The Primordial Prince

Chapter 32

Aw man, it's good to be back. I thought to myself. I was standing on the stage in the church, by Kristoff's side. Without being able to leave the castle, Kristoff wasn't able to ask anyone to be his best man. So I became the best man, in charge of holding the rings that Kristoff had personally gotten the town jeweler to make quite a while ago.

I smoothed out my suit. I had replaced the robes Ethios had given me. The only thing I kept was the belt with my sword, I swear this thing always comes back, and my new crown. I had actually tried to take that off when taking me clothes, but Gerda flipped out, saying a king never took his crown off. After a minute or two of straight lecturing I gave in and kept the crown.

To be honest, I wasn't really planning to become king. I would've been fine being King Consort. For one, that would be a lot less work. But apparently the people thought I'd make a good king, and it's not like I could straight up refuse them. Plus, King James sounds a lot better than King Consort James.

Kristoff took a deep breath, anxiety apparent on his face. I smiled, having experienced that nervousness regardless of who I looked like. I patted his shoulder reassuringly. "You got this Kristoff. This is your time, enjoy it."

Kristoff smiled back, and seemed to relax. The organs and the choir started singing. Everyone in the room turned their heads to the large church doors where Anna was soon to enter through. There were way more people in this wedding than in the last one. Even Eowan and Tyman had made it to this one, sitting towards the front in semi-decent suits. The walls were lined with even more decorations and there were even a few sculptures of Anna put up in key spots. I had also worked a little magic on the windows to show shining lights instead of the usual view of crowds of people.

The doors swung open without a sound, revealing the two royal sisters. Elsa had switched out of her wedding dress, which was amazing, back into her regular ice dress. And Anna had replaced her maid of honor dress with her wedding dress.

Her dress was, of course, white, but had red thrown in as well, matching the undershirt and sash of Kristoff's suit. It had long sleeves and reached down to her ankles. The bodice was composed of red silk and swirling designs. Around her waist was a belt-like pattern of red flowers. And from the bottom of the center of that design, streaks of red ran down to the bottom of the dress. All in all, she looked beautiful.

Elsa walked her sister down the aisle, not having any other family member that's older than her. When they stopped in front of Kristoff, Elsa stepped back into her position as the maid of honor. We shared a warm smile.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, just like mine. Except Anna knew exactly who she was marrying, and was happy about it. As the ceremony carried on, I found myself looking more and more at Elsa instead of Anna. And I smiled as I realized, now it's totally justified, it's a man's right to appreciate the beauty of his wife.

When the time came, Kristoff and Anna delivered their heartfelt vows, me and Elsa hadn't because Elsa had thought she was marrying Julius who I know she hated more than anything else. And right afterwards Kristoff took the rings from me and put one on Anna and allowed her to put one on him.

"Sir Kristoff, do you take Princess Anna to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"And Princess Anna, do you take Sir Kristoff as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife." The bishop concluded, closing his holy book with a broad smile. "You may kiss the bride."

He didn't even need to say the ending sentence. Before he was even finished, Anna threw herself into a deep kiss with Kristoff, who barely rocked back from the impact. The crowd in the church went wild, which set off the crowd listening in from outside.

The sounds of applause and cheering reverberated from everywhere. The intensity of it bordered the painful side. But it didn't seem to effect the newlyweds, who remained in their kiss for well over two minutes regardless of the roar of the crowd.

I smiled at the two, my greatest friends. I doubt I could ever find any better than those two. I felt a cold body slide up against my side, Elsa had walked over from Anna's side. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she wrapped one around me, both of us still watching our new family members.

When they finally broke apart, breathless, me and Elsa immediately ushered them out and to the carriage that would take them back to the castle for their reception. This proved harder than expected as everyone and their aunt wanted to see , or touch, or talk to Anna or Elsa. Once they were safely in the carriage and on their way, I turned to Elsa with a smile on my face.

"So, at least that one went as planned." I joked.

Elsa giggled. "Indeed. But I quite like the ending to my wedding." She stood on her toes and pressed a shot kiss against my lips.

An idea popped into my head. "Hey, Elsa, have you ever wanted to fly?"


"Hang on then." Elsa clung to me, pressing close. I pulled some magic together and turned both of us into blue smoke. We shot up into the sky at break neck speeds. I came to a stop a little distance below the clouds, giving us the perfect view of Arendelle as the sun set behind the mountain range surrounding us. We reformed and hovered, a small blue cloud at our feet holding us up.

"Wow, this is beautiful." Elsa amazing, taking in the view. Lights from the houses in town twinkled like stars on the ground. The setting sun turned the sky into multiple colors, shades of reds and yellows and blues. And the mountains hid the actual sun, making it seem that the last remaining rays of light in the sky came from the mountains themselves.

But I wasn't looking at the view, I was just looking at Elsa. Her face in an expression of amazement, and basking in the fact that I was the one to cause it. That is until Elsa noticed me staring.

"And just what are you looking at?" Elsa teased with a smirk.

"Oh, nothing. Just the most beautiful thing up here." I said back, earning a giggle and a kiss.

"Alright, enough. We've got the rest of our lives to do this again. But I won't miss my sister's reception."

"As you wish, your majesty." With a mock little bow, I turned us back to smoke and shot off towards, then through Arendelle caste.

We reform once again outside the doors of the ballroom. Elsa took a second to smooth out her hair and dress. Then she attempted to fuss with my hair, which had been nice and neat during the wedding but had now resumed being messy, with no luck. Then we pushed into the ballroom, and made our way through the tables to the head one on the main stage. This time, unlike last time, we didn't sit in the center, Elsa sat to Anna's right and I sat on Elsa's right.

Not two seconds after sitting in our seats, the doors were thrown wide open admitting a wave of people in. Among them walked Eugene and Repunzel. I gave my seat up for Repunzel, like a gentleman, and took up a seat to Kristoff's left with Eugene sitting on my left.

Dinner was finally served by an army of kitchen servants. Everything from simple sandwiches to elaborate multi-dish meals. We sat and ate, talking and laughing amongst ourselves. Every so often a man or woman would bravely walk up to our table and offer congratulations and thanks to all of us.

After a while, the band started playing dance songs. And as per tradition, which had been forgotten in the confusion of my reception, the new husband and wife had the first dance. Anna and Kristoff made their way to the center of the clear space. Fully expecting Kristoff to mess and hilariously, I paid close attention. But, either to my disappointment or delight I'm not sure which, Kristoff danced well, not making any mistakes while leading Anna in a traditional ballroom dance.

When they were done we all politely clapped. And Anna and Kristoff turned devilish smiles towards me and Elsa. We both gulped. Anna waved for me and Elsa to join them on the dance floor. We tried to refuse, neither of us particularly enjoying being in the limelight, but with the assistance of the guests they were able to coerce us down.

Me and Elsa squared up in the center. I took one of her hands and mine, and placed my other on her waist as she placed hers on my shoulder. "I totally forgot to ask, do you know how to dance?" Elsa whispered to me.

A smug smile spread across my face. Little did she know, while I was being healed by the Primordials, one of the ways they made me stretch and flex my worn muscles was dancing.

Without giving an answer, I jumped into the dance, surprising Elsa. I led her through complicated spins and flourishes. We danced back and forth across the floor to an upbeat dance song. Elsa managed to keep up, having had way more experience, but seemed to really be enjoying herself. At the end of the dance, I finished by dipping Elsa low to the floor and pulling her back up.

"Does that answer your question?" I asked.

Instead of replying, she simply kissed me. Once she pulled back she asked, "Does that answer yours?" And she walked back to the table.

The rest of the party was a bit of a blur. After me and Elsa finished dancing, everyone flooded in to dance with their special ones. The couples were inseparable. Me and Elsa, Anna and Kristoff, and Eugene and Repunzel wandered around the room, socializing with all the different people. We all danced once or twice more. Everyone seemed happy about the results of the weddings. Even Elsa's council, who she told me were kind of pushy and overall obnoxious in the politician kind of way, seemed more relaxed and wisely did not bother me nor Elsa that night.

The night seemed to go on forever. Right up until it abruptly ended. One second everyone was dancing, the next they were all shuffling out. It wasn't until then that I saw the clock and noticed that it was well past midnight. Eugene and Repunzel were given a room in the castle for the rest of their stay, Eowan returned to his cabin to make repairs to the hole in the wall and frost damage mine and Elsa's magic created. Anna and Kristoff somehow sneaked off to their room without us noticing. And I would up walking slowly to Elsa's room with her by my side.

We stopped in front of the closed door, looking at each other with smiles. I yawned, tired from the day's events. "Well, that was quite the day."

"Oh, really? You're not tired are you?" Elsa asked, a smirk on her face.

And I, like the clueless fool that I am, responded, "Well, I can't say that I'm not a little tired. It's been a long day."

"Oh what a shame," Elsa said, coming closer to me, standing on her toes and whispering in my ear, "because I thought we could-"

What Elsa whispered in my ear that night was the most un-royal thing I've ever heard from her. And quite frankly I don't think I should release that information. Some things need to stay between husband and wife. But after she whispered that in my ear, I suddenly wasn't tired., which was a good thing. Because after she said those...things, she threw open the door and dragged me in with her. And, well, we didn't get much sleep to say in
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