My Other Half

† Seven †

"Yui will be in the same class as Ayato and Kanato" Reiji said, giving both mine and Yui's schedule "As for you"

He turned to me and I jumped slightly. I'll never really get use to his intimidiating personality. "I'm surprised you're one of the few advance students" he said "You'll be having some classes together with Subaru and some advance clases with Laito and with me"

I looked at my class schedule and he's right, it seems that I've already credited some of this school's advance subjects in my curriculum while I'm in America and I do have classes together with all of my siblings, except with Kanato and Ayato.

I frowned, seeing I won't be in any of the same class as Yui. "We could still meet at PE class together with everyone" Yui said I smiled.

"Now you two should behave, or else, you wouldn't want any wipping" Reiji said.

"DEFINITELY NOT!" I squirmed before pulling Yui and dragging her towards our classrooms.


We both arrived to Yui's destination and we exchange hugs before I head off to my class. Suba-nii's the only one there though, and I'm wonder if Reiji's just a 'late of being early' or just an early bird. I shrugged it off and sat beside my twin, seeing he looked kind of lonely at the loner corner.

The school started with the usual self-introduction of new students/transferees - which basically means me. The students swarmed; Asking me questions, asking me to go out with them, and asking for exchange numbers.

They were even both surprised and in awe when I told them Suba-nii and I were twins. Before the school ended with the sound of the school's alarm bell. It was really fun and I can't help smiling even until we reached home. But not without obtaining some data about my siblings.

"Where's Yui and Aya-san?" I asked Laito, abandoning the brother honorifics since I thought It should get to know them first before calling out to them with familiarity. He told me she's probably in her room. But before I could go, Reiji told me to dress for our family's - and my first - monthly dinner party.


ust like the scene at the limo, the dinning hall is also silent. Awkwardly silent. The brothers didn't even talk to each other about what happened at school or what ever. They just focus on eating their meal. I was sitting in-between Shu and Suba-nii, but neither said anything to me even when we were at school.

I could understand Shu since he's a natural sleepy-lazy head but why do even my twin? Even the triplets are awfully quiet. I always heard, siblings born from the same egg are always close - or was it? - to each other but they're the exact opposite.

I even noticed Yui, still sitting beside Ayato, seems to have no appetite while Shu is just... Sleeping... What can you expect?

I sighed and just continue eating my dinner. "You haven't eaten very much, bitch-chan" I looked up to Laito leaning behind Yui "You need to eat properly or you could become anemic. Would you like me to feed you?"

He said and I almost choked on my food. It's good to worry for your neighbours, but do really need to treat them like a baby?

"Laito" Reiji said sternly as ever "It's bad manners to get to your feet during a meal" he scolded him and playboy just obligged cheerfully. He seems to be the most energetic and talkative among the boys. Shu stood up and said "This is a pain"

I instinctively grabbed his shirt, knowing all too well he's going to leave. "Shu-san" he turned to me looking rather pissed. It seems like my first family dinner party with my siblings ends up a disaster. So I must as well fix it. "I heard you were a great violinist from school and an excemptional in music class!"

"Could you teach me how to play a violin, sometimes?" I smilled to him and he sighed, sitting back to his seat. "Fiine" he grumbled and the dinning hall was filled with awkward silence again and I started a conversation again "How was school, Aya-san?"

Yui tensed at the mention of his name. "... Nothing much" he said rather bored, but I still got tricks under my sleeve. "I asked my second year classmates and they said you were a great athlete! Especially in basketball"

This seems to earn his attention. "Of course!" he cheered "Don't you know Ore-sama is always the MVP and the best in sports?!"

"Really?! How about we play some 1-on-1 sometimes?"

"Bring it on!"

"You bet it!" we laughed together and it seems like the others smiled and one slightly. "Are you seriously going to challenge him in sports?" Laito chuckled "I admit, even I can't win against him"

"There's no harm in trying, Laito-san!" I smiled "As they say... Try and try until you die, right Kana-san?" the purple head nods and smiled also. Subaru choked and looked made an 'WTF?! face' at me.

"I thought it was 'Try and try until you succeed?' " he said and we all laughed/chuckled at mine and Kanato's dumbness.

"Anyways.. I'm sure you know something about Laito?" Ayato smirked and I blushed. The others stared at me as I scratched my cheek shyly.

"A-about that..." I said

"About what?" Laito asked. "I heard..." I began and the others focused their full attention on me "You're a popular handsome charming playboy and a perverted flirt and harrasses your classmates/schoolmates which mades you the Guidance Office's regular customer..."




"I'm great" Laito smirked while blushing and tsked sassily "I'm soooo great"

This time, I'm the one who made the 'WTF?! face' and turned to Reiji. "Is HE broken?!"

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