My Other Half

† Two †

The ride to our destination was really long. I wore some natural clothes like some white off-shoulder tee with a printed jaguar, mini jeans short and a grey SKCH Plus 3. As for my hair, I curled it to a wavy appearance. I was glad that the priests and nuns aren't there when I came out of the room in this outfit or else, I'll be scolded for wearing such daring clothes.

Not that I mind if it's revealing or not, I've gotten used to wearing outfits like this because of my job and I adapted America's sense of fashion for living there in six whole years. I took my lipstick and applied some on and I looked at my reflection on the mirror of my face powder to check on my appearance.

It was a habit I developed from the industry to always make sure I'm always presentable as much as possible. "You're really beautiful, Yu" Yui smiled and I returned back.

The road took some turns and all and finally reached a mansion near the forest. Yui look both surprised and in awe when she saw the scenery of a luxury but in my case, I didn't mind. I used to take some photoshoots in some architecture or event places before and I guess it's usual for me to see one.

"Wow.. I didn't knew they were so rich" Yui said looking out the window and I nodded. The taxi pulled into a stop and dropped us off infront of the front gate. Unfortunately, the sky suddenly started to rain and thunder erupted from the clouds. I helped her with her luggage and we ran to the front door.

Yui was about to hold the knob when suddenly, the door openned. It gave me the creeps and we looked at each other wondering how it openned when there's no one behind it to cause it move. We shrugged it off and let ourselves in.

"Excuse me, is anybody home?" Yui called but recived no answer.

"Hmm.. Maybe they were haven't informed of your arrival yet" I told her and she frowned. She took her phone to contact Papa while I scanned our surroundings. Inside, there was a grand staircase in the middle and an expensively elegant chandelier hanging from above.

I looked around and found a red haired guy lying on a green victorian couch beside a window. " Yu? What are you doing?" Yui asked me and I pointed to the guy. Knowing her too well like an open book, Papa seems to be unreachable. She looked down to the guy and went closer.

She tried to called out to the guy, trying to ask some question. However, when her hand brushed his hand, Yui seemed to find this guy as cold as ice and she voiced out some words of concern. She put her head to his chest to find some normal heart beat but find none.

"He have no pulse!" Yui looked at me, worry evident in her eyes "What should we do?!"

I pailed but managed to quickly get back. I hesitantly put two fingers over the side of his neck to feel any pulse but also found nothing. I stood up and shook my head "Call the ambulance"

"Oh my god!" Yui reached for her phone again and began to call 911 when suddenly, the guy took her phone.

"Damn, you're so noisy" he sat up and glared at her "...This isn't you're house, so be quiet"

"Y-you're alive?" Yui stuttered and I took a little step back. It was really shocking even for me to take. I was sure the guy's already dead but now, he's alive and talking.

"Why wouldn't I be? What do you think I am?"

"But... Your heart stopped" Yui stood up trying to get away from the guy but he caught her by the waist and threw on the couch effortlessly. She squirmed and the guy hovered above her. It suddenly dawns on me that he's about to take advantage of my best friend.

I looked around and managed to find a vase on one of a display table. Expensive and antique, or not, I must save my best friend. I took the vase and smashed it hard on the guy's head. I quickly took Yui by the arm and dragged her away from him.

Yui quiverred and I enveloped her into a hug. She's a really fragile flower and I must protect her. "What the hell!" the guy screamed and glared at me. I was sure I smashed the vase on his head and the broken pieces of it proves it.

However, the guy didn't have or even a single drop of blood from his head. I was starting to doubt if his head is made up of titanium or maybe the vase is just a fake like the ones we used during the set in one of the drama show I participated before where there's a bashing scene.

"Ayato, What's all the commotion about?" a deep stern voice asked. The guy, most likely Ayato, scoffed and cursed the guy who owns the voice "Damn! Not you, Reiji"

Yui and I turned our heads to see a tall guy. His hair is a purple-black with lighter purple-grey gradients and was neatly combed. He also have glasses and his eyes are a lighter shade of red.

"This is the entrance hall. This place is meant to be used as a place to greet our guests. Ta - " he stopped when he took note of the broken pieces of the vase. He glared and before he could utter another scolding, Ayato suddenly pointed to me. "She broke it!"

The other guy, Reiji, turned his attention me and Yui. "Didn't you know its - ?!" he asked sternly but was cut of when his eyes locked on mine. His brows furrowed "Who you two are?" he asked.

"I'm Yui Komori" she said and gestured to me "And this is Yumiko Fujimoto. My father said I was supposed to live here"

"I heard nothing of the sort" he turned to the red head "Ayato, explain this to me"

"Huh? How should I know? You never said anything about that, pancake"

"Isn't it because you attacked her in the first place and you didn't even gave her any room for an explanation?" I deadpanned being annoyed by the nickname he gave to my best friend.

"Attacked?! Then what do you call vase bashing? Huh?!"

"You deserved it anyway" I said and noticed Reiji deep in thought. "That is strange, I wasn't informed of this" he said and looked at the two of us over. His eyes locked on mine before it narrowed in suspicion. He told us to follow him since this is not a proper place for having a conversation.

He also said "See to her luggage" and suddenly, a man which appears to be a middle aged butler took Yui's luggage. We're both shocked to see the man already there but didn't noticed even the slightest pressence. That was really creepy but we shrugged it of.

Yui ran after Reiji leaving me behind. I turned to lock eyes with Ayato. His gaze didn't feel hatred, anger or anything like a few minutes before besides..... Suspicion.....? That I didn't know before I took of and ran after Yui...

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