The Primordial Prince

Chapter 18

I came back to consciousness lying on the dirty floor of a prison cell. It took me a second to remember what happened, but when I did I regretted it. Along with the memories came the pain. An almost unbearable, and completely unstoppable wave of agony, focused mostly on my chest and head. My legs on the other hand were numb, I could only barely feel a dull throb in them. I quickly struggled to get barriers of will in between me and the pain. It took over twenty minutes to get them up enough to think straight. That's when I noticed that someone else was in the room.

There was a man standing in the corner of the room staring at me. He had wiry rust colored hair, almost sickly pale skin, sharp brown eyes and was dressed in an elegant robe that looked like it belonged on a librarian. The man said, "Hello, James. I was wondering when you'd come to."

"Who are you?" I managed to croak out loudly enough for the man to hear.

"Ah, where are my manners," the man said with a kind smile and a small bow at the waist. "My name is Informius. I am the Primordial of Knowledge. And I'm here to help you."


"But of course. Who else would be in this hell hole?" He asked pleasantly. When I didn't respond he continued talking. "Anyways, I'm here to give you some knowledge. I've been watching the events that are going on and feel the need to bestow information on to you."

"What kind of information?"

"Information that can save, or destroy, lives."

"What is it then?"

"Firstly, your legs are broken. Like seriously broken. You won't be able to fix them, and it'll take a large amount of magic for you to even be able to walk. The only way you can be healed is if you come back to the land of Primordials to be healed."

"No. I can't go. I have to stay and help." I said, trying to sit up with no luck.

Informius calmly walked over and helped me sit up against the wall. Helping me position myself into something resembling comfort. "I knew you would say that. And I didn't need magic to know it, that's just the kind of person that you are." He took a step back once I was settled. "A word of advice; you may be powerful, all Primordials are powerful, but we are still humans. We can still be killed. We aren't born, we're made."

"Made?" I asked.

"Yes, made. What do you think you're doing here? True Primordials don't just lose their memories. This is your initiation, pass and you'll be accepted into our ranks and into our court."

"And what makes you think I want to be in your court?" I asked, some rebelliousness bubbling up inside me.

"Really, it's not so bad." Informius said, sitting across from me in the cell. "Just a few meetings here or there. But you won't have to worry about it."

I grunted in response. So my visitor continued. "Secondly, Julius is working with Lognath."

"Julius?" I asked.

"Oh, that's right, you didn't hear that. No matter, who you would call 'the Emperor' is named Julius Xavier. Anyways, he is now the acting king of Arendelle. But you should also know, that he has a son. He is currently returning from fighting in western Europe, an attempt by Julius to get his son killed, and he just became of age, he will be named Emperor."

"Wait, 'King of Arendelle'?"

"Yes, Julius just crowned himself. He is trying to keep a degree of power, since he failed to kill his son he resorted to taking over a successful kingdom where there are no heirs to challenge his rule."

"Elsa. What about Elsa?" I demanded.

"You'll be seeing her soon enough. Just remember what I said," Informius told me, he started fading away into a cloud of golden shimmers. "Primordials are still human. Good luck, my friend." And with that, my new friend was gone.

A loud crash brought my attention to the door of my cell. The door swung open and two guards came in dragging Elsa between them very unceremoniously. I felt anger bubbling up in my chest, my vision started narrowing and a red tint was introduced. Bricks around the cell started glowing black, and the magic that I hadn't realized I had been gathering was suddenly ripped out of my body. With the magic went some serious body heat and all the energy out of my body. My mind was kicked back to tottering between consciousness. My tunnel vision got worse, but instead of in anger, it was in exhaustion.

The guards dropped Elsa onto the floor, more forcefully than they should, some anger came back and kept me from passing out. One of the guards looked around the cells at the black glowing bricks, then looked at me with a devious smirk. "Nice try Primordial. These cells have been enchanted by Lognath. You'll just have to wait for your execution to get out of this cell." And with a small chuckle, he lifted his leg and brought the heel of his boot down on my head, forcing me back into unconsciousness.

It must have been a few hours later, I woke up again with a killer headache. However, two cool hands on either of my temple were helping with combating the pain. I regained full awareness and realized that I was lying on my back, with my head propped up on Elsa's lap.

"Oh, thank goodness. You're still alive." She said with a large, warm smile. She softly stroked my hair soothingly.

"Elsa...Julius, he has a son. You have to get out of here and find him." I said, it hurt. But that wasn't a surprise, everything hurt. And everything I did made it ten times worse.

"Okay, how are we going to get out of here?" She asked, hope glimmering in her cerulean eyes.

"'We're' not, you are," I said. Shaking my head slightly.

"What do you mean?" Elsa asked, denial in her voice. "You're coming with me."

"Elsa, my legs are broken." I said, lowering my eyes away from Elsa's, which were becoming more watery by the second. "They're broken and I don't have enough magic to heal them. I don't think anyone anywhere near us does."

"I can fix that." She said quickly. She leaned down and crashed out lips together, going off of what I told her on the ship back to Arendelle.

In the end, it didn't work. Don't get me wrong, it was great. Her lips were refreshingly cold, they were soft and smooth. And I could feel her kiss throughout my body. My emotions went crazy, and I did get a big chunk of my magic restored, but not near enough to help my legs. But I enjoyed it anyways.

She pulled back, giving me a questioning look. I slightly shook my head. "Please, Elsa. You have to go without me. Find his kid, tell him what's happened. He can help."

Elsa didn't speak for a second, looking at the floor by my head. Then she turned her eyes back to mine. I could see the determination in here crystal blue eyes. "No. Absolutely not. I don't care. If I can't take you with me, then I'm not going anywhere. There is no way I'm leaving you again."

I couldn't stop the small smile that appeared on my face. Elsa scooted back a little bit, not laying my head down. She seemed to strain herself for a second, the bricks of the walls glowed black for a second, but it seemed like Elsa was able to slip by just a little bit. And a small pile of packed snow appeared underneath my head which Elsa lowered my head on to. Then she adjusted herself so that she was lying next to me. She laid her head on my chest and wrapped her arms around me.

I chuckled slightly, gently wrapping my arms around her. "Well, we might be in a jail cell waiting impending doom, but on the bright side I get to hold you some more."

Elsa smiled and snuggled in closer to me, testing the waters and squeezing a little bit harder. I kissed the top of her head gently. She leaned her head up and gave me another kiss. This one lasted longer, and had more passion than the last one. Her lips were warm, but I could feel her powers coursing through her, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Mid kiss, Elsa suddenly broke it off and looked towards the door. "Did you hear that?"

"Um, I wasn't really paying attention." I said.

Then I heard what Elsa was talking about. I could hear Anna and Kristoff calling out, "Elsa!? Elsa!? Are you still here?"

Elsa sprung up, gently so as not to cause me more pain, and quickly went over to the cell door. "Anna! I'm here. They put me in a cell with James. I'm okay."

"Oh awesome!" Anna responded. "Get James to bust us out of here!"

Elsa glanced back at me with a grimace, it was unreasonable but I felt a little ashamed, "He can't. He's out of magic, and his legs are broken. He can't fix them."

Neither Anna nor Kristoff responded for a minute before Anna called out, her voice distressed, "What!? Is he okay? What do we do?!"

"He's fine. It just hurts." Elsa shouted back, she considered something before continuing. "You two will have to get out of here yourselves. I don't know what Julius is going to do to us."

"No, Elsa. I'm not going to leave you two alone with that monster." Anna said determined not to leave just like her older sister. "We'll just have to think of another way to break out of here."

Apparently the guards could hear us, because after Anna said that a guard shouted at all of us, "Hey! Shut up all of you! Some people are trying to sleep!"

"When I take back control of Arendelle, I'm firing the guards." Elsa muttered angrily. She wasn't happy about it, but she quieted none the less, coming back over and lying with me. I closed my eyes, trying to either meditate or fall asleep whichever came first, focusing on the faint beating of Elsa' heart next to mine.

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