My Other Half

† Twenty †

"Who are you?!" I hollered, acting tough but by state gave it away "And what did you do to Yui?!"

"Is that really what you call your precious aunt?" Yui - or rather Cordelia - faked hurt. I wanted to choke out of how she uses my best friend's face but her next words made me regret of my actions. "Well, it doesn't matter anymore~ You'll be dead anyways.."

The look of fear, printed on my face made her laugh. So out of character for my fragile Yui. Uncle Richter went behind me and untied my hands. However, he has a vice grip on me and won't let go.

He took me towards the center of the pentagram and tied both of my hands on the post. Tombs where the corpse laid while the other have none, stand before me. I struggled to break free but failed and wore me out, much to my dismay.

"I won't let you get away so easily until Cordelia's finally resurrected" uncle Richter said which triggers another curiousity in me. "What do you want from me? Why me?" I asked and they both looked more amused.

"Just like what they said.. You are smart" Cordelia - or so called - said "Tell him Richter"

Uncle walked towards me, closing our distance and caresing my cheek. "Because you are essential to bring back the dead" He smirked..


1 hour prior at the Sakamaki Mansion in 3rd Person POV...


"With Cordelia's heart, planted inside that girl's body and Yumiko's demon blood, to bring what was once lost is very much needed" Reiji said, explaining the brothers of his research about an ancient witchcraft to bring back the dead.

He was supposed to use it to Beatrix because of his hatred for her before. But all of that changes when she met their little sister. "Her life is the divine sacrifice to complete that ritual and completely resurrect Cordelia in both body and soul"

"THAT CAN'T BE!" Subaru hollered, smashing the wall like always. The others agreed to him "WE CAN'T HAVE THAT WOMAN BE RESURRECTED! THERE'S NO WAY!"

Christa, deep in thought, observed the brothers in their quarrel against each other. She sighed "Calm down, all of you"

All the brothers stopped and turned their attention to her. She smiled reassuringly and said "I have a plan.."


Back to present in Yumiko'S POV...


"W-what..?" I said breathlessly. Uncle Richter laughed in unison with Cordelia behind him. I bowed my head, bitting my lower lip and closed my eyes, willing the threating tears to not fall. "Everyone" I thought "Please..."

The sound of a body, colliding with the ground, echoed throughout the room. I looked up and suddenly remembered what happened to Laito-nii earlier when I saw Reiji-nii on the same state before me.

"You bastard! How could you!" I screamed at the blonde man that was once my brother. The tears that I held on had finally flown freely and streamed down my face. "It was all my fault..."

"Sorry for making you cry, Yumi"

I stopped, hearing Shu-nii's voice and snapped my head to Reiji-nii's body..


Back to the conversation, 1 hour prior, inside the Sakamaki mansion in 3rd person POV...


"First of all, since only Reiji knows how the ritual goes.. It'll be too risky if we let him go with them" she said, confusing the others.

"What do you mean, Lady Christa?" Kanato asked and he stiffened when the female smile at him.

"I know Richter far better than any of us, just like how Laito knew Cordelia all too well.. Now Laito" she said and turned to the said young man "If you were Cordelia, what would you do?"

"I'll send a henchman to do the dirty job for me"

"Exactly!" she turned to Shu, and continued explaining "That's why it's your job to BE Reiji and use your telekinesis to hold all of them down for us.."


Back to present in 3rd person POV...


"HOLD HIM DOWN! YOU PATHETIC EXCUSES FOR A VAMPIRE!" Cordelia screamed, when both Richter and the blonde turned vampire was thrown away telekinetically by Shu.

He wore the same usual outfit like Reiji's, using the same shape-shift ability that he and his brothers inherited from Karlheinz to hide his blonde hair and blue eyes in Reiji's black-purple hair with light-grey gradient and light red eyes.


Back to the conversation - still in 3rd person POV - 1 hour prior...


"As for Reiji.." Christa turned to Reiji and said "Use your thread like a puppeteer to determine your brother's location. It will serve as our lead to where my daughter and Yui is"

She turned to Kanato and Subaru after explaining to Reiji. "While Subaru, my lovely dear son"


"Alright, alright" she chuckled "Using your enhanced strength, you'll break the door for us to barge in and Kanato will use your pyrokinesis to burn Richter's minions to ashes.."

"I'm highly sure that your brother won't be able to hold them all far too long for us"


Back to present behind the locked doors of the dungeon...


"Go for it, hot-head!" Ayato cheered, adrenaline pumping through his system. Clearly ready and excited for a fight than Subaru. They all arrived, standing infront of the huge locked metal doors.

Subaru readied in a stance. "Fine!" he hollered, pissed "And don't tell me what to do!" In a count of three, he punched the doors as hard as he can.


To Shu 3 minutes earlier inside the dungeon...


Snarls were heard inside the room as more turned vampire minions of Richter charged towards Shu. "GET HIM - !" Cordelia demanded. Shu held his hand left hand up in the air to hold Richter and the other blonde vampire down.

He fell down on his knees while his breathing labored. He didn't expected to get impaled and his healing abilities were slow sonce he hadn't drank blood in a while.

"Shu-nii! Behind you!" Yumiko screamed, pertaining to the mad bloodlust beasts behind his brother. "I know!" Shu screamed at her and suddenly, the entrance door exploded. Revealing the other brothers and Christa..

"What took you guys so long?!" Shu turned to his brothers, more pissed than ever...

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