The Primordial Prince

Chapter 4

I may not be the smartest person in the world, but it still shouldn’t have been that hard to figure out a way to help Elsa. It was getting close to the wedding, just a few days off. The worst part was that, not only did that obtrusive jerk of an Emperor force a marriage on my friend, but he also forced the wedding to the same day Kristoff and Anna were getting married (yes, they were getting married).

I went down to the royal forges, which were actually right underneath the castle, using an underground magma stream. Surprisingly enough I found Elsa, she was looking over the shoulder of a big burly man standing at a forge. She had her typical ice dress with a few modifications; she didn’t have any her cape and she had let her sleeves disappear so they wouldn’t get in the way. I got a little closer and saw that she was releasing magic from her hand into the sword that the man was working on. The man dunked the sword into a thing of water in a cloud of steam.

When the sword came out it was perfectly formed, but instead of being silver the blade came out as a deep shade of blue; just a little bit darker than Elsa’s eyes. To me it looked absolutely perfect, it seemed the perfect length of razor sharp double sided metal.

“Crap, the blade is ruined” Said the man, “the blade shouldn’t be blue!”

“What are you talking about? It’s perfect.” I said. Both Elsa and the man jumped up. “Sorry to scare you but I don’t see how it’s ruined.”

“Well if you like it then keep it!” The man yelled. He tossed me the sword and stormed out, leaving me and Elsa standing there in confusion.

I looked down at the sword. As I suspected it was perfectly balanced, and the perfect length for me. Elsa smiled and looked at the sword.

“It’s fitting. If you would allow me…” Elsa said, she pointed at the sword and a light blue sheath formed over the sword with a clip to go on my belt. “There, now it’s perfect.”

“Thanks.” I said as I put the sword on my belt. Then we both stood there smiling at each other, just until it started to get weird, then we looked away and I know for a fact I blushed.

“So..uhm… why were you trying to make a sword?”

“Oh, well I was trying to see if I could make weapons better. Try to get an edge on our enemies.”

“Won’t do much if there’s no one to use them”

“We have to try.” Elsa said, hanging her head; immediately making me feel like trash.

“We’ll just have to be ready” I said trying to support her. I could tell she was in a bad place; she was always staring off into the distance, losing her thoughts and generally looking depressed. The worst part was that there was nothing I could do; I had tried for at least a week straight to make her happier, but nothing seemed to work. She would smile and laugh, but almost immediately go back to her sadness.

She and I slowly walked back up into the castle, she slowly started remaking the rest of her dress and I adjusted my new sword on my belt. And that’s when the horns rang out. Not the horns that occasionally sounded to signal dinner or to tell that someone was needed. These were harsh, and seemed to stab my ears. They were war horns.

Elsa and I looked at each other and both sprinted towards the main gate. We got there just as an army reached the opposite side of the bridge.

It was a full sized army, with equipment enough to lay siege to the kingdom. Not like it mattered, they seemed to have just simply stridden through town. No doubt the citizens had no intention of resisting the invaders.

A middle aged man in gleaming bronze armor stepped in front. From the distance, all I could tell was that he was obviously the one in charge. His armor was that of a commanding officer and he carried himself with strength and authority.

“Stand aside young ones,” the emperor said as he pushed through the crowd of guards gathered on the battlements and presented himself to the attackers, “greetings!” He shouted.

“I am the Emperor. And so this city is under my protection. Leave here at once or suffer the consequences!”

“You know, that would be a good idea if, oh I don’t know, you could actually protect your city! I do suggest that you surrender the city to us, if you don’t then we’ll just have to take it.” The commander yelled back to us.

“How dare you speak to me like that!? Who are you!?” The emperor demanded.

“I am Prince Charles from the Southern Isles! Elder brother of Prince Hans, who you have imprisoned here. I am here to reclaim my brother and take this kingdom as retribution, but since you’re here your ‘emperorness’ I guess the Southern Isles will also be taking over more than expected.”

The emperor took a step back, dumbfounded by the idea that he might not be scary enough to deter an army. He just stood there, dazed and confused.

“Last chance, surrender now, and things won’t have to get ugly.” Prince Charles warned.

Then Elsa stepped forward and spread her arms. “The same goes for you, leave now or face the wrath of the Snow Queen!”

I raised my eyebrow, “Wrath of the Snow Queen?”

Elsa quickly gave me a wink and a smile before turning back to the army with a scowl on her face.

Charles didn’t seem fazed, as a matter of fact a smile spread across his face. One of the soldiers, probably the second in command, came forward holding a shining golden staff, and handed it over to Prince Charles.

“Oh I have no intention of fighting you; I’ll just leave that ugliness to my friend. You two should get along very well.” Charles held the staff up high. The very tip flashed gold, brighter than the sun or any star.

When the light died down, a giant man was hovering a few dozen feet over Charles. He had on an almost complete set of knight armor, everything except a helmet. On his back there was a seriously long, wickedly sharp spear, with a tip that occasionally burst into flames. He was also wearing a long, flowing purple cloak.

His face was both harsh and smooth at the same time. His eyes matched his outfit, a burning shade of gold that made my eyes water. He wore his red hair in a war ponytail and on top of his head was a crown made of bone, flames, and cold looking steel.

He laughed, a harsh laugh that just mad you both made and scared at the same time. He was big enough that he was looking down at Elsa up on the battlements.

“Well met mortals. I am Ishnaugh, the Primordial of war.” He announced. When he said ‘Primordial’ something resonated through my body. My very bones seemed to rattle around inside of me, almost to the point of pain.

“You…you’re a Primordial? Why are you here?” the Emperor asked, voice quavering with fear.

“I was called, simple as that. Although I have no personal quarrel with you, war always finds you. And yes, I am a fully recognized Primordial.” Ishnaugh said. “Do you have any more pointless, idiotic questions; or can we get this battle star…. YOU!! What are YOU doing here?!”

The last part was because his eyes shifted from the Emperor, to Elsa, and finally to me. As soon as he saw me, his eyes which had been half closed with boredom flew open in shock and surprise.

I stepped forward, trembling with either fear or anger. Either way, I wanted this guy gone as soon as possible.

“How do you know me?” I asked the Primordial.

“How could I not? You’re the only Primordial in play.” He responded. His shock and surprise quickly changed to annoyance. “What in the worlds do you think you are doing here?”

I looked over my shoulder at Elsa, who was looking from Ishnaugh to me and then back again. She looked both disgusted and horrified, probably seeing connections between me and him, which hurt more than I thought it would.

I had no idea what this guy was talking about. I wasn’t a Primordial, I couldn’t be. I was normal sized, with no gleaming armor or flaming weapons. But of course, I had no clue if he was right, which was the worst part, I hated having amnesia. Losing all of my memories made my life extraordinarily complicated and frustrating. All the servants in the castle treated me like I was a sick little bird with a hurt wing, constantly trying to baby me. I never told them off, or even Anna Kristoff or Elsa when they did it, but it got under my skin every time.

“What are you talking about? I am no Primordial, I’m just James.” I said.

“No! You are not tricking me out of a fight, boy! I am fully recognized, you haven’t even got a field!” Ishnaugh said, drawing the spear from its place on his back.

There was no way anyone could take him in battle, I was sure of it. He seemed to radiate waves of intense heat that I could feel even from where I was standing. But I drew my new sword anyways. The blue blade seemed to glow a bit brighter than it had before, but it was nothing compared the being levitating only a few hundred feet away.

He prepared to charge, along with the entirety of the Southern Isle army. But Prince Charles took off away from the castle, carrying the staff with him. I had no idea how I knew, but I did, that staff was the only chance we had of defeating the Primordial.

All the guards along the battlements either drew their swords or readied their crossbows, but there weren’t enough people defending the castle, they would overtake the castle eventually. I turned around to face Elsa.

“Elsa, we have to get that staff. It seems like the only thing that has any power over him.” I said.

“James, what is he talking about? Are you… like him?” Elsa asked, fear showing in her icy blue eyes.

“I have no idea, but we’ll have to talk about it later, now’s not the time. Just please, promise me you’ll be careful and try to get that staff.”

I could see Elsa was having a hard time trying to cope with what was about to happen. But her eyes became less like a nice snow day and more dangerous like a blizzard. “I’ll do it. Just be careful” she said.

“I will.” I assured. I turned back to the Primordial, and with no way of being as terrifying as he was, I simply pulled up the hood on the dark jacket I always wore.

My senses immediately sharpened as they always did when I put on a hood. I could see things much more clearly, as if a fog had been cleared away that I hadn’t even noticed. My hearing blocked out whatever wasn’t important to my survival, and I could feel the life of everybody around me, like little candles close to my skin; although Ishnaugh felt like being close to a bonfire.

Prince Charles yelled, “Fire!” and the catapults at the back of the army launched a volley of flaming boulders at the castle. Elsa quickly shot ice jets at them, which slowed them down and put the fires out.

Ishnaugh released a war cry and rocketed straight at me. I raised my sword instinctively, luckily deflecting his spear to the side, but his momentum took us both off the back of the castle walls and down into the courtyard.

I rolled onto me feet, just as Ishnaugh recovered. We both went into defensive positions, and started circling each other, sizing each other up. He lunged forward, trying to turn me into a human shish kabob. With the blade pointed down I knocked the point of the spear to the side and twisted to make the strike at his arm more powerful. The blue blade cut deep into his golden armor, a light blue coat of frost spread across his arm. Instead of blood, golden ichor welled up in his wound.

I leapt back just in time as he erupted into a pillar of fire. He reformed a few seconds later, eyes full of rage. He thrust his spear forward, not in a striking manner, and a bolt of lightning shot from the tip of the spear right at me. The bolt hit the flat of my sword and ricocheted back at him, which sent him flying backwards into the wall.

As he lay there, he shrunk down to a normal human size. He pushed himself back up; his eyes were literally on fire. He marched forward and swung his spear.

We traded blows back and forth. After I had gotten his arm, he didn’t underestimate me anymore. Neither of us could get a significant advantage over the other. He was much more skilled and stronger, but I refused to fight him head-on. I hopped up on anything that would get me out of his reach, climb up the wall to get away for a few seconds before dropping down and continuing the fight.

But Ishnaugh never slowed down, he didn’t even break a sweat; whereas I was wearing out fast, I was constantly on the defensive or on the move, but he casually walked around like he had all the time in the world.

I couldn’t see, but the battle between the guards and the army didn’t sound good, too many explosions too close to the castle. Elsa was the only chance the guards had of holding the army off.

Ironically, that was when Elsa showed back up, on top of the wall behind Ishnaugh. She held the staff up, instead of gold light like before; the tip of the staff lit up light blue.

Suddenly, I was pulled forward and Ishnaugh was pulled backwards; towards the staff. I stabbed my sword into the dirt to anchor me but the force dragging me towards Elsa was making my fingers slip.

I looked back and saw Ishnaugh fly upwards and hit the staff, but instead of knocking Elsa over, he turned into bright light and was absorbed into the staff. As soon as he was gone the force shut off and dropped me to the ground.

I got to my feet and climbed a latter that led up the wall close to Elsa. Once up there she handed the staff to me, it felt warm, not quite at a painful level but it was close.

“You held him off?” Elsa asked, with a tone of surprise.

“As best as I could, how’s everyone else holding up?” I responded.

“Not well, we’re almost defeated.”

“Then let’s do something about that.”

I walked along the wall to the front of the castle. The guards there were taking cover and firing their crossbows whenever they got either a good shot or an opening not to get shot. There was no way we were going to win this battle. But I got a feeling that the staff was the key to at least scaring them away.

So I hopped up on the lip of the wall, looking down at the army trying to break down the gate and pick off our archers.

“We warned you to leave!” I shouted down at the army. I raised the staff and pointed it at the sky. “Now you have to pay!” I shoved as much magical will power as I could through the staff.

Dark blue lightning shot into the sky. Black storm clouds formed overhead and the wind picked up into a gale force like a hurricane. Rain started to fall like ocean waves hit the shore. Lightning struck down in the middle of the army, causing explosions and inspiring chaos in their ranks. The river below the bridge rose up, and washed soldier off the bridge, dragging them down into the water below.

The army broke ranks, scattering in any way they could; trying to escape the newly made storm. I lowered the staff, the lightning cut off and the storm started to dissipate. I turned around to face Elsa. She had a look of total terror on her face, which made my heart sink.

I didn’t want to scare her, or anyone for that matter. All I wanted to do was stop the attack on Arendelle.

The emperor, off to the side, shouted, “Seize him!” And two guards grabbed my arms and took away my sword and the staff.

Elsa stepped in between me and the Emperor. “Why are you arresting him? He has done no wrong.”

“Don’t argue Elsa, he’s a Primordial. The trolls will back me up.”

“The trolls?” Kristoff asked, walking over to the group with Anna. “Why do you think the trolls will back this up?”

“Because I’m right about him, boy! Don’t intervene; this thing is a danger to everyone. So his execution will be tomorrow.”

“What!? You can’t just kill him!” Elsa said, outraged.

“I absolutely can kill him, I rule over everyone and everything. Now get out of the way.”

The Emperor stepped forward, grabbing a sword from a nearby guard. In order to protect Elsa, I made a rash decision. I focused on my arms were the guards where holding me, and used what little magic I could to heat up my skin to an unbearable temperature.

The guards released me almost immediately, and dropped my sword and the staff as well to hold their burnt hands. I snatched both weapons up before anyone could react, and before anyone even had time to comprehend what was happening, I leapt off the wall down to the bridge and started to run.

Arrows whizzed by my head, nothing hit me but I tried to make myself less of a target by dodging around in what I tried to make a totally random path. As I ran I only heard one voice, Elsa’s.

“Find the trolls, they’re in the forest, follow the magic!”

I ran through town, people started coming out only to see a hooded me sprinting through the street being followed by a hail of arrows. I ran until I couldn’t anymore and then a few more miles for good measure. I ended up resting two or three miles into the forest that surrounded Arendelle.

I lowered my hood and took a deep breath. I sat down, leaning my back on a tree. I thought about what had just happened; the Southern Isles invaded, I apparently was something called a “Primordial” and the Emperor wanted me dead; the Emperor who was supposed to marry Elsa in just a few weeks, even though she had no desire to do so. The only bright spot in my entire remembered life was my friendship with Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff. And a third of that bright spot had just told me to find some trolls who might or might not help me.

I leaned my head back and drifted off to sleep.

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