My Other Half

† Twenty One †

3rd person POV...


Screams of agony and a single maniacal echoed loudly enough throughout the room. Kanato burns Richter's minions, laughing like a creep like always. Christa runs to Shu's aid and heal him while the other brothers were busy in their own fights as well.

"Suba-nii.." Yumiko smiled as his twin brother untied the rope that binds her hand effortlessly. He scooped her up in bridal style and was about to run away when -

"AAAAAARGH!" Richter screamed, throwing of everyone by an unseen force and breaking Shu's telekinesis that holds him down in the process. He launched towards Subaru, taking Yumiko in his arm and threw him on the other side of the room.

Richter turned to his blonde minion and said "Take her.. You kmow what to do" he gave Yumiko to the man and proceeded to take a sword laying on the ground before entering the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Cordelia demanded the blonde vampire to start the ritual. Going as far in giving a knife to the man so her body can finally be revived.

However, the man does not follow suit. "Do you honestly think he actually want you to be revived again~?" he smirked "He's only using you to further his plan of becoming the head of all vampires~"

"Besides.. I won't let you kill my little sister" his tone suddenly went dark and the silver knife positioned in a stabbing manner in his hand "I only took this job just so I could protect her"


"Yumi-chaaaaan~ where are you~?" he called in his usual cheery voice like how he used to play with Yumiko when she was young. But this time, it was the tone of a mad murderer with a large kitchen knife in his hand.

Yumiko put her hand on his mouth to stop the labored breathing of adrenaline pumping through her system. She hid herself under the kitchen counter with the same large kitchen knife in her hand Peeking to get a note of the man's location, she was met by none. She sighed in relief.

"Found you~" she jumped and turned to him, who is now behind her. They had a struggle for a kill and for to live. However, when Yumiko saw an openning, she gave him a direct hit at the side. He sprawled on the floor where she sat a top of him, trapping his movements.

His left arm was fre though and he was able to stab her by the shoulder. However, this didn't stopped her. "HERE'S YOUR DEAR CUTE LITTLE SISTER, NII-SAN!" she screamed, stabbing him repeatedly.

And drops of blood from her stab wound fell on the multiple stab wounds she kept on giving him...

End of Flashback...

"I know that I became mad, possessive and too obsessed of her.. and I watched her suffer because of me" he said "And with this new life that her blood gave me.. I will use it to atone for my sins!"


"I'll say the same to you, Cordelia!" going a stab to her heart, Ayato appears to end the bickering and stopped the incoming strike for Cordelia. "I won't let any of you have her" he said "Yui belongs to Ore-sama only!"

"Fine" the man said and scooped Yumiko up in his arms "Go have your girl - BEHIND YOU!"

As a vampire, it was a good thing that the red-head has sharp instinct and was able to block an incoming strike from his mad uncle. Richter and Ayato got caught in a sword-fight duel. "Take Yumiko somewhere safe! Idiot!" he hollered.

Subaru came to the blonde's side and took her twin from him. "I don't trust you" he grumbled and the man merely smirked. However, Ayato got stabbed in the background.

Time seemed to slow down as they snapped their heads towards the falling body of the red-head. Just then, Yui regains control of her body, and calls for him "Ayato!"

Every including Christa and Yumiko called for him. Cordelia tried to take over Yui's body again and they both had a clash of will. "I won't let you hurt my friends!" Yui screams and stabs herself in the heart in order to save everyone.

Her knees gave in and Richter caught her before it collided to the ground. He attempt to take Yui's heart, but Ayato forced his self and stabbed Richter in the heart...

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