The Primordial Prince

Chapter 10

I woke up in a cozy little room, half dead from exhaustion and the other half from pain caused by all my injuries. After trying to roll around, and failing miserably, I took a look around the room. It was made entirely from logs and wood, the super comfy bed looked hand crafted by a professional, the blankets were pulled up as if someone had been in here and put me in bed, and there was a large circular rug in the middle of the room.

The only light come from a small lantern hanging on the wall, which I didn’t think was such a good idea, and the occasional beam of light that made it through the cracks in the logs. The orange light that was being thrown across the room was cozy but not very bright, so I tried making a little ball of light in my hand.

Making light isn’t a hard spell to do, as a matter of fact it can be a byproduct of sloppiness during a more complicated spell. But when I tried to make light, what seemed like a bolt of pure pain shot through my brain giving me the worst headache in the world.

I guess that’s out of the question then. I must have over extended myself more than I thought I did. I thought to myself, as I slowly sat up.

Someone had bandaged all of my numerous wounds, and managed to slip me into a pair of comfy grey pajamas, kind of embarrassing, but it was extraordinarily kind considering what happened before I passed out.

I slowly got out of the bed, biting back an extraordinary amount of pain. I dragged the blanket with me and wrapped it around me after I managed to stand up, which took a while. I shuffled across the room barefoot, somehow managing no to stub my toe or get a splinter on the wooden floors, and quietly exited the room through a plain wooden door.

Turns out I was in a cabin, I could tell by the small hallway I stepped out into, also made entirely of wood, decorated here and there by little knick knacks and the small tables that held them. I shuffled through silently, not sure of where exactly I was going.

Eventually I came across a door on the left side of a hallway, the building was surprisingly big, that was partially open, and light spilled out coupled with voices in an argument. I recognized the voices as my friends’.

I approached the door and pressed myself up against the wall. I don’t usually listen in on conversations, but I wasn’t quite composed enough to present myself so I decided to make this an exception.

“You saw what he did to those guards. He had no mercy for any of them, he just went on a rampage.” Kristoff said, sounding like he was trying to convince them to do something but was obviously irritated.

“But he didn’t kill anyone! He also didn’t hurt any of us.” I heard Repunzel counter.

“We weren’t a threat, what if it happens again and one of us is in his way?” Eugene asked.

At that everyone got quiet. Although it was harsh of him to say that, he did have a point. I couldn’t even remember fighting the guards; or even could stop me if that happened again? It would be safer if I just left them all in peace, far away from me.

I was about to leave, to go away and protect them all by removing the danger I had brought into their lives. But a voice just above a whisper spoke up, abruptly ending the silence that had grown since Eugene’s question.

“He apologized.” Elsa stated softly. Although they could probably barely hear her, I could feel them all stare at her with bewilderment.

“He did what?” Repunzel asked obviously surprised by my apology.

“He apologized.” Elsa said more firmly, and louder. “He said he was sorry before the Emperor came in. And then he apologized about a thousand times while he was unconscious and I was trying to fix him up.”

“Speaking of which, how is he doing?” Asked another voice, a deep voice which must have belonged to a man that I didn’t recognize.

“Healing up quite quickly the last time I checked up on him.” I heard Anna supply the mystery man rather plainly.

“That’s good; eventually we’ll have to wake him to prevent any serious brain damage.” The man said, I couldn’t quite figure out whether or not the man was actually worried about me or not. But I was glad that I had avoided brain damage that could have been bad.

At that point I heard a swooping sound and a screech that could only have belonged to a bird of prey. I chanced a look into the room and saw that the noise did belong to a bird, but not a bird I had ever seen before. It was pure white, not a speck of any color anywhere besides its eyes. Its eyes were very normal looking besides its color; they were a deep blue and quite literally glowed.

Everyone was gathered in a lose circle in a cozy little room. They were all sitting in dull red chairs and couches, the couples sitting next to each other but leaning in to be a part of the conversation, except for Elsa who was sitting up straight with her hands on her lap maintaining a quiet reserve.

The mysterious man was sitting across from Elsa in his own chair. He was wearing a tight green shirt, baggy jeans, and work boots caked with a little bit of dirt caked on. He had a blocky face but not unattractively so, he had brown eyes and medium length flowing black hair and a beginning of a beard that was coming in nicely. And quite frankly, he was huge; rippling muscles and obviously tight abs that could only have come from years of manual labor.

Elsa shot up from her seat, along with everyone else, as soon as the bird had leaned into Elsa’s ear.

“They found us, they’re on horseback coming straight for us.” Elsa said urgently. And everyone flipped out, panicking and generally being consumed by chaos.

Great, I thought silently just woke up and already faced with more people. But before I could walk in and attempt to calm everyone down, the man stood up and everyone instantly got quiet.

“Everyone calm down, get to cover in the basement and I’ll handle this.” He ordered kindly but firmly, and to my surprise everyone obeyed, even Elsa. But the bird flew out of the room, I presumed it would be heading outside for obvious reasons.

I’m pretty sure at this point in the story that it’s apparent I’m absolutely god awful at the decision making process when others were in harm’s way. So as usual, I hobbled away from the room and managed to find a door to the outside.

The cabin seemed to be in the middle of the forest, and I could only guess we were in the mountains by the layer of snow covering the ground and weighing down the trees, even though it was late fall there shouldn’t have been this much snow if we were at sea level.

I heard a screech of pain come from the forest and did my best impression of a run towards it. I came up to a clearing where there were three men on horses and another on foot. All four were wearing chain mail and animal furs but showed no signs of where they were from. The man on the ground was holding the bird I had seen earlier with both hands a little too hard, hurting the bird.

Because I am a man of priorities, the first thing I did was pull the back of the blanket up into a makeshift hood of sorts. The next thing I did was pick up a little stone and throw it as hard as I could at the man on the ground.

The stone made perfect contact with the man’s head, instantly knocking him out. Oh man, great throw! I complimented myself, before I realized that the three horsemen were charging straight at me. I managed to roll right to avoid the first man, and fell backwards luckily avoiding the swing of the second man. I tried scooting backwards to avoid the third horseman from stomping on me, I wasn’t fast enough and had to roll to the left, but I still got clipped on the right shoulder by the horse’s hoof.

The horsemen started circling me with weapons drawn and cruel smiles on their faces. Just then the man from the cabin appeared swinging an axe around with ease. He got one of the men in the back and got a horse in the leg, the horse proceeded to flip over and land on the rider with a sickening crunch. The last man paused for a second then wisely turned around and ran away.

“Take care of yourself.” The man said roughly before taking off after the horseman through the trees.

I slowly picked myself up off the ground, covered in snow and a few drops of blood from the dead horseman. I walked over to the poor soul and gently closed his eyes, I’m not sure why but I felt that he shouldn’t have died the way he did.

Then I slowly walked over to the white bird laying on the ground making sounds of pain that stabbed me in the stomach. I picked up the bird, which was amazingly cold but very much alive, and took a bandage off of my left arm and wrapped up the injured wing of the bird, carrying it in the crook of my arm like a baby.

As I started my way back to the cabin, I heard the horse cry out in pain. I sighed sadly and took another bandage off of an injury and wrapped up the horse’s leg. Somehow managing to lift the horse off the rider and disconnected the two, I supported the horse with my left shoulder and carried the bird in my right arm.

I made it back to the cabin at the same time that the man did. Said man was covered in blood, probably from the third rider.

“Why do you have a horse?” The man asked pointedly, annoyance ringing in his voice.

“Because it can be healed, and there is no need for it to die.” I said just as pointedly and hopefully I sounded better than the scratchy croak that I heard.

“The name’s Eowan. If you’re keeping the horse then you’re taking care of it.” He said and proceeded to enter the cabin.

Annoyed and racked with pain I managed to tie up the horse and help it down to a comfortable position. The horse gave a satisfied noise and gently nudged its head into my leg, I pet it and left to go back into the cabin.

When I entered the cabin I found everyone was huddled around Eowan fussing over him like he got hurt. The room was large, with a large fluffy rug and a crackling fire place. No one noticed me so I started around to the left, trying to make as little noise as possible and make it back to the room I woke in without being seen. But Elsa saw me and drew attention to me by shrieking.

“Oh my God, Snowfly!” She screamed and ran over, taking the bird from my arms and holding it like a sick child. “What happened?!”

“Some guys in a clearing had gotten hold of him, so I ran over and tried to protect him.” I explained softly. Elsa looked up at me, gratitude flashed through her eyes until she realized who was standing in front of her, then anger and worry exploded in her crystal blue eyes.

“And just what do you think you’re doing running around getting in fights?! You are supposed to be in bed healing, and where are your bandages?” She questioned like a scorn mother.

Before I could answer the man stepped forward and interjected in the soon to be one sided brawl between a dainty snow queen and a beaten up Primordial amnesiac.

“He was trying to be a hero, but I stepped in before he could get himself hurt. And I’d imagine he took off his bandages in order to help your bird and one of the horses.” He accused, as if I had been some mindless child.

Before anymore could be said, Elsa grabbed my arm and dragged me back through the cabin to my bed. She shoved me and I landed on the bed, I could see frost start to spread across her hands. She had Snowfly in one hand and her other was balled up in a fist by her side.

“What were you thinking, James? You could have been killed!” She shouted.

I pushed myself up to a sitting position before apologizing to her. “I don’t know what I was thinking, and I’m sorry if I scared you.”

She took a deep breath in and closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down. She ran her free hand down her braid like I had seen her do many times before when she was stressed. It took her a few seconds but eventually she opened her eyes and the fire that had been in the before had disappeared; now all that I could see was worry and that ran a dagger through my heart.

“I accept your apology. Thanks for saving Snowfly.” She said softly, gracing me with a small smile. “Now go to sleep, I’ll have a meal ready for you when you wake up.”

“But what if I can’t?” I asked, trying to put on the charm. Elsa gave a small, devious smile.

“Then I’ll have to put you ‘on ice’.” She evilly responded, pointing one finger at me and dropping the temperature in the room by a few degrees.

I just chuckled, lying back down and trying to readjust the blanket back to where it was before I woke up as Elsa left the room. Well, that could have gone better I thought but then again…it could have gone a lot worse. I smiled slightly and drifted back of into unconsciousness.
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