My Other Half

† Author's Note †

Hello everyone!!

Now what should I say... Hmmmm... Actually this is my first time in inkitt. To be honest, I first started in wattpad as fallingntoabyss016 before I tried writing in Quotev using the same username to as Blackassassin016 because my username on the previous sites had already been taken by my sister.

I fell in love in those three sites by starting out with reading different fanfictions until I began writing and making quizzes to pass time. That is until someone messaged me that they read my Vampire Knight fanfiction The New Student and told me to try out this contest.

Whether I win or not, I'm still glad that someone recognized my work and it is another big part of me to be part in INKITT. Thank you everyone!!

I will be starting to write stories in here as well and hope that I can meet new people and fellow writers who will also like my work.


This fanfiction is a Trilogy Series. Maybe I will be posting the other series once I finished it as well as my other fanfiction novels.

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