The Primordial Prince

Chapter 24

As soon as Elsa got on the ship they set sail for the blockade at the entrance to the bay of Arendelle. Elsa took deep breaths to calm her nerves. It helped that she knew Kristoff was there to protect Anna, and James was probably distracting Lognath so he wouldn't show up and attack Anna. But she was still worried about James getting hurt.

James is powerful enough to protect himself. Elsa reassured herself. As they got closer to the blockade, she could see around the mountains that enclosed the bay. She could see an entire fleet of ships rapidly sailing into the wind towards Arendelle.

"My Queen, what would you like us to do?" the captain of the ship asked her.

"Bring us to the front, I'll try to stop them." Elsa said regally.

"Aye aye your majesty." The captain said. The ship quickly sailed to the front of the blockade and anchored there.

Elsa waited, letting the Weaseltown ships get closer. That's when the ships fired their mortars. Flaming cannon balls came careening down towards their ships. Elsa rushed to the edge of her ship. She threw her hands in the air, sending blue blasts of magic towards the projectiles. Most of the mortar fire was stopped in the air and fell harmlessly in the ocean.

Unfortunately, there were just too many cannon balls coming for Elsa to stop them all. Only two actually hit Arendelle's blockade, the others hit the water near them, sending up huge waves of water. The sailors of the hit ships started to put out fires and bail water out. The other ship's sailors started getting ready to fight, grabbing swords and crossbows. A few Weaseltown ships stopped their advance, lining up for another mortar shot, while the rest continued towards Elsa.

Elsa quickly took the initiative and froze the water underneath and in front of the advancing ships, stopping them in the ice. Then she excreted her magic and created a thick ice canopy over the blockade to temporarily stop the mortar fire.

The sailors in the blockade grabbed a bunch of bottles of flammable liquid that the alchemists had made. Then they lit ends of paper that they had stuffed into the opening and threw the bottles on to the enemy ships. The bottles smashed and flames spread across the ships, forcing the enemy sailors to bail out of their ships and onto the ice.

The Arendellian sailors also hopped out of their ship, onto ice bridges that Elsa created over to the enemy ships. The sailors and warriors charged across the ice from both sides, clashing in the middle with swords, axes and knives. Archers on Elsa's ship stayed back and took shots at the other sailors when they had the chance.

Elsa then hopped off the ship, using magic to create a pile snow to cushion the landing. Then she created an ice sword in her right hand, and prepared magic in her other hand. She sprinted towards the farthest edge of the ice.

She threw her left hand towards the ships remained, shooting blasts of ice towards them, coating them in frost, hopefully stopping them from firing any more mortars. She then turned back to the fight.

It was almost like the battle on the deck of the Weaseltown crown ship, except this was worse. She remembered this fight. Unlike the previous fight, this one wasn't a blur of fighting, every moment was crystal clear. But Elsa didn't let that stop her, she fought ferociously, unwilling to be stopped from returning to her sister. She wouldn't let them stop her from being there at her sister's wedding.

The Weaseltown soldiers didn't stand a chance. Elsa was normally a nice person. She was considered one of the nicest people ever. But on that frozen stretch of ocean, she became the personification of an "Ice Queen". She used her magic and her sword like a pro, switching between blasts of magic and swipes with her sword.

Only one of Elsa's warriors got injured, a light gash across his chest, mostly blocked by his armor. Once all of the Weaseltown sailors were taken care of, they all turned towards the remaining ships. Unfortunately, they had managed to scrape the frost off of their mortars.

The ships fired and the cannon balls smashed into the top of the canopy. Huge chunks of ice broke off and fell down onto the ice platform, smashing through the ice.

"Warriors," Elsa called, adrenaline rushing through her veins. "Charge!"

All of the sailors and Elsa included, charged towards the remaining ships. Elsa froze the water in front of them, allowing them to continue sprinting forward. The ships fired more and more rounds, cannon balls raining down on them, but Elsa used her magic to push them to the side. Huge splashes rose up from where the balls hit the water.

The group continued across the ice until they came up to the Weaseltown ships. Elsa coated the holes in the ships where cannons were sticking out. Then she created three steps of ice stairs up to the top deck of one of the ships. They all charged on board, quickly taking the ship. The soldiers from the other stranded ships tried firing their cannons and arrows, but Elsa was already one step ahead of them. She made the ice between the ships shoot up and create a huge wall of ice, blocking the projectiles.

Then Elsa pushed her hands forward, sections of the wall shot towards the other ships turning into bridges spanning the distances. The next few ships were relatively simple, just like the first one. The sailors and soldiers would cross the ice bridges Elsa created. Then Elsa would block projectiles from the other ships. She would turn back to the fight on the deck and help out. Then they would move on to the next ship.

It was on the last ship that things got interesting. Before they were able to take out everyone on the deck, the doors to the captain's cabin burst open. A huge man in really thick, heavy looking armor. He was wielding a huge two handed war hammer. But the most intimidating part of him was his belt, it was totally made up of heating rocks that Hans had used to attack her.

Everyone stopped and stared at him for a second, not having expected to see him come onto the deck. Then the man leapt towards Elsa bringing the hammer down. Elsa dodged and rolled out of the way. She tried to swing at the man with her ice sword, but the heating rocks glowed and the ice melted down to a small sliver of ice. The sliver collided with the man's armored shoulder and shattered, not even leaving a scratch on the armor.

The man swung the hammer at her from the side again. She jumped back and the hammer just missed her chest. The man followed up with an overhand swing. The sailors resumed fighting, but making sure to stay well away from the deadly arc of the hammer. Elsa kept dodging the hammer, desperately trying to figure out a way to take the man down.

Elsa threw blast after blast at the man and his feet, anything to trip the man up. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of heating stones around his waist stopped everything she tried, and even started melting her armor.

Elsa was just about out of tricks and ideas when disaster struck. Her foot caught a lose deck plank, and she fell backwards. The man loomed over her bouncing the hammer in his hands, he was chuckling sadistically. The man raised his hammer high, preparing for a final blow, knowing that there was nothing that she could do about it. The other soldiers knew she was in trouble but were busy fighting their own fights.

The man brought the hammer down and Elsa closed her eyes, not wanting to see the end. Then she heard a high pitched screaming sound and a deep thud. She opened her eyes to see James standing over her with a smirk, offering his hand to her. She looked over and saw that the giant man lying on the deck, his chest piece had two huge dents in it, they looked roughly the same size and shape of James' boots.

"Come on, Elsa, up you go." James said, still smiling. Elsa reached for his hand, but before she could, a huge comet of black smoke flew in from the side and collided with James, knocking both James and Lognath, she presumed, across the ship and overboard. They both rapidly sunk to the bottom of the sea.

"No!" Elsa screamed, scrambling over to the edge of the ship, looking down into the water. She couldn't see anything, the water was too disturbed to see anything, and there weren't any bubbles surfacing. She was about to jump in until a bright blue glow shone from the deep.

She waited, confused for a second before Lognath shot out of the water like he was shot from a cannon. He hung in the air for a second before coming he started to fall. He stopped himself from hitting the water, hovering in that air dazed for a second.

Then James shot out of the water, surrounded by a blue corona. He hovered in the air, the same height as Lognath. He laughed as he casually swung his blue sword around with ease and comfort. "Oh man," he said, voice full of glee. "I freaking love this sword, it always finds a way back."

"You cannot win, boy." Lognath snarled. He pointed out towards the other side of the bay. There she could see an entire other fleet sneaking around the blockade and into the bay, moving into position to attack Arendelle.

"I wouldn't count us out just yet." James said smugly.

Just as he said that, another fleet sailed around in hot pursuit after the Weaseltown ships. All of those ships were flying a purple flag with a golden sun in the center.

"What?!" Lognath shouted. "How is this possible?"

"You forget Lognath," James said, suddenly serious. "friends will get you everywhere. You could have friends too. It's not too late to stop this."

"Why are you so persistent on this?" Lognath demanded. "Why do you keep asking me to change? Don't you know that this is what I am, I am darkness, I am the evil everyone has to face!"

"Then you can make sure people only receive as much evil as they can take. You don't have to be this way." James insisted.

In response Lognath screamed in incoherent rage, a pure black weapon appeared in his hand. It had two one sided slightly curved blades on either side with a handle in the middle. Lognath then shot forwards towards James.

James blocked the attack with inhuman speed. They traded blows, the ringing of metal sounded out over the ocean. Each blow seemed capable of taking off a limb with ease, the power of each one was the equivalent of the strongest blow of the giant with the war hammer with at least three times the speed.

The two Primordials circled each other exchanging blows, rising higher and higher into the air. The two auras around them grew larger and larger, while at the same time James' got brighter and Lognath's got darker. Eventually, they rose too high to be seen, the view of them being obscured by the clouds, but their auras still bathed the area in blue and black.

"Come on James," Elsa said to herself. "Come back to me safe."

Dark black and blue clouds formed where Elsa last saw the two, the clouds started moving in a circular pattern, like a hurricane. Blue and black lightning flashed across the sky, lighting up and darkening the scene below. The ice and the ships started to violently shake, causing cracks to appear in the ice and chunks to fall off.

The was a huge blue explosion from the center of the storm. A light blue concussion wave spread out from the explosion, wherever the wave went, the dark magic disintegrated. All of Lognath's magic was cancelled. The wave hit the ships with a ferocious strength. Everyone had to brace themselves to stay on their feet, the ships listed away from the explosion, and all the ice shattered at the same time with a thunderous crack.

Elsa looked up, expecting to see James calmly float down to her, but was met with a horrifying sight. Not one, but two tall figures wearing armor and capes came falling down from the sky. Neither of them seemed to be trying to use magic to stop their fall, either that or they couldn't. Either way, they were speeding down towards the sea, and they weren't slowing down.

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