My Other Half

† Epilogue †

Yumiko's POV...


The soft feeling of my hair being brushed and the warm soothing voice of someone's golden singing voice rang like music in my ears. I slowly openned my eyes and was met by a beautiful landscape of nature before me.

My head laid atop on a familiar woman with blonde hair, having two long strands infront and bangs swayed to the side. Her eyes were a shade of blue, making her look a lot like Shu-nii.

She smiled down at me and I realized she was his and Reiji-nii's mom. "Aunt Beatrix..?" I asked and she smiled more charmingly.

"So finally know who I am.. Yumi-chan" she said and I stood up, smiling at her. "Thank you for everything.." we both hugged each other.

"I have someone, looking for you" she released me and looked up behind me. I turned around and met my father and mom Sephira, smiling at me. Tears fell down from my eyes and I hugged them both "I missed you guys so much!"

I was showered by pepper kisses. "We're so proud of you" dad said, kissing my forehead and mom Sephira hugged me "We love you so much.."

"I know.." I said, gesturing an open arm for Aunt Beatrix to join us and she did. "Please tell my sons that I always loved them so much" she said.

"I will.."



"Yumi-chan, is everything alright?" Kana-nii shook me awake. His eyes were a look of worry "Did you had another nightmare?"

I noticed that I was crying in my dreams. I smiled and shook my head "No.. It was the best dream ever"

He smiled and hugged me. I hugged him back, taking a note that he no longer carries Teddy. I looked around and saw my brothers + Yui in my room. "You should get ready for class tonight" Yui smiled, showing off my uniform "Reiji-san will punished us if we're late for class, remember?"

I released Kana-nii, taking my uniform from Yui. My brothers smiled at me as I did too "Alright!"


At the school in 3rd person's POV...


"Be careful for class alright?!" Subaru slighty panicked since most of them doesn't have any class with her for this semester, except for Yui. "And if someone bothers you, don't hesitate to tell us okay?! We'll give them a beating"

"Don't worry.. I will" Yumiko said reassuringly at his over-protective sister complex turned brothers. She took Yui's hand and ran towards the school. On the other hand, Laito said "I know you're there.. You can come out now, Satran~"

The said man came out from behind the trees and smirked. "You don't have to tell me.. I know you're still mad about me stabbing you~" he said in which Laito shrugged off with a laugh, confusing the others.

"That true.. You almost killed me back there if it wasn't for Lady Christa" Laito chuckled, turning to the direction of the school "But it doesn't matter because I know you'll always protect her no matter what happens"

Satran smiled, looking at the same direction. "Just like Karlheinz said.. You always interpret people's motives perfectly"




Yumiko bumped onto a hard chest, stopping her from running. "S-sorry!" she said, bowing before looking up and met a tall young man with blue-grey eyes and black ruffled hair with white on tips. "Don't worry it's fine" he said, smiling reassuringly.

However, three other guys approached the three. "Who are these two beautiful ladies here, Ruki~?!" A blonde young man with bangs covering his right side of the face cheered with his blue eye sparkling.

Yumiko recognized him and said "You're Kou Mukami, right?!" she cheered "I'm such a fan! Can I have your autograph?!" she offered him a notebook and a pen inwhich made the man smirked, doing the request.

The other young man from the group, which Yumiko recognized also, scoffed. "You.." she said, pointing to him. Her face cringed, forgetting the name until she finaly snapped her finger "You're the ace of the team that Aya-nii fought at the interhigh before, right?!"

The man smirked and said "So you remembered.. Sakamaki's younger sister" He slowly closed the distance until the last guy with grey eyes and black hair with lighter grey tips, looking more timid, spoke "Y-Yuma.. You s-should not h-harrass her"

The man, Yuma, raised an eyebrow at him and Ruki coughed to interrupt the conversation. "I guess this is where we should be going" he said and the other two grumbled. He took Yumiko's hand and kissed it like a gentleman would.

"I appologize for my brother's rude behavior" he smirked "Yumiko Fujimoto.. or rather.. Yumiko Sakamaki"


Back to the Sakamaki brothers...


"I smell trouble~" Satran whistled and the others turned their attention to the group of men - or rather their rivals - talking to their one and only little sister while the blonde kid appears to be flirting with Yui which gave Ayato a tick mark.

"Let's go, guys" Shu announced like a real eldest would and they all marched towards the direction of the source of their annoyance.

Satran smirked and sang a sing-song voice "Good luck~!"

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