The Primordial Prince

Chapter 15

Elsa made it through the night without any nightmares and woke up happy, regardless of a severe pounding in her head. She looked to her right and saw James still sitting in a chair next to her bed, just like he said he would. Elsa really was happy about James asking to court her, but she was worried about how she was going to stay with him since technically she was engaged, even though her fiancé attacked her.

But Elsa resolved to worry about that later, for now she would just enjoy her time with James. She observed him with a smile, his stark white hair still messy, a few pieces were a little wet from melted snow and there were little cuts and tears in his shirt, probably from running through the forest.

James twitched a little too violently, causing Elsa to frown. That’s strange if I didn’t know any better I’d think he’s having a nightmare. She thought to herself. James then flinched and cringed away from something. Elsa sat up, significantly concerned about her new boyfriend.

Two bolts of lightning shot down each of his arms, one his typical blue and the other a much darker, significantly scarier bolt. He then started thrashing around, the wind picked up and the room started to change colors rapidly.

Elsa quickly reached over and grabbed his arm, sending a small jolt of magic down it. James woke up with a start, the wind cut off and the room immediately returned to normal. James was breathing heavily and his pupils were dilated. His eyes darted around the room rapidly until they landed on Elsa.

The fear in his eyes quickly faded away and he pulled her into a tight hug, which she returned. “James, what was that?”

“That; was a nightmare. And it has been happening for a while now.” James said, maintaining the hug. He gave a small chuckle, “Ironic, I stayed to keep you from having nightmares and I have one myself instead.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Elsa asked politely.

“Want to? No. But need to? Probably. It’s just a reoccurring nightmare about you and Anna dying, along with a lot of people in Arendelle. Beyond that I’m not really sure about what happened.” He explained. “Enough of that, I don’t want to worry you. What would you say to some breakfast?”

Elsa wasn’t sure James was telling the whole truth, but decided not to push it. She pulled back and gave him a smile. “I’d say yes, along as you were there as well.”

“Well then I’ll go get into some clean clothes.” And with that James stood up and left towards his room.

Elsa hopped out of bed and changed her night clothes into her typical ice dress with the snowflake cape. Elsa left her room and made her way to the dining room. Half way there James rounded a corner and walked by her side.

He was wearing a clean blue shirt, black pants, a simple brown hooded cloak and on his belt hung his blue sword in its ice scabbard. His hair was messy as usual, Elsa still thought it looked better than hers regardless that she did hers with magic and he didn’t do it at all. His green eyes were brighter than ever but the bags around his eyes looked deeper and darker than before.

When the two made it to the dining room, they found everyone sitting around the table eating various meals. They looked up, Eugene and Repunzel looked like they were trying to get control of their fear and Kristoff looked confused as to whether or not he should be afraid. Eowan just looked grumpy as per usual.

James pulled out a seat for her, which she took with a smile, and took a seat to her left. “So who here is confused as to what happened last night?” Eugene asked sarcastically.

“That’s easy enough to explain, the Emperor infected me with dark magic of some sort, which made my powers go out of control. But I have full control again, and he won’t be able to do that again.” She explained kindly yet firmly. “But that’s not the most important thing, James apparently has found a way to track down the stolen kids, and Anna.”

“Wait, Anna’s missing?!” Kristoff exclaimed, a look of horror on his face.

Elsa’s heart sank as she remembered how helpless she was to save Anna. After all she had done for Elsa, she had let her down when she needed it most, and now Kristoff was also paying for her weakness. “Yes, she is. The Emperor took her when he sabotaged my powers.”

“And how exactly do you intend on not only finding, but also rescuing those children?” Eugene asked James.

“First off, I’m tracking a ship headed straight for Weaseltown’s fleet, including its Crown Ship. Second, I’ve recruited the help of the children’s fathers.” James answered. “And I assume Anna is headed for the same place, which means we can kill two birds with one stone. But first, we need to gather our strength and rest. It took a lot to attack Arendelle.”

“You attacked Arendelle?!” Eowan exclaimed. Shock written all over his face, along with everyone else.

“Just a part of it. And it was being used to store stolen food, so I just knocked a little hole in the wall for the people to fight back. To be honest, it definitely helped our social status.” James said with a chuckle at everyone’s surprise.

“So what do you suggest we do?” Kristoff asked, still clearly distressed at Anna’s kidnapping.

“We take a day or two to recuperate and allow Anna and the food ship to reach the fleet, then we sneak aboard and retake what’s ours.” James said with a conviction and a sly yet confident smile. Everyone looked to Elsa to get her approval, along with James, to which she gave with a small nod of her head as she daintily ate some spare pancakes.

“Well that’s the plan then.” Repunzel finally spoke up. “Will me and Eugene be coming as well?”

“Well do either of you have any experience sneaking and stealing?”

Eugene laughed and simply shook his head. James looked confused so Elsa leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Before he was Repunzel’s husband, Eugene was the best thief in Corona.” James gave a smile and mouthed thank you before turning back to the two and giving a nod.

“I know you gave Anna lessons, but do you think you could give me some basic lessons?” Repunzel asked to everyone’s surprise.

“As long as you pay attention, I don’t see why I wouldn’t.”

“Are you sure? I mean we’ve got frying pans, why would you need lessons?” Eugene asked his wife.

“Mostly because I don’t want to be caught helpless without it, but also because I want to see what James knows.”

“You’ll see soon enough. And I’ve seen at least some of what he can do before, and it’s not impressive.” Eowan interjected.

“You mean after I woke up from being unconscious for who knows how long, after I burned through all of my magic reserves, including some of my own physical power. Then, without time to recover, having to take on an elite horseback squad.” James retaliated. “And I’m pretty sure it was me who brought back Snowfly.”

“Hmph, whatever.” Was all Eowan could muster up, returning to his breakfast.

After breakfast James took Repunzel outside to teach her the basics of self defense, Eugene went off to talk to Kristoff, and Eowan went off to “work on his flabbiness” even though there wasn’t a single ounce of fat on his body, much like Elsa and her sister. So Elsa sat in a comfy chair in front of a fire and curled up with a book.

Before she knew it a hand was placed on her shoulder, warming her to the core meaning it could only be James’. Elsa leaned her head over to rest on his hand as he knelt down putting him around the same height as her. Elsa smiled, still reading her book, but now paying attention to the James as well. “What are you reading?”

“Just a book highlighting the Roman Empire through written accounts and fictitious stories.” Elsa said.

“Sounds fancy, and it seems to be written in Latin.” James commented. It was written in Latin, which was a language Elsa had taught herself in her isolation.

“Well if you can read it, then would you care to join me?” Elsa asked, pulling her eyes away from her book and smiling at James.

“I can read it, but uhm, it’s a one person chair.” James said, stuttering and turning red.

“And is that a problem?” Elsa inquired with a smirk. James returned it, chuckling and stood up, along with Elsa. He sat down and she sat on the armrest, her legs draping over his. She leaned over on to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

She could feel him tense up. He also started to squirm a little bit, like he was uncomfortable. “Are you okay? You seem uncomfortable.”

“Well I’m just nervous. I’ll get over it eventually.” James reassured, but he didn’t sound too confident.

“What are you nervous about?”

“Two things actually; the first being Anna told me about your childhood.” Elsa blushed and looked down, guilt touching at her stomach. “And I don’t want to even accidentally push you into doing something that you don’t want to do.”

Elsa smiled warmly, she knew she made the right choice by saying yes. “You don’t have to worry about that. Over the last two years I’ve gotten much more comfortable with human contact. And anyways, I feel at ease when I’m around you, partly because I’m not afraid of hurting you with my powers.”

James smiled, but it faltered. “The other reason is a bit more embarrassing. You’ve had suitors, at least for a little bit, before now. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never been in a relationship. Usually, if I’ve done or learned something before, I can just do it naturally, but I’m totally lost as to what’s acceptable or expected.”

This surprised Elsa; it was true that she had had a few suitors before but they had always been the experienced ones that had dated numerous other queens and princesses. She had never been the person, in any group really, that had known what to do; she had always had to have someone show her what to do. And Elsa had expected James to have dated before, or even to be dating someone when his memory was taken. “Really? You don’t think you’ve been with someone before? Because I find that hard to believe; you play pianoforte, you can read and probably speak multiple languages, you are both tall and strong, and you can do impressive magic.”

James blushed and looked surprised but pleased. “I never really thought about it before, but I guess that is a decent repertoire.”

“Yes, but that’s not an excuse to go running off on me. I was just expressing my disbelief.”

“Why would I want to go running off? You are the most gorgeous woman in a hundred league radius, maybe ever. And your kindness is on the same level.”

Elsa’s face burned red, the smoothest of her past suitors had said similar things but had never said it so sincerely. So Elsa snuggled up closer to James, her head still on his shoulder and pulled her book back up so that James could read as well. James leaned his head over and rested it on the top of Elsa’s, then took his right arm and wrapped it around her waist.

Soon after Repunzel and Eugene came in and sat down on the couch to the left of the new couple, and got in a similar position but Eugene was showing Repunzel some card tricks instead. Kristoff and Eowan also came in and sat on the couch to the right, albeit much further away than the two couples, and starting talking softly. Elsa could see Eowan give James a dirty glare, to which Elsa could feel James smile contently. The group sat chatting or reading until the sun went all the way down, Kristoff had brought in a large plate of snacks which everyone ate from occasionally so they didn’t need dinner.

When Elsa decided to go to bed James walked with her to her room to wish her good night. James left to his room and Elsa closed the door, a good first day Elsa thought about her day with James as she changed her dress into her typical sleeping gown and laid in bed.

Elsa’s first night, however, was not as pleasant as her day. She was plagued with nightmares of her friends and family being frozen over while she was suffocated in darkness. She woke with a scream as the images of terrified faces flashed through her mind. Once she calmed down, she got out of bed and walked down to James’ room.

Out of politeness she softly knocked on the door. A few seconds passed before the door open to reveal a very tired James in soft brown pajamas. “Elsa? What are you doing out here in the dead of night?”

“I had a nightmare and I was wondering if I could stay with you tonight?” Elsa asked, she knew how scandalous it was to be sleeping in the same room with someone whom you’re not related or betrothed to but she didn’t really care at the moment.

After a moment of thought, James opened the door wider so Elsa could come in. She crossed the room and lied down on the large bed. Too tired to argue or debate, James crawled in next to her. Elsa faced him, and he faced her and wrapped his arms around her. Warmth and cold swapping places and generally relaxing both, she snuggled into his chest and he placed his chin and the top of her head. While embraced in each others’ arms, the novice couple fell into a dreamless sleep.

On a scale from 1-10 waking up with my arms wrapped around Elsa was about a 20. She was both cold and warm at the same time, regulating my temperature to stay at the middle even under layers of blankets. She also snored slightly which was actually much cuter than it sounds. Her platinum blonde hair, which she had let down, was messy but nowhere near as messy as her sister’s. I laid there for a few minutes observing all her curves and features and just generally appreciating her beauty.

As I laid there an idea snuck its way into my mind. I carefully slipped out of Elsa’s arms and left the room as quietly as I could. Gliding down the hallway I made it to the kitchen and pulled out utensils and ingredients. In a few minutes I had made a modest meal of something I decided to call an omelet, bacon, orange juice, and had a bright green flower in a small vase (I couldn’t find a blue one), I placed it all on a tray.

I went to reach for the tray but I sharp pain shot through my chest. The strength vanished from my legs. I collapsed on the ground, and it got harder and harder to breathe. Darkness started creeping in from the edges of my vision, making it seem like I was looking down a tunnel. Then, as soon as it appeared, the pain and the difficulty to breath disappeared. I sat up and focused on breathing, leaning back against the counter, and closed my eyes. Spreading out my senses, I could only feel the people I know; so nobody had hit me with a spell, besides my own magic should’ve helped to protect me more than that.

After I had brought my heart and breathing rate back down to normal, I pulled myself up off the floor. I searched around the kitchen and the meal I had made in case there was a magical artifact that I had unknowingly triggered, but my search turned up nothing. Utterly stumped I figured that attack was just me choking on some spices. I grabbed the tray of food and brought it back to my room where Elsa was still sleeping on my bed.

I walked over softly, but Elsa’s eyes fluttered open and she sat up yawning and stretching. Before she could move further, I placed the tray over her lap. She looked down at the meal surprise and looked up questioningly.

“What is this?” Elsa asked.

“This is breakfast in bed. I made it for you.” I answered, sitting next to her on the bed and handing her some utensils with a smile. “Enjoy it.”

Elsa gave me a quick, warm hug, then turned to her breakfast and started eating like the queen she was. I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer, and she rested against my chest while continuing eating. Once she finished I took the tray to the kitchen, leaving Elsa to change into her regular clothes.

She met me in the kitchen as I was grabbing something for me to eat. She was in her ice dress, the only difference was that instead of its typical blue color it was a deep purple. Her hair was in her typical braid down her left shoulder with snowflakes sprinkled in. And her crystal blue eyes seemed to glow.

“Good morning snowflake. You look radiant.” I greeted and complimented as I plopped down in a chair after finding an apple to eat. Elsa blushed at the compliment and sat down next to me.

“I’m not radiant.” Elsa tried to argue, but I raised an eyebrow at her much like she does causing her to giggle slightly, “But anyways, do you have a plan for getting Anna and the kids back?”

I leaned forward trying to be serious, I had thought through a few scenarios but I didn’t really have anything solid formed. But I had created some idea of what I wanted to do. “Well, the group of bandits and me are going to board the boat. By any means necessary. Then we’ll find the kids and Anna and have to adapt to break through whatever imprisonments they’re restrained with. It’s not much of a plan, and if we can’t free them then I don’t know what we’ll do.”

“Well, did you know that with a little bit of my magic I can easily snap steel?” Elsa asked with a sly smile.

I smiled back and carefully took her cool hand in my own. She blushed slightly but smiled none the less. “In that case, I need your help to get your sister back.”

“You couldn’t stop me even if you tried.”

“Now why would I ever want you to stay away?” I asked, giving another warm smile.

Elsa giggled; she scooted her chair closer and snuggled up into my chest. I chuckled at how cute she was without fail. “This afternoon we’ll start following my tracker, hopefully it’ll lead us right to the Crown Ship.”

Elsa’s dress turned into a pair of pants and a loose fitting purple blouse, her cape morphed into a hooded cloak of a darker purple. And her heels turned into more appropriate flat bottomed blue shoes. “I’m ready whenever you are.”

I smiled, I loved Elsa’s power and the way she uses it. “Unfortunately none of the rest of us can do that cool clothes trick. So as soon as everyone gets changed and suited up; we’ll hit the road.”

I got up leaving Elsa with a smile and went back to my room to change. I put on a semi-loose fitting blue shirt on, long brown pants, and I found an exact replica of the jacket I had picked up from the castle, hood and all. Lastly, but certainly not least, I clipped my scabbard and sword on the left side of my belt. I also put on some shoes fit for either relaxing or jumping around.

I checked to make sure I was totally decent in the adjacent bathroom. Made sure I brushed my teeth and tousled my hair, I didn’t want to spend any time on my hair so I wore it messy, I had taken a shower the night before, before Elsa came to me. I noticed the huge dark circles under my eyes, I let out a sigh, my nightmare came back every night and every time I would lose sleep which didn’t help the circles. But I was ready for action regardless, so I went to the living room where everyone was gathering.

Repunzel and Eugene had their typical outfits on, each with a frying pan hanging on their waists for some reason. Eowan was wearing a green shirt and blue pants, wearing a light leather chest piece, his axe strapped to his back. Kristoff was wearing his furs, just with short sleeves, and he had picked up a spare broad sword strapped on his back like Eowan. Elsa was still wearing her new outfit, but an ice dagger hung at her waist.

“So if everyone is ready,” I addressed everyone. “then we’ll leave immediately.” I opened my left palm up and a blue map formed in it, leading to the location of the knife I had lodged in the ship. Elsa took the map and read it, leading the way out of the cabin and through the forest. Kristoff heading over to the stables to say goodbye to his reindeer.

As we were walking a friendly snowman came over from between the trees and started walking next to me. “Hey James!” Olaf greeted.

“Hello Olaf. Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for a while.” I responded, continuing to follow behind Elsa.

“Playing in the forest. Where are all of you going with all these weapons?”

“We’re going to find some kids and Anna. They’re in trouble and we’re going to help.” I explained.

“So you’re being a hero?” Olaf asked. It was an innocent enough question but it caused me to pause for a second to think before carrying on.

“Well it depends on your definition. For me a hero is someone who helps other with no other reason than to help them. But Anna’s in trouble, so I have reasons to help her besides just to help.” I tried to explain, feeling like I hadn’t explained it very well and that it would fall on deaf ears.

To my surprise, however, Olaf remained silent for a minute thinking about what I had said. When he had come to a conclusion as to what to think of my explanation he said, “That makes sense. I’m going to go keep playing now.” And he happily skipped back off into the forest.

I chuckled slightly, I never could figure out what the innocent snowman was going to do. So as a group we trekked through forests and over hills to eventually find our missing friend and a group of helpless children. And whoever held them had no idea what was coming for them…me.

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