My Other Half

† Eighteen †

Laito's POV...

"Laito-nii! What's going on?!" Yumiko squeaked, holding onto me as if her life depends on it. We were running fast like a bullet and I know it really scares the hell out of a human like her.




"Urgh..!" she clutched on her suddenly aching chest, making me stop. "Yumi-chan, are you alright?!" I asked her worriedly, not just because of her pain but because I also felt the impulse of the destructive power of the demon blood raging within her.

She only answered me a breathless grunt and I laid her beside a tall tree. I sat beside her and continuesly rubbed her back as she laid her head on me. "Feel better?" I asked and she nodded, finally calming the pain down.

Just the pain subsided, she asked me "You know something about what's happening now, do you Laito-nii?" she looked at me with denial eyes of anticipation. I sighed, regreting of having a soft spot for her...


"WHY DIDN'T ANY OF YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THIS?!" Subaru screamed, smashing the wall and making a dent bigger than fist like usual when pissed. I tried to calm this hot-headed brother of mine, only to be dangerously closely punched on the face.

If it wasn't for Reiji, my face would have been morbidly distorted right now. "We didn't told you this for a long time until now for her and your own good" the strict over-perfectionist pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

It was the first time we've actually seen our little sister. We always knew of the youngest member of the family - slash - Subaru's younger twin sister except for him inorder to hide the truth about the curse of the blood of the demon king.

As it was said long ago, a powerful witch fell inlove with the demon king. However, the king fell inlove with a mortal which infuriates the witch and cursed the woman of an endless suffering of the other half of the two half blood-tied child.

This is where the wife did gave birth of a twins. One was a pure vampire named Cordelia while other is a pure human named Sephira. Just like Subaru and Yumiko, the two were separated at birth due to the law about races and peers that surround them.

Cordelia was always been spoiled and pampered. Even though she always knew about her twin, she never tried to look for her sick and abused older sister. Instead, she focused all her attention to Karlheinz as his wife.

When Cordelia gave birth to us three, none of us inherited the curse. However, Karl had always drank from her in which led him to carry the genes of the demon king within him. So the curse was passed on to Christa's children.

Beatrix was an old friend of Sephira and the blonde always knew about the curse. The sickness wasn't because of any obvious humanic reason but because the human twin carries the pure demon blood within it's body..

End of Flashback...

"Just like Sephira, the demon blood inside you is too powerful for your human body to handle which causes your body to slowly deteriorate" I said "That is the truth behind your sickness"

She bowed her head in understanding and said "You mean.. The woman who raised me was your aunt?"

I nodded and she continued "And just like her, I was also cursed because of a one-sided love from a long time ago?"

"Then why didn't you guys look for me if you already knew I'm are your sis - "


She suddenly clutched on her chest, while coughing violently. I tried to rubbed her back again but was stopped by a very alluring scent. A scent that even made the beast within me to almost let loose.

That is when I realized, she coughed up blood. She grunted in pain and was breathing heavily. "Shit!" I inwardly screamed and scooped her up, running towards a nearby pond to clean up the blood.

I laid her on the ground and soaked my handerchief with water before wiping the blood away on her. I slightly panicked, not just because of her state, but because the scent might reach Richter.

And whatever plans he has in store for her...

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