My Other Half

† Twenty Three †

3rd person's POV...


Richter, being completely forgotten, struggles to the attic. Inside the same secret room where Cordelia's dress was hidden. However, hundreds of candles displaying the room suddenly lit up.

He was greeted by Laito, sitting gracefully on a deep blue victorian chair with his head prooped by his hand. "Going somewhere~?" he chuckled, eyes glowing and fangs showing. Similar to a vampire in hunt...


Meanwhile together with the other Sakamaki brothers...


Kanato and Ayato are watching over Yui as the awakening takes place. While Shu and Subaru watched over Yumiko. Christa wasn't able to heal the two no mater what she do that only the other two left knows.

"I'll take care of Yui" Reiji said while making a potion to kill Cordelia while she's in Yui's body. He turned the blonde vampire and said "You take care of Yumi"

The man nods and helped in making a potion to heal her little sister, using his own blood that was once dead in which Yumiko revived 3 years ago together with her other half's blood, Subaru, to complete the potion.

Reiji on the other hand demanded that in in order to make his potion complete, he must have a piece of Cordelia. Kanato then pulls Teddy apart to reveal a vile containing the woman's ashes and gave it to his brother, thus making the potion complete...


Back to Laito at the attic...


A bloody Laito stood infront of Richter's corpse. He laughed maniacally and said "This is revenge for stealing my woman and hurting my little sister"

Using the same pyrokinesis as Kanato's, he controlled the fire from the candles and engulfed both Richter and Cordelia's dress. His face cold and dark as the man before him as it turns to ashes inside the flames of hate, thus freeing him from the chains of his past...


To the Sakamaki brothers...


Ayato then drinks the potion to feed it to Yui through a kiss. "Yui.." he said, calling her actual name as Subaru did the same to his sister "Yumiko.."

"..Wake up" they both said in unison..

As if on que, both girls awakens and notices all the brothers are with them including Laito and Christa. "M-mom..?" Yumiko whispered, her voice hoarse "Suba-nii..?"

Both Christa and Subaru hugged her tightly. On the other hand, Yui sat up and with a thoughtful look she says "I'm so thirsty" indicating that she turned into a vampire, thirsting for blood as her once bright pink eyes are now a shade of glowing crimson...





3 months later...


It was a cold chilling night of January and Both girls where spending time together on the balcony. Yui leaned on the balustrades while holding on a rose and Yumiko sat atop of it with a letter in hand.

"What's that?" Yui asked, pointing on the letter the other girl was holding. Yumiko looked at it and smiled "It was a letter, left by someone who was dear to my heart"

Yui smiled and rubbed her back, knowing her all too well. The ehite-haired teen put a hand on her mouth as rivers of tears flown freely from her eyes combined with the reminiscence of the letter on her hand.

Dear Yumi-chan,

I know that I've always been the reason why you cry. The reason of your suffering. The reason why your life was ruined.

I know that I can never attone for those sins and I am not worthy of your forgiveness. But one thing's I know is true behind my lying heart.

That is I've always loved you more than anything in this world..

I hope that you'll be happy with your family now. Happy with your newfound life together with your brothers that deserves your love more than mine.

I love you Yumiko.. I always did..

Sincerely Yours,

- Satran Rozenkrants

Ayato then walks up to the two. "Why the tears, idiot?" he asked, tirning to Yumiko. He reached a hand and wiped her tears away. "Look.. He may have left you without saying goodbye, but remember that he's always there" he sighed and looked out the horizon "Always watching and protecting you from afar.. That's how much he loves you"

Yumiko smiled and hugged Ayato, much to the tsundere's surprise. "Thanks Aya-nii" the older was at lost for words and slowly returned the hug. It was faint but a smile graced his lips, silently thanking the for giving her little sister another chance to live.

Yui giggled on the background, snapping Ayato out of his gaze. He coughed, releasing Yumiko and took out an iten from his pocket. "I think this belongs to you" he said, returns her cross necklace to Yui.

He left in a blink of an eye and both girls giggled..

The strong gush of wind took the rose that was left laying on the balustrades through the dark night. Petals falling off, and at the same time..

Sound of chains were heard, locking Cordelia's room in the attic...

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