The Primordial Prince

Chapter 6

When the sisters got back to the castle they were greeted by quite a grumpy emperor, surrounded by his personal guards waiting in the main courtyard, and an uncomfortable looking Kristoff standing off to the side. Anna rushed off to Kristoff to explain where she was.

“A Primordial in the town and you don’t alert me?!” The Emperor demanded angrily, as soon as Elsa squared up to him.

“It was unnecessary, I handled the situation.” Elsa said, trying hard to be calm and collected; but she was finding it harder and harder to do so each time she talked to him, she found him egotistical, overbearing and just a jerk in general.

“You would do well to remember that I have the most power here, not you!” The Emperor snarled, trying to hold himself higher to intimidate Elsa; which didn’t work. He couldn’t scare anyone; he was short, quite fat and obviously aging poorly. Elsa didn’t back down, she had near a foot on him as well as ice powers that were still growing in power.

Once he noticed that Elsa could honestly not care less about who had more power than the other, and Kristoff and Anna turned their attention back to them; he decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. He whirled around, gold trimmed robes whipping around him, as he made his way back into the castle closely followed by his guards.

Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff all stood in silence; starring at where the Emperor was, absolutely hating him. And then they all heard a familiar voice, causing them to jump in surprise.

“Such a nice guy, shame he didn’t change during my little leave of absence. Assuming I’m still welcome, of course.”

The trio all turned around as fast as they can, and were greeted by the sight of James. He was still wearing the robes and whatnot, leaning on his blue sword and he had the same warm, careless smile that Elsa had grown to love.

Anna ran up and gave James a flying hug, which he returned with a smile on his face. Elsa was also grinning, probably too much, but when she saw him standing alone in dark clothes she was afraid he had gotten darker himself. But he didn’t; he was still the same James she had saved from the cold.

It took her a second but she finally noticed that Kristoff had turned deathly pale, and had froze in place.

“Kristoff, are you okay?” Elsa asked, moving over to him, reaching out and placing a hand on his shoulder. Immediately knowing something was wrong; Elsa was family to Kristoff and the feeling was mutual, but nevertheless Kristoff was still never able to touch Elsa without visibly flinching.

Anna backed away, and James noticed Kristoff and the look of sheer terror on his face. James’ smile faded and was replaced with a sad, guilty expression.

“You’re a Primordial. What do you want?” Kristoff asked, voice quavering. He was not usual someone who was often afraid; but he was terrified of James, regardless of the fact that the two of them had become close friends.

James looked hurt at Kristoff’s pain, “Yes; I am a Primordial, even though I may not want to be. And I didn’t come here because I wanted something.”

“Then why are you here?!” Kristoff said, steeling his nerves and shaking less.

“Kristoff, why are you acting like this?” Anna asked, surprised at how Kristoff was acting.

“Because he’s dangerous, his kind tried to enslave all of humanity, and when we said no they killed thousands of us.”

“And that is a totally acceptable reason to be suspicious and afraid.” James said, somehow managing to stay at least moderately calm in the face of a huge, totally scared Ice Harvester.

“Kristoff,” Elsa said, a bit more sternly than she should, “James is a friend of us all. He has a place in this castle as long as I remain queen.”

Both of the boys stared at her in awe. She had never put her foot down and raised her voice at her friends. Elsa realized this and immediately regretted it. She wished she hadn’t yelled at Kristoff, and the worst part was that she had no idea why she did it; she just couldn’t stand having James thrown out of the castle twice.

“I can’t actually stay. Every guard in the town is actively looking for me, and they’ll most likely attack on sight. I couldn’t put that kind of stress on you.” James said.

“That’s nonsense; there are plenty of rooms and space in the castle that you can hide. Plus you have that invisibility thing.” Elsa reasoned.

“I guess that’s true. But Kristoff, you’re my friend; I’m not going to do anything that will make you feel scared for you and Anna.” James said, hanging his head.

The fear in Kristoff’s eyes seemed to fade away when he saw his friend so defeated. “If Elsa and Anna think its okay for you to stay, then it’s fine with me too.” Kristoff said, a little begrudgingly. “But I have no idea how you’re going to hide from all the guards.”

“That won’t be too much of a problem.” James said, with a devilish gleam in his eyes. This was ironic considering the doors of the castle opened at that moment, the royal chef walked out to the top of the stairs.

“Your Majesties, and Sir Kristoff; dinner is ready and we await your arrival.” He said with a bow.

“Thank you, we’ll be right up.” Elsa said, she turned around and James had disappeared, there was no sign he was there, and neither Anna nor Kristoff saw him go. But as she was walking into the castle, she felt something warm brush up against her and fade away.

After a little more than a month training with the trolls, I was expecting a bit more of a happy welcome home party than what I got. But at least Anna was excited to see me again, and Elsa seemed to think I belonged in the castle.

But I couldn’t get over what Kristoff said, about how I’m dangerous. It was true; I had not only picked up a large amount of magic power and tricks, I had also gotten substantially better at sword fighting, the trolls as it turns out are excellent fighters.

Not knowing what to do, I followed Elsa, Anna and Kristoff to dinner, staying invisible and a bit to the side to remain unnoticed. The dining hall looked exactly like I remembered it, except for the Emperor who was sitting at the head of the table, which irritated me.

During my stay in Arendelle I tried my best to avoid the Emperor, not only did I find him more and more insufferable every time I spoke to him, I was also afraid of saying something that Elsa would suffer for. But when I saw him sitting at the head of the table, the spot where Elsa was supposed to sit, my blood boiled and I wanted nothing more than to set his flashy robes on fire. But I calmed myself down and decided on a much more hilarious course of action; wouldn’t it be unfortunate if someone had a poltergeist-like thing pestering him or her all dinner? I thought as a smile crept across my face.

As everyone sat down I instead hopped up on the table; carefully avoiding stepping on anything that would give me away. The waiters came in and placed an unreasonably large amount of food on the table, forcing me to do a little dance on my way down the table towards his royal-pain-in-the-butt-ness.

I grabbed a container of hot spices indiscreetly, which turned invisible at my touch, poured great globs of it, still invisible, on the steak that was placed in front of him. He took a large, very unwise, bite of the steak and immediately jumped out of his seat, spitting the steak out and jumping around in pain.

As he reached for the glass of water by his plate, I pointed a finger at it and sent a small little bolt of blue lightning at it; delivering quite a starling shock to him. And as a final little insult to injury, as he reached back for the cup determined to quench the pain in his mouth, I closed my eyes and dipped deep in the sea like collection of magic around me; carefully manipulating the very essence of the water. The poor man didn’t know what hit him; just before the water reached his tongue, it transformed into a very cheap sample of fire-whiskey.

The Emperor ran screaming from the hall, mouth wide open and tearing up from the spices. I couldn’t help myself; the invisibility spell I had placed over myself shattered as I collapsed in a fit of laughter onto the table, and then proceeded to fall onto the floor still laughing like crazy.

Everyone jumped out of their seats, shocked that I had pretty much materialized out of nowhere seized by unstoppable laughter. I looked up and saw everyone, realization slowing coming into their head and they all started to smile, Elsa even giggled slightly.

I pulled myself together and slowly got up off the floor, still giggling foolishly.

“Well done my friend, well done indeed.” Anna said smiling and clapping.

“Thanks, not my best work but that will hopefully be remembered as one of my better moments.” I said looking up at the doors where the servants where now steadily streaming in, my smile disappeared. “Oh, uh, hi. I don’t suppose any of you forget about me, did you?”

They didn’t answer, just looked back and forth between me and the doors the Emperor ran out of. Then they did something that surprised me; they all cheered and some did a little dance. The royal chef walked up to me, a certain fire in his eye.

“No, we did not forget about you. But we don’t care; anyone who saves us from an hour of being criticized by that man is a friend in our books.” He said shaking my hand. “From now on you are always welcome to us.” The chef walked away leaving me standing utterly confused.

“Men, we have a new member joining dinner. Whip up your best dishes; we have some taste buds to excite!” The chef told his helpers, all of them making their ways back into the kitchens.

Elsa laughed, which made me smile, “Well Mr. VIP, care to join us for dinner?” She asked, gesturing towards the chair next to her which I took gratefully.

We laughed and talked the night away, everything seemed back to normal. The food was amazing, Anna was her usual bubbly self, Kristoff was back to at least semi normal friendly behavior, and Elsa was amazing; selfless, beautiful, kind, and free spirited.

During my time with the trolls, I usually found myself thinking about Elsa; her platinum blonde hair, electrifying blue eyes, and her shy little laugh. I was embarrassed to say it, but Elsa showed up a bit too many times when I worked some more complicated magic.

As dinner started to wind down, everyone full of delicious food, and everyone caught up on the uninteresting details of tedious magic training, everyone got up from the table and excused themselves to bed. Again, not knowing what to do, I cloaked myself and decided to follow Elsa, see if I could get a few moments alone to find out if she had been thinking of me too.

No matter how often I tried to tell her that I was there, a guard always seemed to be within hearing distance. So I just resigned myself to announce my presence in her room. Probably not the best idea, from the dining hall to Elsa’s room took at least five long minutes of walking, I have no idea how it could be that far away.

Elsa’s room was much bigger than mine was; she had an ironically queen sized bed, a large desk with papers scattered across it, and a couch pushed up against a large window directly across from the door. I sat in a small wooden chair right next to the door, resting my feet; which I’ve been on almost all day.

It took me a second but I realized Elsa thought she was alone; she was slowly dissolving her ice dress, she really was getting ready to go to bed. This was the hardest choice I had made in a while; whether I was going to tell Elsa that I was there, or not and get away with it. But I couldn’t, I respected her too much. I jumped up, cutting off the flow of magic that was hiding me from sight.

“Elsa, stop, I’m here!”I shouted, throwing an arm in front of my eyes. Luckily I managed to look away before she was totally indecent. But I did catch I decent view of Elsa with just a bra and underwear on, before she managed to start towards her bath robe.

“James! What are you doing in here?!”Elsa said, mortified. “I’m decent, you can look now.” I lowered my arm and turned my head back towards Elsa.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t know that you were getting undressed.” I apologized, quickly. Elsa’s face was a deep cherry red, and I immediately felt bad. “I’ll just go now I guess.” I turned back to the door to leave.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to leave, just next time; warn me before I start undressing.” Elsa said, with a slight smile, still a deep shade of red all the way up to her ears. “What did you want?”

“Oh, uhm, I just wanted to talk. It’s nothing, I can wait.” I said, trying to let Elsa have her space.

“I know about Primordials and about Lognath.” Elsa said. The very mention of that name sent shivers down my spine, every nerve in my body told me to hide.

I turned around slowly, trying to figure out where she was going with this. “You do? And it doesn’t bother you?”

“Well, I can’t say I’m comfortable with the idea that darkness itself might try to kill you and the rest of us, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it probably should.” Elsa said, regally as always she stood there with her hands clasped in front of her.

“And what do you think about me?” I asked, anxious about what the answer was going to be.

“You’re my friend, being a Primordial isn’t going to change that. As a matter of fact it might help our friendship.” Elsa said with a light smile and soft eyes.

“How do you figure that?” I asked, confused because I had been worrying about how I would tell her about what I was as well as what that would do to our friendship.

“Because now people don’t understand either of us and because now both of us are trying to hide from my egotistical fiancé.”

“Oh, well if I can defend Arendelle, can’t you just call of the wedding?”

“You have no idea how much I’d like that, but I have to follow his orders,” Elsa looked down, just another reason I wanted to toss the Emperor off the highest tower of the castle, “I wish it wasn’t like that.”

I didn’t know what to do; in all the time I remember I had never been the one who had to comfort anyone. Instead of saying anything, which would either made things worse or gotten me thrown out with my luck, I decided to take a leap of faith. I stepped close to Elsa and wrapped my arms around her in a hug.

Elsa tensed up, probably not used to physical contact still, and I thought I had messed up. But after a second or two, right before I was going to let go; she relaxed and actually wrap her arms around me as well.

She seemed to fit perfectly against me, she buried her head in my chest and I rested my head on top of hers. She felt cold, but not painfully so, it was refreshing like I had been in the desert and finally taken a drink of water. I could feel her heart beat, it was faster than normal but I had no clue what that meant, but I could only hope it was for good reasons. She smelt like flowers and freshly fallen snow. Her blonde hair, which she had let down, was softer and smoother than the air itself.

“I promise, everything will work out in the end, I won’t let it happen any other way.” I promised her.

“Thanks, I know you’ll try your best.” Elsa said softly, almost whispered.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, just listening to each other’s breath and feeling our hearts beat. The sun finally sank below the horizon and the room was bathed in darkness and Elsa let go and stepped back.

I’m glad neither of us could see each other clearly, I know for a fact that I was blushing. I walked over to her desk and pinched the wick of the candle there. With a little flow of magic, when I let go a little blue smokeless flame popped up and bathed the room in blue light.

“Well I should probably let you go to sleep. Good night Elsa.” I said, walking through the door, I almost closed it behind me but a soft voice stopped me.

“James,” Elsa said stepping into the door way, “I’m glad you’re back, I missed you.” She stood up on her tip toes and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. She gave me a shy smile and disappeared back into her room.

I smiled, I got the answer I had wanted; I wasn’t the only one that missed the other. I thought about her, her cute little frame, striking blue eyes, and amazing blonde hair as I walked towards the roof. I had made her a promise, and I had meant it. I was going to make her ending a happy one, but I had no idea how I was going to do it.

I opened the trap door at the top of a little known set of stairs and climbed on to the roof. I had made a nice little sleeping nest on the roof a few months back, I had usually used it to comfortably look at the stars but it would work as a temporary bed for now.

I took off my traveling cloak and lied down, looking up at the constellations that I couldn’t memorize for the life of me. My last thought was of the cold little kiss Elsa had given me. And I drifted off into sleep, but my dreams didn’t just leave me to myself, they had to give me horrible visions and nightmares; they had been doing this ever since I had escaped from the castle, but I haven’t shared them with anyone.

I was walking through the palace when I heard Anna scream in the distance. I sprinted towards her, when I found her in the main courtyard she was wearing a green dress and nothing else, not even shoes and she was hunched over a pale body.

As I got closer, I saw it was Elsa crumpled on the ground; eyes closed and breathless. Anna who was crying over her sister, started to glow orange and eventually flames burst out of her hands and started swirling around her drowning out her screams of pain.

I held Elsa’s head in my lap; trying to feel her pulse while I extended a hand towards Anna, trying to reign in the raging flames swirling around her. A deep voice laughed, it shook me all the way down my side. It was cruel; it enjoyed watching me try to heal my friends.

“You think you can stop this boy?” The voice taunted, “You’re the one that did this, it’s your fault, it always has been. And when it comes time to face me; you will fail.”

I looked up, the sky was pure darkness; swirling around with black lightning flashing as much as it could. One of the bolts crashed down in front of the gate leaving a tall lean man made out of shadows standing and laughing.

My blood boiled in my veins and my vision turned red. I threw my hand forward; screaming and shoving all my power into a devastating magic attack. I column of dark blue magic shot out of my hand and flew at the figure.

The ground boiled beneath the beam and the air shimmered as it passed through. It should’ve obliterated him, turned him into something less than dust, erased him from the earth. But it passed right through, like he wasn’t a physical thing, and instead it hit the wall behind him. The entire front wall of the castle was blown away, huge chunks of the wall flew through the air and crashed through the town, everywhere the pieces hit a huge plume of black energy rose up into the sky making it even more chaotic.

I collapsed next to Elsa, all my power and strength drained out of me. A tornado of dark energy reached down and swirled around me and lifted me off the ground; shards of dirt and rock swirled around me, ripping chunks out of my jacket and cutting deep.

As the wind picked up all I could see was Anna collapse as the flames spread from her hands across her body and Elsa collapsing on the ground, the only things I heard was that voice saying, “It’s all your fault, you didn’t stop this.”

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