My Other Half

† Four †

"Nii-san!" I hugged him and he seemsrather shocked. "O-oi" he said unsure of what to say and I reluctantly to let him go. I wiped my tears with my hand. Thank goodness I didn't wear an eyeliner, only foundation and lisptick, or else I'll be a total mess.

"I-Im sorry..." I sobbed "My father told me I have a long lost older twin brother... I've been looking for him for years and... I just didn't expect I would actually meet him here... I'm glad"

"... That's creepy... How come I didn't know this?" Subaru said. I shook my head and shrugged saying I don't know. The guy with the fedora stood up behind me and hugged me from the back.

"So that means we have a new little sister~!" He cheered and I smiled from the hug. It's really nice to have a family. "... That's right... I guess this needs a proper introduction" Reiji coughed and the guy with the fedora released me.

Reiji started by gesturing to Shu "That is Shu, the eldest son"

The guy didn't reply but he's polite enough to not sleep while being introduced to his new found sibling. "Nice to meet you" I said "At least there's still a 'Not Lazy' cells left to keep him awake"

I turned to Reiji "I thought you we're the eldest" and he shook his head. "I'm the second son"

"It doesn't matter... You're still my brother, right?" I smiled to assure him that his position is not a big deal. "Maaaan... Will I be able to keep up with hi f*cking strict personality?!"

He nod his head unsure of what to say before he continued gesturing to the red-head "Third, Ayato"

"You wouldn't get away next time just because you're my... Little sister" Ayato said doubting the sibling thing and I smiled. "As you say Ore-sama" "Better be on Reiji's good side"

He smirked and I smiled even more. Reiji continued to Kanato and the purplelette said "... Welcome home... Little sis" also doubting. I smiled and said "... I hope we'll get along" "If you'll stop acting like a creep"

Laito" Reiji gestured to the guy with the fedora. He winked at me and said "Nice to meet you little sis"

"How charming... Nice to meet you too" I smiled finally knowing his name. "Next time... I'll beat this flirt really good!"

"And the last son, Subaru" Subaru looked to the side and scratched the back of his head. "So my twin brother and I were the youngest huh?" I giggled and suddenly, a huge question mark appeared above my head.

"Third are Aya-nii, Kana-nii and Laito-nii..?" I asked and Reiji nods. "They're triplets" he said.

"Triplets?!" I said and my eyes sparkled "Awesome! Not only there are triplets, there are also twins! Right Suba-nii?"

"And we're both the youngest! Isn't that great?!" I said and he blushed while trying to hide it but failed. "Y-yeah..." I thought of how cute he is and I hugged him again. I'm really glad to have such a wonderful family that really accepts me.

The triplets saw this and they kept on teasing him. Subaru got annoyed and and he hollered for them to shut up before smashing the wall and making a dent bigger than fis fist. I jumped and realized how strong my other half really is.

"Y-Yū.." I turned to Yui and I din't realize I've forgotten all about her. She came towrds to me and pulled my hand away to the corner.

"Are you sure they're your brothers?" she whispered and I nod. "My father said that my twin brother have the same key" I said "And it proves it.. There's no way he's not my brother"

"You're thingking too much Yui" I took her infront of my new brothers and introduced her. "I forgot to introduce her to you guys! This is Yui Komori" I said "She's my best friend!"

"So basically, the new prospective bride is your friend?" Ayato asked "Too bad for her"

"No wonder... little sis... tag along when she was send here" Kanato said and Laito continued "Looks more like a sacrifice than a bride to me"

Now that confused me. But before I could even ask, Shu said "Oh, right.. That guy also mentioned not to kill her" before he go back to sleeping.

"Really..?" Laito said "So that means we'll have a verrry long relationship with her"

"B-but this has to be a mistake. No one told me anything about brides" Yui said "And... And besides, you're all... Kind of weird"

The atmosphere inside the room suddenly became too heavy for me to bear. Adrenaline slowly started to rush through me like something is off. Like death awaits behind the door. "I... I need to contact my father" Yui seems to panic when suddenly, Ayato flipped her phone, already in his hand, open.

My eyes widen remembering that Reiji confiscated it to him earlier and gave it back to her before we came to this room. And now, he has it again. "My phone! Please give it back!" Yui tried to take the phone from Ayato.

"Yui" I was about to stop her but the moment I blinked, Subaru is already behind him.

He took her phone from Ayato's hand and the two looked at him. "S-Suba-nii.. What are you doing?" I asked closing the distance but Reiji put a hand on my shoulder, stopping me. "We shouldn't be like this to your friend but, she is rather... Annoying" he said and I looked at him.

I heard something broke and turned my attention back to Subaru. I realized he broke the phone with his bare hand and with another blink again, Kanato and Laito suddenly appeared behind Yui.

"There, there little bitch" Laito said whispering in her ear "You're about to become very good friends with us. So you don't need your silly old cellphone, right?"

"I've actually feeling kind of pekkish" Kanato did the same and Laito leaned closer to her.

"Tell me about it" he said "You smell so delicious little bitch"

He openned his mouth to reveal fangs. I jumped and suddenly turned to Reiji. Now I know what Yui means about them being weird. They're all vampres. I removed his hand on my shoulder and ran to her aid.

I pulled her before the two would do something to her. But how clumsy she is, she tripped and scrapped her knee. "Yui, are you alright?!" I asked and she looked me and my brothers in fright. She whispered "Vampires" and pulled out her cross from her pocket.

"Take this!" she said and directed it towards us like a protection. "Why does she have to include me?" I thought.

Shu merely laughed. "Honestly" Reiji sat on the couch entwining his fingers "Did you believe that fairytale written by a mortal, claiming that vampires are vulnerable to garlic, holly crosses and sunshine?"

"This goes to show how foolish and arrogant mortals are" he said "That makes me furious"

Yui ran away very frightened...

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