My Other Half

† Three †

"Now in the interest of the formality, let us begin by you two tell about yourselves and how you enter this house" Reiji said. We were in the main hall that looks similar to a very spacious living room. We all sat on the blue Victorian couch except for four-eyes. But before any of the both of us could respond, another voice was heard chuckling.

"What have we here? is it true there were really cute human girls in here?" we all turned our attention to another guy above the staircase. He has a poker face, which I assume is usual to him, together with a smirk. I must say he's either a playboy or just a perverted flirt.

He had a reddish-brown hair and green eyes. He also wears a fedora. I yelped when the 'guy' suddenly appeared beside me and licked me on my left cheek. "Hmm.. you smell so nice and sweet" he said "And really beautiful too.."

I stared at him eyes wide and turned my head to his location from earlier to his location beside me and again, wordering how he got there so fast when suddenly, Yui also yelped beside me. She tackled me to a hug, earning my full attention to her and I hugged her back.

Behind the couch, I saw another guy standing with both light-purple eyes and hair. Under those big rounded orbs, were dark circles which most likely caused by insomnia. He also carried a teddy bear with an eye patch which I found really creepy.

"Now you two. Don't you think that behavior is a little impolite towards a lady you've just met?" Reiji said sternly. The two harrasser complained about having to taste something yummy and Ayato interrupted that he'll be our first in everything. I got annoyed again for his attitude of thinking of us like objects.

"We're not someone you could just own and play like a mere thing" I snapped and glared at him with my arms crossed. His eyes widened and I turned to Yui "How could you let Papa send you away to an unknown distant relative full of perverted guys? Well, except for Reiji-san.." I said gesturing to the said male.

"I... Didn't know" Yui bowed her head.

I shook my head furiously and said "We're going home" I stood up grabbing Yui's arm and dragging her to her feet in the process. I bowed to Reiji and said "Sorry for the inconvinience"

But before we could even leave the room, he stopped us saying "Just a moment" both Yui and I stopped and looked at him. "I appreciate of you not labeling me as one of those trash -"


" - but, I am still attempting to verify the truth of the matter" he said "Wouldn't it be impolite to leave now?"

"B-but" Yui stuttered. I put my hand on her shoulder and said "Fine.. I appologize for my outward behavior"

He nods and suddenly, another unfamiliar male's voice said "Are you the woman he mentioned?"

The guy suddenly appeared lying lazily on a couch away on a corner. He has curly blonde hair and I can't see his eye color since it is closed. He also wore the same school uniform in his own original way.

Now things started to get more weirder than it already is. "Shu, do you know something about these girls?" asked Reiji.


"Don't 'maybe' me" Kanato said annoyed. The guy with the fedora mentioned his name earlier. "I would like an explanation"

"That guy.. He contacted me another day" the guy named Shu said "He said, 'we have a guest arriving from the church, so treat her with respect' "

"What? So are you telling me that if pancake here is the prospective bride, then what about feisty?" Ayato asked.

"I just came here to accompany YUI to make sure she will arrive safely in here if you were asking" I said emphasizing Yui's name to tell him my best friend is not pancake. But before Yui could even ask, which I assume, about those 'bride' things, the guy with a fedora interrupted.

"Subaru!" he cheered and we all turned our attention to him. "Pardon?" Reiji asked.

"No wonder I feel something was amiss! She looked like Subaru!" I raised my eyebrow but he seems to be more excited.

"Now that you mentioned it... She does looked like him" Ayato said "No wonder I feel like the same thing about her... Wel, except for the hair"

"You're right, How come I didn't notice this?" Kanato said while Shu openned his eyes, revealing a set of beautiful blue eyes and turned to me for a look. He didn't comment though but it really feels awkward for having five, I admit, hot males staring at you. You would probably melt.

Thanks to Reiji, he coughed to earn our attention to him. Everyone of us turned our to him. He called for the guy, Subaru, to come out. The other said that it is unusual for him to be undesdructive. Now I'm starting to get curious about this guy.

"The nerve of you to interupt my sleep" An angry yet grumpy male's voice said. I scanned the room in anticipation to find him. "Over here"

He appeared out of no where and I turned to his direction. White hair, blood red eyes. All the same as mine before my hair was dyed. My eyes widened when I noticed the same identical key hanged around his neck. I pulled mine from being hidden under my shirt and revealed it to the naked eye.

His eyes also widened and I'm sure the others too. He took hold of his glinting key and I walked towards him, closing our distance. We scanned our keys and it is no doubt the same. My eyes suddenly watered and tears flowed down freely. "Nii-san!" I hugged him and he seems rather shocked...

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