My Other Half

† Nineteen †

3rd Person POV . . .

Subaru suddenly snapped his head to the direction of an unfamiliar scent of crimson. Though not being able to recognized the smell, he had a great idea of who it belongs to.

Running towards and leaning outside the window, the older vampire twin used his hawk-like sight to determine the exact location of the scent.

He tsked and jumped out of the window, landing gracefully on solid ground. Subaru and the other brothers, including Christa met up while run towards the same direction.

"It's Laito!" Kanato stopped, pointing towards a figure of the said fedora loving vampire laying unconscious on the ground. The ground below him where painted red and the air began to scent in his own crimson.

That is then they knew that he's wounded. Christa, bearing the ability to heal wounds with her touch, healed Laito. The brothers shook him awake and he woke up a minute later.

"What happened here?!" Ayato demanded...


"You'll be fine, Yumi-chan" Laito said reassuringly to his younger sister while wipping off the blood with his soaked handkerchief to clean her off. Hr slightly panicked as the violent coughing of the girl isn't subsiding.

Suddenly, a playful yet dangerous voice stopped him. "Oho~ what do we have here?" Laito looked back and saw a blonde young man with red eyes and fangs. Though his apearance screamed "vampire" , the "real" vampire knows better.

The man before him, he could guess, was once a human and was turned to failed vampire that gave in to the beast within him. He was no more but an empty shell of a bloodlust creature.

"Who are you?!" Laito demanded, standing guard to protect his sister behind him.The man smirked and suddenly charged towards him. However, before he could even react a fight to the mad vampire, Yumiko said with wide eyes "Nii-san..?"

The words didn't escaped his ears and he snapped his head to Yumiko. Time seemed to slow down at the moment he turned his head to his sister, letting his guard down and the other vampire lanced his hand with pointed sharp nails.

Before Laito could even comprehend what happened, he was already impaled. The man threw him effortlessly on the ground, three meters away.

He watched with blury vision as the blonde vampire took his sister away before darkness hfinally took over...

End of flashback and 3rd Person's POV - towards Yumiko's destination in her own POV...




The sound of water droplets droplet echoed through the room. It was cild and dead silent, reminding me of the time when I was tied up and locked in the cellar for days by my brother. But ironic as it is, why do I feel like everything is going back the same?

"Wake up, Yumi-chan..." the soft voice of blonde woman echoed in my ears. However, I don't want to wake up. I want to stay warm like this.

"Yumi-chan... she said again "Wake up" but this time, she appeared before me. Blinding white light illuminated the place as I looked up at her still unseen face. "Aunt Beatrix..?" I asked and she smiled. A smile as sweet and charming like my mom Sephira's.

"You finally know who I am..." the light dimmed a norlmal hue until I can see a better view of her. She looked like a female counterpart of Shu-nii. But her beautiful blue eyes bore great sadness within them.

She reached a hend for me and said "You need to wake up Yumi-chan... You need to get away and save him"

I didn't get what she said but I took her hand. The moment I stood up was also the moment I openned my eyes from my dream, with an underground dungeon before me, lit up by hundreds of candles greet me awake.

I scanned my surrounding and noticed that I'm sitting on a chair with my hands tied up behind my back. The ground before me were vandalised with a familiar ancient witchcraft pentagram and a corpse of a no more familiar woman in the middle.

Her body was heavily burnt but you could still make out a little of her purple hair. "Looks like your finally awake" the same deep voice of a green-haired vampire echoed throughout the room.

"Uncle Richter" I said, following my eyes to him as he walk around the pentagram. "How nice of you... To be caling me uncle when your brothers doesn't" he smirked.

The moment he stopped, Yui suddenly appeared beside him. She wore a black dress while having an unusual smirk printed on her face. Her eyes bore the eyes of another person and the way she laughed, was so not her.

"Finally~ I can have my life back for sure" she said, clicking her fingers "Now all we need is him.. The one who knows how to bring back the dead"

A familiar man of blonde hair suddenly came out of nowhere and said "As you wish, Cordelia-sama~" he smirked at me and told me surprisingly in telepathy that sent shivers down my spine.

"Nice to see you again.. Yumi-chan~"

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