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Natasha was sitting on his best friend’s bed, with his head in her lap. She was softly stroking his hair whilst humming a relaxing song. When she arrived, he had been sitting against the wall, shaking in tears. Now his sobs were getting rarer and quieter, as he was starting to calm down. He could’ve easily drifted into sleep in this position, but knowing how uncomfortable that would be for the girl, he took the energy to sit up.

-Do you want to sleep? - Natasha asked, seeing how tired he was and how his eyes were almost falling shut. When she saw his barely noticeable nod, she continued - Go get a shower, I’ll set up a movie you can fall asleep during.

She stood in front of him, offering her hand. Tony took it and she pulled him up in a hug. After a few seconds, she stepped away and gave him his clothes to get into when he’s done.

The movie, IT, was playing and they were almost halfway into it. Tony always loved horror movies, ever since he was a child. Stephen King’s story was a favourite for him, he’s read the book and has seen both versions, however the 2017 one was his preferred. But carefully, not to risk anything, the volume was so low, they could barely hear it, even when it was total silence. Because there was. One of the many things Tony loved in his best friend was, that she knew him so well and never forced him to have a conversation, when he didn’t want to talk. To her, it was evident, but to him, it meant everything, how understanding and caring she was. As they were cuddling, Tony felt like he can speak now and he broke the silence.

-It’s been only one week since school started, but it’s already so overwhelming... you know how last year I was struggling to get back into it and stay focused, but now it’s worse. I’m supposed to be smart and do easy at school... - his voice chuckled and he couldn’t say more. Natasha was looking at him and answered softly.

-It’s alright, Tony, it’s totally okay. School can be exhausting for anyone and you’re not supposed to be anything. Studying is important, of course, but take care of yourself first.

-Thank you Tasha... - he hugged her and hummed into her neck. He was much more relaxed then when she texted him and he was falling asleep again. The last thing he saw on the screen before giving up and closing his eyes was Richie and Eddie holding onto each other in the garage.

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