Unexpected Attachment!


Foxy stared at the picture that had fallen to the ground, surprised to see himself holding a small child. His heart froze as he glanced at the guard, who had tears in his eyes, and recognized him.

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Mozart's Fantasy
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A small child was waiting excitedly with his family. It was his sixth birthday and they had come to his very favorite place... Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria. Mikey had been going there nearly once a week for about two years, ever since his family first moved into town. This restaurant was home to his very best friends and he was happy to be able to celebrate with them again. His bright blue eyes closed as he remembered the first time he had met Foxy and the other mascots.

He had just turned four but since his family had been in the middle of moving they had had no time to celebrate. The little boy had been so upset about it that his parents decided to do something extra special for him once they were all settled in. Thus they were currently standing outside the doors to a well known family restaurant. The father had heard about it from his co-worker and decided that it was the perfect place to take his son for a late birthday present. Placing a gentle hand on his sons small shoulder, he opened the door. Mike walked in, amazement sparkling in his wonder filled eyes. He had never been to this kind of place before and was a little nervous, sticking very close to his mom and dad. Once they had found a seat near the front and ordered their pizza, the happy family sat back and waited for the show to begin.

The curtains opened and the child gasped as the three robotic band members started to play. There was a brown bear, a purple bunny, and a yellow chicken. They were singing a song about pizza and the boy sat there laughing at the silly tune. All too soon the show ended and he let out a disappointed sigh. The four year old didn't want it to end yet. He was surprised when his parents didn't get up to leave and instead looked expectantly at something behind him. The boy turned seeing a mechanical red fox, dressed like a pirate making his way towards them. He gave a startled yip and buried his face into his moms side.

"Are ye alright there little matey?" The fox spoke, somewhat gruffly, as he stopped before them. "I didn't mean to scare ya."

The child only snuggled deeper, hiding from the pirate fox as said being inched slightly closer.

"No need to be afraid, me name's Cap'n Foxy." The pirate winked as he saw the boy peak his head up to glance at him. "If ya be liking, ye can just call me Foxy. Now how bout ya tell me yer name?"

"My name's Mike." The boy said quietly, voice barely louder than a whisper, before continuing a little more boldly. "Are you really a pirate?"

"Aye, that I am lad." Foxy replied with a smile. "Would ya like to hear about me adventures?"

The shy child looked up at the robotic pirate and slowly nodded, before reaching his arms out in a gesture to be picked up. Now Foxy wasn't one who liked being touched but... there was just something about this innocent little boy that pulled at his metallic heartstrings. Glancing at the boys parents to make sure it was alright he knelt down, being mindful of his hook, and lifted the kid into his arms. Once Mike was settled against his fur covered chest, the pirate fox started to regale the youth with his bold exploits, gesturing with his free hand for emphasis.

"I've sailed the seven seas in search of treasure. Fought off the infamous Blackbeard, been entranced by the sirens call, and saw many a beautiful day dawn aboard me trusty ship the Red Fox."

"The Red Fox? I bet it's the best ship in the world!" The young child exclaimed in fascination after listening to the buccaneer for nearly half an hour. "Did you ever find any treasure?"

The fox let out an unbelieving laugh. "Did I find treasure ye ask? Of course I did."

The pirate adjusted his hold on the boy as he reached into a hidden pocket in his fur, pulling of a shiny gold coin. He held it out for the boy to take and smiled when he saw the child's eyes light up.

"You're giving it to... to me?" Mike asked in awe. "Really?"

"Yup, yer me little matey Mikey." Foxy grinned. "What's a Cap'n without his first mate, eh?"

"Thanks Foxy!" The child exclaimed as he hugged the robotic foxes neck tightly. "I promise to take good care of it forever and ever!"

"Mike, it's time for us to go." The kids father stated calmly as he and his mom stood and gathered their belongings together.

Foxy gently placed the blue eyed child safely on the ground and went to pull away, only to feel the boy grab his arm with his tiny hands.

"Will I be able to see you again?” Mike asked, eyes filled with tears.

"Of course ye will lad." Foxy said as he knelt down and gently wrapped his mechanical arms around the boy in a quick hug. "Next time ya come, just give a holler, and I'll come and find ya no matter what I be doing".

"Okay." The boy said, slightly reassured as he turned to his parents. "I'll miss you Foxy."

"And I you, laddie." The fox animatronic said quietly as he watched the child leave with his parents.

It had been two weeks since Mike had met foxy and he had finally convinced his parents to go back to Freddy's. The boy bounced slightly as they made their way through the doors into the large main room. He was extremely excited to see his new friend again. As soon as they had found a table the shy youngster glanced around, hoping to spot the tell-tale red fur.

Upon catching sight of his target he took a deep breath, gathered his courage, and called out. "FOXY!"

The pirate slowly turned around and searched for the boy whose voice he had immediately recognized. He finally found him in the crowd and gave a cheeky grin before making his way over. Mike raced forward and latched onto the fox in a tight embrace.

It's mighty good to be seeing ya again matey.” The fox proclaimed happily, softly returning the hug.

"I was worried you wouldn't remember me." The child cried as he clung to the robotic pirate.

"I could never forget me first mate!" Foxy exclaimed, faux hurt in his voice. "What kind of pirate do ya think I be, Mikey?"

"It's just that so many kids come here..." The boy said seriously, before continuing in a barely audible voice. "And I'm nothing special."

"Nothing special?" The fox asked disbelievingly. "Ye be the most special little matey I know."

Mike looked up at him, eyes shining with hope. He had been living in this town for about a month and had yet to make any friends. It was tough, especially with how shy he was around strangers, yet Foxy said he was special. That simple statement meant the world to the innocent little boy.

"Hey, how would ye like to meet the rest of the gang?" The buccaneer offered. "I'm sure they're gonna love ya as much as I do."

The boy nodded quickly before rushing off to ask his parents permission. Once they had given the okay, he raced back to the mechanical fox and was swiftly swept into the arms of the pirate. The boy let the fox carry him towards the stage were the rest of the mascots were taking a break since they had just finished a show. There were not many people there at the moment... so it was fine for them to just hang out for a while. When foxy approached them they all glanced up curiously, only to see a little boy held securely in his arms.

"Well, who do we have here." Freddy asked, in a deep voice that held just a hint of a southern accent. "What's your name little fellow?"

Mike hid his face in the red fur of his friend, his shyness getting the best of him once again.

"This little matey be Mikey." Foxy proclaimed with enthusiasm. "Me new first mate. He's kinda quiet at first but he'll get use to ya all."

"He's so cute!" Chika exclaimed in her high pitch voice, before addressing the child. "Hi Mikey, my name's Chika. If you'd like I can teach you how to make pizza sometime!"

The boy turned his head to look at the chicken who was watching him eagerly. He smiled and nodded.

"I'd like that... Chika." He whispered, still slightly nervous.

Bonnie stepped forward and ran one of her large paws through the little boys dark hair. Mike unconsciously leaned into the motherly gesture.

"What a sweet little child." Bonnie sighed, leaning down to nuzzle him. "I wish they were all like him."

"You must be something special to get old Foxy there to let you hold onto him like that." Freddy pointed out. "I can't recall him ever carrying around any of the other tykes, what with him not liking to be touched and all."

"That he is, Freddy." The swashbuckler agreed. "I never be feeling a bond quite like this with any of the other little mateys in all me days."

"Does that mean... I'm your friend?" The child questioned innocently.

"That it does." The fox agreed readily. "Best friends if ye like."

"I want to be friends too!" Chika piped up loudly, before Bonnie shushed her.

"I would also like that." The rabbit said softly, turning caring eyes on the boy.

"Then it is agreed." Freddy stated importantly. "We would all like to be your friends um... Mikey was it?"

"My real name's Mike, but I like it when you call me Mikey." He replied with a smile that was bright enough to light up the entire room. "I'd really like to be friends with all of you too.”

The memory faded as the band took the stage. There were only a couple other families there that day so Mikey hoped they could spend more time together. Over the years the animal mascots had become something of a second family to the blue eyed boy. Whenever he was feeling down they knew exactly how to cheer him up and, likewise, he was always able to bring a smile to their faces.

'I hope it can be like this forever.' The child thought to himself as he watched the routine that he knew by heart.

Once the show was done the four animatronics and one little boy gathered together to talk and have fun until it was time for the child to go home. All too soon closing time came and they were forced to part ways. The robotic animals followed Mike to the front door where they said their normal goodbyes.

"Farewell me little matey, be safe." Foxy began as he knelt down. He wrapped his arms gently around the boy and let his hug convey all the emotions he felt for the lad.

"Make sure to take care of yourself and eat well." Chika asserted in a sing-song voice, also giving the boy a tight hug.

"Remember to listen to your parents, they want what's best for you." Bonnie explained as she leaned down to nuzzle the childs cheek.

"And don't forget, Mikey, that if you ever need us, we'll always be here for you." Freddy stated solemnly, placing a brown paw on Mikes shoulder.

"I will, promise." The boy stated seriously, already thinking about all the fun they would have next time he came.

The boy turned away as the four animatronics waved goodbye. Mike waved back to his adopted family as he ran to catch up with his parents, never knowing that it would be many years before he would be able to see them once again.

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