big~ you can walk all you like" he cheered.

"No.. I mean.. I want to go out - OUT - for a walk"

"Five hours before dawn when we're supposed to be in deep sleep~?" He rose his eyebrow, still in his cheerful tone, but his eyes are dead serious. As if he's trying hard to not snap at me right now. "You know it's bad to lie, Yumiko" his tone suddenly dropped and I already know his mad.

I bowed my head in shame and bit my bottom lip. "I'm sorry, Laito-nii.. It's just.." I fumbled with my fingers, losing the right words to answer him. He sighed and said "You wanted to know the truth about what Richter said, do you?"

I looked up at him with eyes of anticipation. But when I openned my mouth and was about to say yes, he cut me off with a capital "NO"

"I won't let you nor will I let him get near you" he said "You'll stay here whether you like it or not"

He started walking away. This seems to be my only chance. I know I can never get away from, even a single step, but I can at least try to persuade him. I forced hard my weak legs to run and hugged Laito-nii from the beack.

"Please.. Laito-nii" I said "I don't want to be kept from the dark anymore.. I want to know the truth"

I waited for something.. anything.. to object my persuasion. But much to my surprised, he chuckled. Tipping his signature hat, he turned around and looked at me straight in the eye. "Alright! In one condition~"


"Are you sure he's here?" I asked Laito-nii as he carried me effortlessly in bridal style. It was really awkward and embarrassing, but it seems to be the only choice we have. Since our other brothers would surely hear the creaking sound of the wheelchair if we tried to use it.

"It's here.." he said, with a more deadly serious face of someone who's about to kill someone. We waited at the dep part of the forest beside the mansion. There are also an old well in the middle where we laid wait.

The moon shone brightly red with the absence of the shining stars. The forest seems darker than I ever imagined. The cricket sounds and creepy rustling leaves of the cold night made the place more eerie.

I pulled my scarf higher at my neck. The coldness seeped from my thick sweater through my skin and the fact that I'm frightened isn't helping either. Laito-nii seemed to notice this and he put an arm over my shoulder.

He pulled my close, even though he's as cold as a corpse, but I still felt kind of warm. I laid my head on the crook of his shoulder and inhaled the fresh leaves of peppermint lingering in his scent..


To the Sakamaki Brothers in 3rd Person's POV . . .


Both the other brothers and Christa had long been awake, searching for the beloved youngest member of the family with the same for his Yui. The whole Sakamaki household is in chaos as the moon began to paint itself in a hue of the color of blood.

"Have you guys found them yet?!" Subaru panicked at his brothers and the they merely shook their heads. He tsked before Kanato interupted "Where's Laito-san..?" he said in which caught the other's attention.

"Don't mind him" Shu said "He interpret people's motives the best than any of us.. He probably know's what he's doing"

Kanato nods in understanding. Reiji, calmly took the leadership, assigning the other brothers and the third mistress of their own assignments perfectly before they all scrambled in different directions..


Somewhere inside the mansion - still in 3rd Person'sPOV. . .


Somewhere in the deepest part of the mansion. A secret room, well hidden behind the book shelf filled with books, revealed a display of a black and bloody dress that's been ripped in the middle that belonged to someone who's certainly dead.

A young light-blonde haired girl, with looks so distant as if possessing a dead man's fish's eyes, complied what whispers of a dark-haired vampire behind her.

She reached out her hand and touched the white bloody rose part of the dress where the so-called awakening finally took place..

"Nice to see you see you again.. Richter" the once young girl said, who is now another person. She held the eyes of malevolent spirit with an evil smirk printed on her face.

"Cordelia.." the long man called Richter called the other woman inside the blonde where the other let out a mischievous laugh..


Back to the brothers and Christa - still in 3rd Person's POV . . .


"Ohohohohoho ~ !" The laugh of the she-devil sent the message and nostalgic feeling to the others of her presence. Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Subaru and Christa stopped running around the whole place.

They all snapped their heads in unison towards the unheard laugh from the distance. Shiver crept up their spine as they kept on denying that the awakening had finally took place.

And the second to the final step of where their prescious little sister, Yumiko, will be lost forever...

"Shit!" Subaru smashed the wall with his fist, creating a dent like usual.


End of 3rd Person's POV . . .


I suddenly snapped my head to the side. It may be unheard, but I think I just heard a laugh from someone so malevolently amused. "Did you heard that, Laito-nii?" I looked at the man beside me while rubbing the unseens goosebumps that formed on my skin.

However, when I looked at my fedora loving brother, his face looked so dark and is full of hate. His grip tightened on my shoulder and he said "I need to get you out of here.."

"... and fast"

He suddenly scooped me up in bridal style and head of running in inhuman speed, away from the mansion...

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