The Primordial Prince

Chapter 35

Elsa was inconsolable. Kneeling over James' body with her sister, weeping uncontrollably. Ice crackled and formed around the three of them. While at the same time, the air around them shimmered like the air above a hot stone floor in the summer. But Barny couldn't focus on that.

He was too busy focusing on the power at his fingertips. Energy and magic crackled in his hands, leaping from finger to finger. He could feel in his body an intense burning. As if all his blood had been heated to an almost painful heat. He could sense Elsa and Anna as points of cold and heat. But the most powerful thing he felt was harder to explain.

He hated James. Since the first time he met James, he hated him. He had been looking for a way to get revenge ever since James had embarrassed him on the castle wall, for which he had been teased by his fellow guards for countless months. But something in him stirred when he looked at James' body. That something fought against his hatred, and pushed him against the men who he had allied with.

Just a few moments ago, he had been fully with Malek and the others. But now, he had the irresistible urge to stop them, to protect Elsa, Anna, and Arendelle from those men. Those men, who were now laughing at the sight before them. The sight that he would have once laughed at, but now made him sick to his stomach.

"Well that was easier than I expected." Malek laughed as guards started pouring into the courtyard with their weapons drawn. "Come now, Barny. Kill those guards."

Barny tried, but failed to resist his new urges, and said, "No."

"No?" Malek questioned. "How dare you tell me no? I gave you that power. We had an agreement."

Barny looked back at Elsa crying over the death of her husband, and the feelings inside of him gained a new strength, almost totally destroying whatever he had felt before. "No, you didn't give me this power, James did. And he did it for her. I'm not doing anything you say. Leave now."

"Hans, teach this man a lesson." Malek commanded his youngest son.

"Uh, father. He has James' power..."

"He does not have his training. Make sure it hurts."

Hans smirked to himself, drawing his sword and advancing towards Barny. He knew Malek was right, he could feel that James' power to kill and destroy was in him. But there was so much of it and it was so wildly reckless that there didn't seem to be a way to reliably control it. Barny took a step back, retreating but keeping in between Hans and Elsa.

Just then a bolt of black lightning streaked down from the sky and crashed into the ground next to James. And suddenly Lognath was kneeling next to his old enemy, waving his hands around. Barny could feel that Lognath was working something with his power, but he just couldn't put his finger on what it was that he was doing. Hans kept approaching, although a bit wary of the Primordial.

Just then Elsa and Anna looked up at the invading men. In their eyes, he could see both freezing and burning, unlimited fury. The sisters threw their hands forward, sending huge lances of fire and ice streaking towards them. Everyone was able to get out of the direct fire and ice, but Hans, who was the easiest one to hit, got knocked back by the concussion wave of the blasts.

Anna kept on, throwing huge fountains of super hot fire with punches. Elsa hung back, throwing her hands up in the air. A giant pillar of blue light shot into the sky, and Elsa screamed, "Ishnaugh! I call in your favor!"

Immediately afterwards, another bold of lightning streaked down from the sky, this one the color of pure gold. Where it had struck, the Primordial that James' had first fought stood, in resplendent golden armor. He surveyed the scene before locking his eyes on Barny. He could feel the Primordial's intense power radiating outwards like a huge fire, and he could feel the Primordial's eyes boring deep into his soul.

Faster than anything he had ever seen before, the Primordial crossed the distance between them and lifted him clear off the ground. "That power. It doesn't belong to you."

Before Barny could respond, he felt the power inside of him flare and his eyes burn. The Primordial must have notice and peered deeper into his eyes, as if searching for something. The Primordial apparently found what he was looking for and nodded, setting Barny back down on the ground. Then, the Primordial touched the center of Barny's chest, from there a golden chest piece was formed. With it on, the restless power inside of him settled down and became something more focused and precise. And suddenly, Barny knew just how to use James' power.

He smiled and turned to face the men, who were still dodging Anna's spouts of fire and Elsa's occasional blasts of ice that evaporated due to the heating stones Barny knew they had on them. With his newfound confidence in his power, Barny jumped into the fray.

He quickly stomped on the ground, causing ripples in the earth that knocked everyone off balance. Elsa and Anna looked over at him suspiciously. Lognath was still working over James' body. But Barny didn't focus on any of that, just on the enemies in front of him, his new power egging him on.

He threw blast after blast at all three of the men, making them dodge and take cover as best they could. Malek tried to hide behind a fountain. Barny simply sent a sideways wave of force to blast the fountain to pieces before sending a straight forward shot directly at Malek, forcing him to dodge once more.

Hans tried rushing Barny, sword at the ready for a stab. But the power in him flared up once more, taking over and forcing him to spin, catch the handle of Hans' sword, wrench it from his hands, and kick him, with magically supported legs, across the courtyard.

The Duke, being the fearful coward that he was, immediately saw what was happening to his allies and ran straight for the gates. With a smile Barny reached out, and pulled his hand back to his chest, causing a strong gust of wind to force the gates closed. The Duke tried to run to the side, but Barny simply used magic to pick him up off the ground and dangle him in the air.

Hans, still dazed from being kicked so hard, tried once again to charge at Barny, this time to distract him while his father tried to escape by climbing over the top of the walls. Barny spun around and used his momentum to deliver a hard kick to the solar plexus, knocking the air completely out of Hans' lungs and make it much harder to breath for him. While at the same time, bodily threw the Duke of Weselton at Malek, forcing them both to the ground.

The Primordial who had put the chest piece on Barny flashed around, tearing heating stones off of the defeated men's bodies. With their defenses down, Elsa frosted them all and pinned them painfully to the ground. She and her sister still looked horribly furious as Elsa approached the Duke and Malek while Anna approached Hans.

Trusting his power to guide him, Barny said, "Your Majesties, please wait. Don't do this."

Elsa whipped around to him angrilly, shouting. "Do not tell me what to do! They killed James! You should count yourself lucky I haven't killed you yet."

"You should listen to him Queen Elsa." Lognath spoke up, finished with his spell working."We are on a time limit here."

"Did you find a way to bring him back?" Elsa asked, hopefully.

"Sort of. For now I've managed to keep his soul attached to his body, but only for a few moments. If we don't find a way to bring him back without damaging his body right now, he's never coming back."

"We don't have any way." Elsa snapped.

That's not quite true. Barny heard over his shoulder. He whipped around to see what looked to be the ghost of James standing there surveying the scene, wearing common robes and his sword on his hip.

"James?" Barny asked, amazed. Everyone stopped and stared at him, not seeing what he saw.

"Is James here? Where is he?" Elsa demanded.

"Why can't they see you?" Barny asked James.

Probably because I'm not quite here. I'm more of a....representation. Ghost James replied.

"A representation of what?"

Of the power now residing in you. But it doesn't have to be. You can still return it, but you have to move quickly.

"Wait, I can return the power? But you're- James - is dead."

True, but with the soul connected to the body, a strong enough jump start of power could, in theory, bring him, me, back.

It didn't take long for Barny to decide. Just one look at everyone's faces was enough to convince him, full of anger and sadness. He quickly made his way over to kneel next to James. "Alright, what do I do?"

Simple. Just return the power. Ghost James said before fading away.

"How helpful," Barny grumbled to himself, taking one of James' hands in his own.

"What are you doing?" Lognath asked, looking over Barny's shoulder.

"Returning the power."

"Hmmmm. Well, from what I've felt, there might be enough power to kickstart the body. But it's never been done before."

"Well, now's a good time to test it out."

Unsure of what to do, Barny just went with the simple rout; simply push every drop of the power out and into James. To say it hurt would be a gross understatement. To say it was excruciating would be putting it lightly. Being on the giving end, Barny found out, was way more painful than being on the receiving end.

He could feel all the power rush out of him, pulling and scraping along the way. It hurt worse than dunking the hand that connected the two into molten iron. But he pushed on anyways, the urges created by the power forcing him to in a desperate attempt to return to its true master.

When it was done, every drop of power was back in James' body, Barny collapsed fully beside him, reeling from the pain. He hadn't even noticed that Elsa was on the other side of James, holding his other hand close to her chest.

A minute passed. Two minutes passed. When all hope seemed lost, James' green eyes shot open and he sucked in a ragged breath, breathing hard and heavily. Elsa immediately engulfed him in a huge hug, which he returned after a second. The hug was interrupted as Malek shouted in frustration, still pinned to the ground. James, Elsa, and Anna looked over to the impotent king.

James tried, and failed to stand up. Then Elsa helped him to successfully stand up and walk over to where Malek was held down, every step looking more and more healthy and confident. James stood over the Southern Isles king, glaring down at him, looking more like an angry Primordial as Lognath and Ishnaugh moved to stand behind him.

When Malek stopped struggling, James said, "King Malek, I am happy to tell you that Arendelle hereby cuts off both the Southern Isles and Weselton completely. If I ever hear from either of your countries, or if I ever catch word of one of your ships sailing even remotely close to Arendelle's waters, I will personally go over to your capitals and tear them down brick by brick. Now, get out of my kingdom before I throw you out piece by piece."

Elsa thawed the ice holding everyone down angrily. The Duke immediately sprinted to the gates, burst through them, and kept running at full speed straight to the docks. Hans also pulled himself to his feet, and quickly ran away from the royal's hateful glares. Malek was slower, only walking quickly to the gates before turning around for one last word.

Malek didn't get to say what he had in mind. James threw his hand forward, and a bolt of thick blue lightning flashed right into the king's chest, causing him to fly at least 30 feet down the street, before skidding another 5 feet. He shakily got to his feet and didn't even bother to say anything more before running off after his son to the docks.

Anna, Elsa, and James gathered together for a family hug. Ishnaugh and Lognath disappeared, seeing that their work was done. And Barny, forever altered by the power of the magical urges, knew what he had done was wrong, and didn't want to face up to the consequences of his actions. So instead of waiting for the royals to remember that he was there, he carefully slipped away through the gates.

On his way out of Arendelle he grabbed a large brown cloak and bought a horse. He quickly hid his face with the cloak and rode off to the edge of the forest. Once there, he looked out over Arendelle, before drawing the strange knife at his side. Even though he had lost James' power, he could still faintly feel the sheer wrongness of the blade. With the power and urges gone, Barny didn't particularly care for James anymore, but he knew that the knife was evil. He put it back in the sheath, then turned his horse back away from Arendelle. He rode off, out of Arendelle's borders and even further north. He was determined, no one was ever getting their hands on that blade. Never.

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