My Other Half

† Five †

I stood there shocked. I know father always told me that myths aren't to be taken lightly but I didn't expect for Yui to even thought of me as a vampire, nor I didn't realize that my brothers are also one of those blood sucking mythical creatures.

"Her manners are deplorable" Reiji said and I glared at him. "Deplorable?!" I hollered "You guys frightened her!"

"Fine..." Ayato said and he stood up "Well bring her back"

Laito put a hand over my head and ruffle my hair like a kid. I don't like it if someone ruffled my hair but somehow, I didn't feel any hint of annoyance in it. Kanato followed after the two and the triplets head out to bring back the maiden.

I turned around only to find the other two older brothers missing. I smiled at the thought of even heartless monsters also do have a heart...


"Will she be alright?" I asked Ayato and he's carrying Yui brdal style. She seems to faint due to shock but it pains me for her to go through such a traumatic experience. Laito assured me that everything will be fine while occasionally throwing an arm over my sholder and Subaru prying him off. Kanato, Shu and Reiji didn't said a word.

We came to a room they've prepared for Yui to stay. Ayato put her on the bed and Reiji called a maid to care for her - change her clothes, give her sponge bath and the likes. "She'll wake up after a while" Kanato said and with a blink of an eye, all the brothers are already gone. "I must learn to get used to this..."

"Yumiko" I jumped at the mention of my name. I turned around and found Reiji standing there "Come with me" he demamnded but I complied anyway, abandoning my set of complaining about him trying to give me a heart attack and why they didn't seem confused of why I aren't frightened in them.

He took me in front of another room and we went inside. The walls aren't too much of a lively color, typical of a vampric manor, and a night table beside a queen-sized bed at the middle with a walk-in wardrobe. "This will be your room" Reiji said "Your school records and transfer papers from America is already being taken care of so you can transfer and start school later"

"As for now, your luggage and other belongings will arrive..." he looked at his wrist watch "Now"

The butler who took Yui's luggage at the main hall from earlier suddenly appeared at the door. "Reiji-sama, the luggage have already arrived" he said. Reiji nods and I realized the luggages he's carrying are all mine.

I'm clearly surprised at how vampire works their way to our society. Fast and precisely perfect. "You'll be staying here from now on" he said sternly and the butler settled my luggages beside the bed before leaving. "Get some rest, you'll be attending school with us later"

"Later..? Oh! Night Class I supposed?" He nods before he left normally. I closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, someone who walks out normally. I've heard about night class before so it's nothing new to me. I looked at myself in the mirror before I pproceeded to take one of my luggages. I put it on the bed and openned it revealing my set of night clothes.

The other three luggages are for my sets of casual clothes, dresses, shoes and heels and towels while the three smaller contains my make-ups, hair dryer, hair straightener, hair curler, accessories and jewelries. I took a change of teal nightgown with black lace and a same designed robe.

I hanged the robe on a hook beside the bed and started by removing my shirt and shorts before putting the nightgown on. I jumped when Laito chuckled lying on my bed with his arms propped against his head and eyes locked on me. "Aww~ Why didn't you took your bra off? I was expecting for a good show~"

I stuttered and turned to the door. I didn't realize I forgot to lock it and I sighed exasperated. "Don't you know it's rude to peek on a woman while she's changing her clothes?" I shook my head and closed the luggage. I took it and went inside the wardrobe. I started unpacking, hanging the clothes and displaying the shoes and my other things to it's rightful place.

He didn't leave but stared at me as I do my thing. It was unnerving on how he only observe me while lying oh so gracefully on the bed instead of helping me unpack. "You really look sexy in a nightgown~"

I rolled my eyes and proceeded to lie on the bed. He moved to give me space and I pulled the comforter up before laying on the bed under it comfortably. I closed my eyes and was about drift off to sleep when I felt the bed shift. I opened my eyes and found Laito hovering above me.

He smirked while I only gave him an expressionless face. "Why don't you fight? You're no fun~" he pouted and I answered him "Because I'm your younger sister and you're my brother. I know you won't do anything to me and you're just trying to scare me"

He smirked again and said in a dark voice "You think I actually won't?"

He suddenly pulled the comforter out of the way, revealing my body. I felt naked for the first time in my life even though I have my clothes on. He held on both of my wrists above my head "I wonder what your blood tastes like. Mind if I try some?"

I struggled fighting back but failed. He's really strong and I can't do a thing...


The door suddenly bursts open revealing Shu looking pissed as ever. "Get out" he demanded and Laito only tsked. He let me go and I sat up. The brunette was gone the second I binked. Shu went towards the bed plopped on like he owns it.

He closed his eyes and was about to go to sleep. "You're not going to attack me too, are you?" I wraped my arms around myself protectively and he said "No"

I breathed a sigh of relief before laying down. I closed my eyes trying to sleep but failed. "Just as I expected" I heared him said after a while "It's not comfortable sleeping on a bed together with a girl"

I openned my eyes and propped myself with my elbow. "Same here... But it feels more safer when I'm with you" I chuckled "Thanks for saving me, Shu-san"

I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. He openned his eyes and stared at mine for a while before I laid back and closed my eyes again. Tthe bed shift and I felt his strong arms wrapped around me protectively before I finally drifted off to sleep.

"It's really nice to have a family..."

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