The Primordial Prince

Chapter 29

Elsa was woken up by a soft knock on her door. She sighed inwardly, having been woken up in the middle of quite a pleasant dream. She grumbled to herself as she dragged herself out of bed and across the room to her door, morphing her nightdress into her regular dress.

She opened the door to a guard standing at attention. With a nod of his head he greeted her, "Good morning, Queen Elsa."

"And to you." Elsa responded out of her habit of being polite.

"Since tomorrow is your wedding day, I suggest you make any last minute preparations."

"Wait, it's tomorrow?" Elsa asked, incredulously.

"Yes, I believe it was in the changes you authorized."

"Oh, uhm. Of course." Elsa said. Truthfully, she didn't really pay attention to the details of the changes. She was too distracted by the fact that there were changes, and that Julius was the one that made the changes.

"In that case, have a nice day, Queen Elsa." He said. Then he bowed deep at the waist, turned and marched away down the hallway.

Elsa sighed and closed the door. She walked to the middle of the room to get started on her wedding dress. She may not like the idea of getting married, but since she was she was going to look good anyways.

She created a snowman in the middle of the room. Unlike the regular snowmen that Anna and Elsa occasionally make, this one was very similar to Elsa's body shape. That way she could use it to make a dress that would fit her.

She spent the day working on her dress. One of the few things Elsa took pride in was clothes making. And she was justified in her pride, and everyone knew it. With her powers she could make the finest makeshift fabrics. She could make the most intricate and beautiful designs with just her mind and will. And there were no seams or imperfections, she could make it perfectly smooth and adjust the size to be the perfect fit. So it's not a surprise Elsa's wedding dress, which is typically one of the prettiest dresses a women every wears, was decidedly beautiful.

It was a long dress, reaching down to just barely above the floor so that she wouldn't trip on it. The neckline reached just below her collarbone. On the bodice, there were intricate and symmetrical flower designs that went from the top of her chest to approximately her belly button. It had a hard ice belt, just for appearance, that would lay on her waist. And it had a long cape like her normal dress, except you couldn't see through it. Below the belt were little snowflake designs that were just dark enough to see. And as per usual for wedding dresses, with a little 'Elsa' tweak, it was entirely made of white ice fabric, so you couldn't see through it, and it flowed and sparkled in direct lighting.

Elsa took a step back and looked at the dress, appreciating the amazing work of ice dress before her that took up the majority of her day. She tried it on, and made a few adjustments so that it fit snugly on her body. She looked at herself in the mirror, twirling around and making sure that she looked good and that nothing inappropriate could be seen.

She was interrupted by another knock on her door. I swear, more people have knocked on my door in the last few days than Anna did in three years. Elsa grumbled in her head as she walked over to the door. She opened it, prepared to conquer her polite habit and finally be rude to whichever guard keeps pestering her. She threw it open, about to say something, but held her tongue just in time to stop herself from insulting her soon to be brother-in-law. Although, to her credit, the guard that kept knocking on her door was standing behind Kristoff with a smirk on his face, like he had been expecting Elsa to snap at him and had gotten out of the way.

"Elsa I-" Kristoff started but cut himself off as he saw her. He looked her up and down, awe written across his face. "Uhm, uh, wow. You look...really good."

"Thanks Kristoff," Elsa said, blushing slightly. Not because she was interested in him in the slightest, but because when dealing with most men she met they gave her fake compliments to curry her favor. But with Kristoff, she knew that he genuinely thought that she looked good, without ulterior motives pushing him. "What is it that you need?"

Kristoff glanced back at the guard. "I'd just like to talk to you for a minute." He said, before quickly adding, "About the weddings."

The guard nodded at the two, telling them that it was alright. But Elsa probably wouldn't care even if the guard told her that it wasn't, for some reason she felt pretty rebellious that night. "Of course, Kristoff. Come right in." She said, turning sideways to let him in.

Once Kristoff came in she quickly shut the door on the guard's face. Take that, she thought smugly. Elsa walked across the room and took a seat in her desk chair. Kristoff however, stood nervously in the middle of the room fidgeting with his hands. Thankfully Elsa had neatly folded her clothes and undergarments and placed them where they couldn't be seen, out of habit of course, because the level of nervousness in Kristoff would be out the roof.

"Well Kristoff," Elsa prompted. "I thought we had gotten past the 'nervous of me' phase."

"Well the thing is, I don't really have anyone to talk to about this. But it's a little weird to talk about it with you." He explained, looking down at his feet.

"You know you can talk to me about anything, Kristoff."

"Well, the thing is," He said, stealing a glance up at Elsa. "I don't think Anna should marry me." He then flinched, fearing the wrath of the Older Sister.

In truth, Elsa did feel a wave of anger rise up, because no one leaves her sister just before her wedding day. But she quickly crushed it and took control of her emotions. She had been building a strong brother-sister relationship with Kristoff, and she knew that Kristoff would never do anything to hurt Anna, he loved her too much. So it wasn't that he didn't love her, it had to be something else.

Elsa took a deep breath before saying, "Would you like to explain why you think this?"

"I just... I don't think I deserve her." He said, head bowed in shame. "Don't get me wrong, I love her more than anything and she knows it. I just don't think I'm good enough for her."

"Because you're an ice harvester?" Elsa asked. She had been expecting having this talk for some time, ever since he had asked Anna to marry him.

"It's not just that." He said. "I've tried learning how to be 'proper'. But after a year of private lessons, I'm still not remotely close to being able to fake being proper. I'm not prince material. You and Anna are royalty, and I'm almost lower than a peasant."

Elsa stood up and walked over to Kristoff, putting a hand on his arm reassuringly. "You know Anna doesn't care about any of that. She loves you. Regardless of whether or not you know which fork to use for each course."

"I know Anna doesn't care." He continued. "But everyone else does. And I don't want to embarrass her, or you for that matter, in front of all the important people that always come to the castle. No one will ever take either of you seriously when I'm around."

Elsa had to think about this for a minute. She had based her entire argument off of making sure he knew Anna loved him. But she hadn't expected him to point out what others would think about him. And she knew they would, after two years of dealing with snooty royals who disrespected everyone she knew exactly what they would think about him.

But Elsa wasn't going to give up. She had grown to love Kristoff like he had always been her brother. And she wasn't going to let Kristoff back out of this wedding, especially if it was for Anna. "You're right. They'll think you're an uneducated peasant who doesn't deserve to be living in this castle or even to be heard."

Kristoff looked up Elsa, a curious expression on his face. He had come to Elsa for reassurance, not for this.

"However," Elsa continued before Kristoff could interrupt her. "I don't think she'll care. She doesn't care what people like that think of her. And in my opinion, keep in mind this is coming from both her sister and as the Queen of Arendelle, anyone who can't see the value in you, or who can't see how great you are, I don't really care for their opinions either."

Kristoff smiled at her. He had made the right choice coming to Elsa with this. "You really think that?"

"It doesn't matter. Anna loves you, and you love her. That's all that matters."

"Thanks, Elsa. You really are the best sister out there." He said. He pulled her into a warm hug, which she happily returned.

"Alright, I better head back to my room now." He said, pulling away and looking at the sky which had turned dark after the sun set. "And you should go to bed. We've got a big day tomorrow."

Kristoff then left her room, having his marriage reassured in his head and heart. Happily awaiting tomorrow's ceremony. She closed the door behind him as he walked confidently back to his room, with a smile on both of their faces.

Elsa took off her newly made wedding dress and hung it back on the snow mannequin, putting on her ice dress again. She changed it back into a night dress, and sat under her covers looking at the dress. She was unsure of what was to come, Julius had forced her into a wedding, threatening her family and almost killing James in the process. Then, in the middle of making her miserable just for fun, his personality totally switched around, becoming pleasant and moderately kinder. But she was still being forced to marry. And she knew that somewhere James was looking out for her, manipulating things and making moves, using the intelligence that she knew he had, to make things turn out the way he thought fit.

She nodded to herself as she looked at her wedding dress. She still trusted James. She believed he would make the right decisions, for all of them. And she hoped that he would make his big move soon, before the marriage takes legal hold of her. She called a small breeze of winter air through her room and extinguished the candles in her room, bathing the room in darkness. And she tossed, turned, and roll around in her bed until she finally fell asleep, still holding her necklace close to her.

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