The Primordial Prince

Chapter 25

I rocketed across the countryside, through the mountains and over the forests. I couldn't see any real details in the land, everything was tinted blue and I was going way too fast. But I was able to see the cliffside where I threw the staff.

I moved to land on the cliff but I got sideswiped by something going really fast. Both me and whatever hit me went sideways, smashing through trees and gouging out a good ten foot long trench in the dirt. I pushed myself to my feet and saw what had hit me. Lognath was pushing himself up as well. He was wearing similar black armor only with a black sun on the breast plate and cape.

"I can't let you get that staff, boy." Lognath said, a double ended blade forming in his hand. "This is the end of the line."

I drew the sword that I had borrowed from the armory, getting into a fighting stance. "And I can't let you hurt my friends. I'm getting that staff, and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

"Let's see about that, shall we?" Lognath said sinisterly. He whirled his odd weapon around with practiced speed and form. I did my best to avoid the blade; dodging, rolling and occasionally blocking with my sword. Unfortunately, he found a way through my defense and landed a hit with the flat side of his blade against my chest.

The hit knocking me back a few feet to the edge of the cliff and knocked the breath out of my lungs. I lay there for a moment, trying to regain my breath, as Lognath casually strolled up to me spinning his sword around. "That was too easy, and to think you were so close to becoming a real Primordial."

Instead of responding, I simply kicked towards Lognath sending out a wave of magic force. The wave hit him and sent him onto his back. While he was distracted, I rolled over and pushed with my legs and arms, jumping off the cliff.

The water hit me like a wall. I was expecting it to hurt, but just not that much. The armor blunted most of the force allowing me to keep going. I swam down to the bottom, a good ten or twenty feet, to where I could see a golden staff half buried in the muck of the ocean.

I shoved the muck aside, revealing the staff and picked it up. Before I could do anything else, Lognath surprise me and tackled me to the ground, making me drop the staff. Lognath and I struggled back and forth, using all the dirty moves we had; hitting to the small ribs, organs, and trying to gouge eyes.

Eventually I got a foot into position, did a semi black flip and kicked Lognath in the forehead. We both separated, moving me closer to the staff and Lognath further from it. I scrambled over to the staff, grabbed it, and pushed up towards the surface, infusing magic with the push. I rocketed out of the water, making it up to the top of the cliff, then got tackled from the back by Lognath.

I managed to keep a hold of the staff, but Lognath also got a grip on it. At this point we started trying to pull the staff out of each other's hands. Lognath tried to use magic to blast me off the end of the staff, but I managed to hold it off with my own. But there was something about the magic that I wasn't expecting.

There was a hint of sadness in it. A feeling like a child who had his future taken away from him. That's when I found out a secret apparently no one had ever found out. Lognath didn't want to be this way. He hated doing this, working with the darkness. But it was his job, he was the Primordial of Darkness after all, he physically had to fulfill his responsibilities. And something inside of me refused to accept that, if there was some way to help him, I had to try it.

"You don't have to do this, Lognath." I tried to talk to him. "You can do whatever you want."

"What are you talking about?" Lognath demanded both angry and confused.

"I know you don't want to do this." I continued. "And you don't have to."

"Shut up!" He screamed.

Lognath then turned into black smoke and tried flying away with the staff, but I changed as well and we struggled for the staff across the countryside. Finally we crashed in a clearing where pillars of black smoke were rising into the sky.

Even after crash landing we fought over the staff. And as we struggled I continued to press for him to stop on his own, to turn his back on this path, but he was still resistant. Then suddenly a blast of fire smashed into Lognath's back, he wasn't expecting the attack and his grip on the staff finally weakened enough for me to pull it from his hands.

I swung the staff around and hit Lognath in the head with the end. Then brought the staff down on him, but he flew away before I could make contact. I then realized that the clearing was where Anna and Kristoff had disabled the Southern Isles weapons.

I thanked them and freed Ishnaugh. After a brief interaction with the Primordial of War, and asking Anna and Kristoff to return to Arendelle, I flew out to where I thought Elsa would be.

It wasn't too hard to find her. All I had to do was follow the trail of ice. I saw a huge man in heavy armor standing over Elsa, bringing a big hammer down on her. I shot towards him and used both feet to simply kick him clear across the deck.

I landed in front of her and offered my hand. "Come on Elsa, up you go."

Before she could accept my hand up I got sideswiped, again. Seriously, Lognath loved to sideswipe me. Anyways, we both went overboard and shot down to the bottom of the ocean. The pressure was incredibly painful, it felt like a bunch of rocks pressing down on me. Plus, Lognath was trying to choke me to death.

As I squirmed around, trying to break his grip, my hand hit something hard, and a small sliver of light shone in my eyes, drawing my attention to what I had just hit. I looked over and saw my blue sword, I couldn't help but let out a little chuckle, the sword simply wouldn't stay away. I grabbed the handle and poured power into it.

Immediately, the blade shone with super bright blue light. Lognath, not expecting the sudden bright light, jumped away letting go of my neck. I whirled the sword around, and brought it down on Lognath. As I brought it down, Lognath tripped and went down, using his gloves to stop the blade, but was pushed further down by the force.

Then I lifted a leg and dropped it down on his nose. A sharp crack told me that I broke it. Then I reached down, grabbed him, and simply threw him up and out of the water. Then I shot up after him.

He was hovering in the air waveringly, as if he wasn't quite sure of his ability to keep hovering. I however, hovered with confidence swinging my sword around with gleeful ease. I could help but laugh again. "Oh man, I freaking love this sword, it always finds a way back."

"You cannot win, boy." Lognath snarled. He pointed out towards the other side of the bay. There I could see an entire other fleet sneaking around the blockade and into the bay, moving into position to attack Arendelle. However, I had heard the rough drafts of the Coronan fleet's attack plan.

"I wouldn't count us out just yet." I said smugly.

Just as I said that, a ton of ships sailed around in hot pursuit after the Weaseltown ships. All of those ships were flying a purple flag with a golden sun in the center.

"What?!" Lognath shouted. "How is this possible?"

"You forget Lognath," I said, becoming serious again. "friends will get you everywhere. You could have friends too. It's not too late to stop this."

"Why are you so persistent on this?" Lognath demanded. "Why do you keep asking me to change? Don't you know that this is what I am, I am darkness, I am the evil everyone has to face!"

"Then you can make sure people only receive as much evil as they can take. You don't have to be this way." I insisted.

Lognath just screamed in rage, his weapon reappeared in his hands. I had to stop pressing him with talk to be able to block his attacks. The attacks came with inhuman speed, only months of training with the trolls, experience fighting with Ishnaugh, and an ample use of magic kept me from losing a limb or my head.

We started circling around each other, trying to get a different angle to attack from. At the same time, Lognath slammed more power into his aura, trying to drown me out in darkness. In response I poured more power into my aura to counter his attack.

The resulting amount of magic surrounding and holding us up, heated up the air around us and started to lift us higher. We paid no attention to our surroundings though, we were entirely focused on the other. Each strike and counter strike was hard enough to smash through boulders and fast enough to only be on the very edge of human sight.

I'm not sure how long our fight lasted. To me, it was somewhere between an eternity and three seconds. Either way, Lognath was the one who ran out of energy first, allowing anger to push his to his limits while I was still using my mind and carefully rationing my energy.

We locked blades for a moment, trying to force the other's blade towards each other's throat. But when Lognath found that he couldn't get the upper hand, he shoved hard against my sword, sending both of us gliding away from each other for a few feet.

"Last chance, Lognath," I called over the sound of a growing storm underneath us. "You can be a good guy too."

"I can't!" Lognath called back, anguish finally finding a way into his voice. "You're the hero, I'm the villain. The only way this ends is with you killing me. And you know what, I don't want to die. I'm not going to let you kill me."

Lognath then dropped his weapon, letting it fall down to the ocean bellow. He started gathering black smokey spheres of magic in his palms. The spheres grew larger and larger, and I could feel the intensity of the magic from where I was hovering. I could feel it particularly in my chest, right about where my heart was, a cold sharp pain. I pushed that to the side, focusing on the problem at hand.

"Please, don't do this." I tried to yell at him over the growing howling wind, to no avail. He either didn't hear me, or he didn't care to listen, but he kept building up his power. The sky darkened, black magic forming everywhere.

"Last chance Lognath, don't do it." I warned.

"You're right, this is my last chance." I heard Lognath say over the wind.

Lognath thrust both hands forwards, towards me, and darkness closed on me from every direction. I quickly created a spherical shield of blue magic, and the darkness smashed against it. The effort to resist Lognath's magic was incredible, my magic reserves were being drained rapidly. And I heard a small cracking sound.

I looked down, and saw that the necklace Sol gave me had appeared on top of my armor and that it now had a deep crack down the center of it. I felt fear bubbling up inside of me. But instead of using it like I had the last time, I pushed that aside, enforcing my will on my emotions.

Then stubbornness appeared, and I got angry. I was not going to let Lognath stop me from returning to my new home, with Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa. And I had made a promise to Elsa, I promised I would be there for Anna's wedding, and by God no one was going to stop me.

I gathered what little strength I had, pulling the shield back to the very least diameter it could be. I also pulled energy from the necklace around my neck, making the crack spread across its face. Then I pulled a trick I had been saving for a long time.

While I was training with Grand Pabbie and the trolls in Rock Valley, a villager from a far away kingdom stumbled in, holding his child. He begged the trolls to remove a curse from his daughter placed there by an old angry witch.

The trolls readily offered help, and Grand Pabbie brought me to see the process. He showed me how he removed the curse from the little girl. He taught me how to undo the magic of another witch or wizard.

And that's what I used against Lognath.

I released everything. All the power I had plus whatever I could draw from the air around me. I channeled more power into the spell than any other I had cast. And I got a little more than I had bargained for.

My shield exploded around me in a huge blue blast. I don't really remember much about the blast, because my spell worked a little better than I planned. The spell not only cancelled the magical attack, but also countered the spells holding us up in the air. And as I released all that magic, the limit of the necklace was surpassed.

The necklace shattered into a million pieces. Even the links of the chain shattered. And the pain smashed into me even worse than it had been the first time around. I'll be honest, I blacked out for a minute or two.

When I woke back up, I was laying in a pile of snow on a floating platform of ice. I could hear Elsa making ice and running over to me off to one side. On the other, I saw a black blur and then a splash in the water next to me.

I knew it was Lognath, drowning in the ocean due to his lack of energy left. After all I had said, in the end I still killed him. Sadness and regret started setting in, but the last bit of defiance and stubbornness flared up.

I pulled even more magic in and reached down into the water with it. I found him sinking quickly into darkness, but I grabbed him and pulled him out, simply with magic and extended the ice platform to make a space for him It's unfortunate that I was simply out of magic. Which means, that I had to pull from my own life force. But I did it anyways.

With my life drained, unbearable pain, and severe magic and physical exhaustion, black started creeping in to the edges of my vision. I saw Lognath coughing up sea water, then look over at me with confusion on his face.

"You saved me?" He asked, unsure of what just happened.

"Of course," I managed. "I told you, you don't have to be the bad guy."

And then I sunk into blissfully painless unconsciousness.

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