My Other Half

† Twenty Two †

3rd person POV...


Subaru went to Yui's side and took out the silver knife that impaled her heart. On the other hand, the endless minions that Richter had, all turned to ashes instantly. Probably because his magic died when Ayato stabbed him earlier.

Yumiko broke free from Shu's arms when Subaru handed her to him earlier. She forced her legs and ran with wobbly towards Yui. "Y-Yui!" she cried as she held her hand.

However, she yelped when she was suddenly taken by Richter in surprise and held her as a hostage. His breathing laboured and blood dripped out of his mouth and out of his stab wounds.

Yumiko didn't comprehend what happened until she realized Reiji produced some kind of a blue glowing thread-like light from his fingers, binding the green-haired man like a puppeteer.

Richter was forced to let go of her and she ran towards Subaru and her older twin hugged her in return. The whole place starts to grumble and dusts fell pouring out of the ceiling.

Things and other sharp-pointy objects float telekinetically, much powerfull that Shu's. "All of you..." Richter wheezed "WIL PAY FOR THIS!"

Without any warning, all of the objects lanced towards the free vampires. Everyone used their own abilities to block the metals that threatened to end their lives. However, Subaru didn't noticed a large incoming knife and impaled Yumiko.

"YUMIKOOOOO!" everyone screamed as her body fell and collided on the cold-tiled ground...


End of 3rd person POV...


"How did it comes to this?" those are the questions that rang in my head. The world seems to slow down and muted sounds rang through my ears. They're mouths moving as if calling out to something that I couldn't make out.

My body feels numb and the pain from the knife stabbed through my stomach isn't helping either. I didn't even felt it when my body collided against the cold tiled floor and blood gushed out of my wound.

"Nii... san..?" I said in a slow raspy voice before I coughed up blood violently.

"Please..." he said shakingly holding my hand "Don't speak"

He tried to convince me that everything will be alright. But, I can always see it in his eyes whe he lies. He knows how bad it is yet, he tried to hide it and totally failing in the process. Though weak, I gave him my most sincere smile "...Don't.. worry.... I'll.. be.... fine" I said "...I'm.. glad.. y-you're.... safe"

He couldn't help but cry at the sight of a dying me. His well built wall had finally broke down. "DAMN IT!" he hollered "DON'T ACT LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO DIE! BECAUSE YOUAREN'T AND YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE! YOU HEAR?!"

He tried to pick me up but I didn't let him. I slowly reached a hand and touched his face. He placed his hand atop mine and rivers of tears flows down freely from his beautiful blood red eyes. I already know I won't last long.

I shook my head and said "It's... fine"

I gasped for breath but find it hard to breathe. He shook his head violently and sobbed "Why..?"

Everything hurts so much to me. Now I know how dying feels like. My head feels heavy, my vision clouded and my body feels numb. But despite all, I still smiled "Because..."

"I.. love.. you.."

My hand lost it's strenght and fell to my side as darkness have finally taken over...

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