The Primordial Prince

Chapter 22

I woke up at the break of dawn on the day of the attack. It was unusually quiet, no birds, no sound of a gentle breeze through the slightly opened window, nothing. It was like just like any regular old day, nothing gave away the fact that Arendelle was about to be under attack.

I knew I should get up, get up and get ready, but instead I remained in bed, next to the woman I was sure that I loved, dreading the moment I would have to wake. Elsa stirred next to me, unfortunately waking up and forcing me to face reality.

She rolled over and faced me, yawning. "Good morning, James."

"Good morning, Elsa." I responded, gently rubbing her back.

"We need to get up." She said, but made no attempt at getting off of my arm or up from bed.

I smiled, neither of us wanted to get up and I found that humorous for some reason. Both of us were startled by a knock on the bedroom door.

Anna's voice could be heard through the door, "Hey, James, are you up? I want to know how you make that armor. Oh and Kristoff needs his armor enchanted."

Elsa huffed, annoyed that our morning was interrupted. We both started up, pulling clothes on. I called back, "Just give me a second."

Elsa finished first, using her magic to make an ice outfit was much faster than me actually putting on regular clothes. She wore tight blue pants and a white blouse. She came up to me as I finished pulling a plain white shirt down over my chest. "James, are we going to see each other before the fight?"

"If you want to, I'll make it happen." I said, giving her a quick peck on the lips.

We both walked out of the room, Anna was waiting on the other side in tight green pants and a red shirt. Elsa said to me, "I'm going to get ready, see you later."

I nodded after her as she walked away down the hallway. "Alright, Anna. Let's get your armor settled."

I would go into detail about how Anna used her powers to try to make armor around eighty times. And how each time she failed and something around us got scorched, including a near miss on my eyebrows. But after a while I guided her through it step by step, and we made her an average looking red set of armor.

And I spent about an hour and a half enchanting Kristoff's armor with a whole array of defensive spells meant to keep harm away from him. And then after that I spent a good long time finding both of them weapons. Anna got a short sword, and Kristoff got a long sword.

When I finally finished getting all of them ready, I donned my own set of armor and hooded cape. I walked out into the main square, to a glorious scene. Every able bodied man and woman was gathered in the square. Everyone was wearing armor, none of them quite the same as the other but all seemingly very effective, and everyone was armed and fired up for a fight.

The guards had gathered on the main stage, including Elsa in her ice armor, and were staring out over the citizens, towards the entrance of Arendelle where the growing grumble of a marching army could be heard over the crowd. The harbor was crowded by ships flying green Arendelle flags. The clouds in the sky were pitch black, rumbling and boiling like an angry ocean, somewhere up there Lognath was waiting to attack.

I stepped onto the stage and they all made way for me to the front, right next to Elsa. She had a fierce look on her face as Anna and Kristoff joined us as well. The people quieted and faced us, with a mixture of anger, solemnity, and curiosity. I looked over to Elsa, asking her if she wanted to handle this or not. However, she shook her head.

"No, you got them all together, James." She said softly, her fierceness not fading. "Now, you need to get them ready for this."

I nodded and turned to the crowd, the makeshift army of Arendelle. "Good people of Arendelle. Not a single week ago, Arendelle's military strength was less than nothing. Now, as I look over you faithful and patriotic citizens, I see that our strength has grown. Now, I know no army that could overtake us. Not the pretentious naval fleet of Weaseltown, nor the bloodthirsty forces of the Southern Isle army.

"But I know the enemy doesn't know this. They think they can walk in here and claim our land, our homes, our lives. And today, today, we will prove them wrong. Today, we will show them what it means to fight Arendelle. Today, both the Southern Isles and Weaseltown will have to return home, weak, broken, and humiliated.

"So sharpen your weapons. Steel your nerves. And stand strong. Arendelle will not fall today because of lack of effort. If they want to take us, they will have to go through every single one of us, they will have to fight to the very last man woman and child. So get ready, for the enemies approach us, and we will meet them with sword and tooth bared. Long live Queen Elsa! Long live Arendelle!"

The response was immediate and overwhelming. The people all drew their weapons, shouting in excitement and determination. All of them chanting "Long live Queen Elsa" and "Long live Arendelle". They rushed to their positions along the sides of the streets and into place to activate traps and establish a sheer wall of resisting force.

The guards nodded to me and Elsa then followed after their sections of troops, drawing their weapons and shouting along with them. The rest of us stayed on the stage to say goodbye for then.

"Good luck guys." Elsa told Anna and Kristoff, giving both of them hugs. "Stay safe."

"You too, both of you." Anna said to me and Elsa. "We'll see you both afterwards."

Kristoff clapped me on the shoulder. "Take care of yourself, man."

I placed my hand on her arm reassuringly in a manly way. "And you take care of you both. No need to worry about me, I'm going to be there during your wedding, watching from the crowd and poking fun. I swear on my power."

We both nodded and Anna and Kristoff walked off, towards one of the sides of Arendelle. There they would get into position to counter enemy machines and heavy forces. Elsa and I faced each other. I could see the apprehension in her face, but she wasn't the kind of person who backs out on one of their promises.

"You watch yourself out there Elsa." I told her, pulling her close. "I'll never forgive you if you die out there."

"And if you don't come back, James" she said almost threateningly. "I'll bring you back to yell at you."

"Well I wouldn't want that" I said with a smile, "so I better come back alive."

We shared one last passionate kiss. Holding there for a long while, taking in each other's presence and passion. After we finally broke off for breath, Elsa gave me one last hug before purposefully walking towards the last remaining ship in the docks, waiting for Elsa to join them before sailing out into position.

I watched her go until she turned a corner and out of my line of sight. I gave one last sigh, before facing the main entrance of Arendelle, approximately towards where I had dropped the staff. I pulled on my hood, my senses coming into focus again, just like they had before. I drew a sword that I had retrieved from one of the blacksmiths. It wasn't much, nothing close to my own sword, but it would do.

I gathered magic into my body, as much as I could handle. The pressure of that much power made my teeth rattle in my head, my ears started to ring, and a nearly painful pressure came into being behind my eyes. The world seemed to shimmer and all the colors popped, making interesting and occasionally beautiful contrasts out of the view of Arendelle. A bright blue light started emanating from my body, and I became the dark center of a huge blue corona.

I focused on where I wanted to go, the cliffside where I had thrown the staff into the sea before attacking the Weaseltwon Crownship. The magic in my body made the image crystal clear. I employed the new spell I had made up, the trolls didn't have very many travel spells. I felt a rush of wind and moderately warm flames up my body as I turned my body into a blue fireball. Then I flew up and towards the cliffside so far away.

As soon as I did, black lightning flashed through the dark clouds in the sky. And as I flew over them, I could see the Southern Isles army charge through the forest surrounding the city, towards my friends and all the people I had assembled. And far away, I could hear cannons on the decks of ships being fired. The Battle for Arendelle had begun.

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