My Other Half

† Six †

"You're mine, Yumi-chan"

"W-what are you saying, onii-san?"


"No! what's got into you?! You're not the onii-san I kno - Kya!"

"I'm sorry I slapped you, Yumi-chan..."



"No... D-don't come any closer!"

"But you need to be punished~"



"I said don't come any closer!"






"NOOOOOOOOO!" I woke up panting and finding my body dripping with sweat and shaking with fear. Fear of having to see that nightmare... Or rather... Memories again. I shook my head and took my robe, wearing it on and took some daily bathroom routine needs.

I walked towards the bathroom, since it's two doors away from my room, and spotted Yui from the distance. We met eye contact but she looked frightened of me. Before I could even call out to her, She quickly avoided me and locked herself inside the bathroom.

It was something new to me and I don't know how to respond. I deicided to wait outside the door until she come out so I could confront her. Thank God, I didn't encounter any of the brothers. I scanned my surroundings to ease my boredom when my eye caught a woman at the end of the hallway.

She wore a red and black gown and her blonde hair tied up in a bun with two long strands in front and bangs parted to the left. She stood gracefully like other noble.


I suddenly clutched my chest and arm around my body protectively. Not because of fear but because of pain.


"urgh.." My whole body started to burn and the intense pain gradually increases.


I saw the woman slowly turned her head towards me. Her face was dark and her facial features aren't seen...








"Wake up" My blurry vision subsided and I finally saw Yui's clear image infront of me. I tried to sit up but my head suddenly throbbed. My head hurts as I clutched my head groaning. "Are you alright?" she asked me worriedly.

"My head hurts" I said, founding myself lying at the doorway. Suddenly, I remembered one of the many reason why I'm here. "Why are you avoiding me?" Yui bowed her head and said nothing while fumbling with her fingers. I sighed and stood walking passed her towards the bathroom.

"Look" I started standing at the doorway with her facing my back "All of us have fears of our own and it's natural because it also one thing that means your alive and you're still living until now - I don't really want to tell you this but I've known fear far worst than yours - It's not that I'm downing you right now, but what I wanted to say is that.. It's just another part of our life and it shouldn't be the reason for you to give up on who you are"

"Your my brave and honest little angel, Yui-chan. You've always been.. Even though I'm younger than you" I was about to open the door when suddenly, Yui hugged me from behind. "I'm sorry Yu-chan... It's just that.. Your eyes glowed"

"My eyes glowed..?" Now I'm confused. Yui nodded and said "I don't know if it actually glowed or is it just my imagination. I'm sorry I thought your also one of them.. I just can't think it on another way because you said they're your brothers"

"No Yui... They may be vampires but I'm not" I said "You knew me since we were kids, remember? I'm a human" I smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"Go on.. I'm fine now" she smiled and went back towards her room. "Are they really my brothers?" Now, even I were beginning to doubt too as I watched her retreating back...


Summer seems to be the start of school year in Japan. Looks like I've already forgotten how schooling come and go here during the years I'm away. We all rode a limo towards school. My brothers were really rich but really... silent. Awkwardly silent. They didn't even dare talk to each other.

I assume they aren't close to each other and Yui seems to notice this too. I didn't mind and just looked out the window. Ayato teased Yui about her defying him. Siblings or not, I really badly want to let his face taste my fist.

I'm not really violent but I can be once I'm pissed. Unfortunately, I'm really far away from her. She sat beside Ayato while I sat in-between Reiji and Suba-nii. I know I'll be scolded by Reiji about rudeness if I yelled at the red-head and that's the least thing I want to happen.

They got into a little argument with Yui losing. Good thing Reiji closed his book, interupting them. He also gave her a box of 100% canberry juice. He said it was the best cure for weak blood and I immediately knew what he meant.

Yui thanked him but was replaced by fear when Reiji slapped her position as a prey to them - or rather, to us..? - onto her face. She trembled in fright and Kanato talked about how amusing it is when mortals fear and showed it to teddy.

A vein popped on my head but I didn't yell to get on my brothers' good side. "Ne Reiji-san.. Can I also have one too?" I asked and he raised an eyebrow at me "Well, you said it's the best cure for weak blood, right? I'm usually anemic due to fatigue and insomnia so I think it would cure me too.. Hehe"

I scratched the back of my head awkwardly and he just gave one box too. I saw Yui simled at me whispering "Thank you" and I gave her a two thumbs up. "By the way, Reiji-san" I turned to him again "Can I ask you a question?"

"Elaborate" he said while reading back on the book where he left of. "I saw this mysterious woman at the hallway earlier.. All I remember is that her hair was blonde and it's tied up in a bun with two long strands infront and bangs parted to the left - "

He snapped his head at me with eyes wide. The other brothers did too. Something's definitely seems off. "I can't see her face though.. Do you know her?" I asked obliviously.

"I don't know her..." He shook his head and went back to reading. The others also went back to what they're doing too as the same awkward silence filled the atmosphere again...

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