The Primordial Prince

Chapter 7

Elsa walked through the halls early in the morning, just after sunrise. She knew Anna and Kristoff wouldn’t be up any time soon, James had been the only one who was actually up at this time but after last night Elsa was a little embarrassed to see him again, plus she had no idea where he was; he was better at hiding than Elsa had thought.

So she wandered the halls, trying to think of something to do when she ran into her favorite snowman; Olaf. He was skipping down the hallway humming to himself as his personal slurry worked overtime in the summer weather.

Elsa smiled; the little snowman always brought good memories to light. Always happy, Olaf always seemed to brighten Elsa’s day and relieve her of whatever stresses her at the moment. She walked up to him with a warm smile.

“Good morning Olaf? And how are we today?” Elsa asked looking to have a simple conversation with the lovable creature.

“Oh good morning Elsa!” Olaf said with a huge smile, but his smile faltered. “I actually have to go somewhere, so see you later!” And Olaf started skipping off down the hall, but Elsa grabbed his arm gently to stop him.

“Wait, where are you going?” Elsa said a little hurt that he was just going to leave without asking her if she wanted to come along.

“Sorry Elsa, it’s a secret!” Olaf said, still smiling ironically.

“Just one more thing, do you know where James is?” Elsa asked, figuring that he may want to talk to her.

“Oh that’s easy, he went into town; something about getting help for something.” He answered quickly, turned and continued down the hall.

Why not? Elsa thought to herself and quickly walked back to her room to change into something a bit less noticeable. She replaced her ice dress with just a plain green one and a grey hooded cloak. Elsa carefully snuck through the castle and managed to get out of the gate without being seen by anybody.

Elsa usually spent most of her time in the castle; she knew people assumed that meant she preferred the castle over the bright little town. But that couldn’t be further from the truth; she despised the stuffy castle halls and rooms; Elsa loved Arendelle, from its cozy little town houses to the outdoor market full of vibrant colors, smells and very lovable people. That’s why Elsa was so dedicated to her work; she would never do so much work if she didn’t love everything about her town.

As she walked through the town all the villagers smiled and gave simple but well meant greetings, even though they didn’t know who she was. She smiled and waved at them, amused because usually when someone greeted her they wanted something, being greeted just because it’s a nice thing to do was a pleasant change.

James was nowhere to be seen, but Elsa expected that; James was never found by anyone when Olaf was able to convince everyone to play hide and seek. But during their time together Elsa had learned a lot about him, so she new eventually he would show himself to Elsa.

So Elsa went and started picking through the outdoor market, smelling flowers, admiring hand-made scarves, and sampled little blocks of chocolate. Elsa was on her third return to the chocolate stand when she realized that a familiar hooded man, wearing dark pants, some simple shoes, and a bright blue shirt, was standing next to her trying out a piece of milk chocolate.

“Good morning Snowflake” James said, “lovely day for a stroll through the town.”

“’Snowflake’?” Elsa asked, surprised at the nickname James gave her.

“Yes, Snowflake, might I ask what you’re doing out in the middle of summer?”

“I was looking for you actually.” Elsa said, moving over to the flower stand a few feet over. “I heard you were getting help for something?” James moved over to the flower stand as well.

“Ah, I was trying to find out the villagers’ opinion of the upcoming fight to see if anyone will help us.” James said, he plucked a light blue flower out and held it up to Elsa, who sniffed it and smiled. James gave the vender a silver coin and gave the flower to Elsa who blushed and smiled.

They slowly made their way down a winding cobblestone street packed with villagers and tourists. Elsa enjoyed it more than she let on, she enjoyed the distance away from the pressure of being the queen, and James was the only person Elsa didn’t think she could hurt with her powers.

“Well, did anyone say they’ll help us?” Elsa asked breaking the silence.

“That’s the bad news; although they don’t think we’re in the wrong, they aren’t going to help us.” James said, disappointment in his voice.

“So what are we going to do?” Elsa asked, hoping that he had some sort of idea for how to protect Arendelle because so far Elsa had nothing that resembled a plan.

“We have to find someone to help us; we can’t win on our own. If you have any allies now would be the time to call on them.”

“I know that Corona will help us; but they are quite a distance away, they may not even be able to get here in time.”

“It’s worth a shot, even if it’s unlikely.”

Elsa was going to say something along the lines of “so we’ll be defending ourselves regardless” but she was interrupted when across the street a cloaked man grabbed a child and ran into an alley.

Without even a simple “good bye”; James sprinted after the man, somehow slipping through the citizens without touching anyone and almost going untouched. Elsa tried to follow him but couldn’t get through the crowd the same way that James did. And all of a sudden her arm was grabbed and she was dragged through the crowd towards the edge of the town.

Elsa screamed and her hood fell off and the man stopped dragging her, she had made a thick layer of ice over the man and frozen his feet to the ground. She pulled her arm free and saw that five robed men had surrounded her wielding gray glowing grey. The villagers backed up, trying to protect the elderly and the children, and also might be giving Elsa some room to use her powers.

She shot a wave of ice towards three of them; two of them were able to dodge in time while the third got his feet frozen and he flew backwards. They threw small blades at her but she dodged and used her powers to redirect them towards their throwers’ friends, who were able to dodge them all.

This back and forth went on for a few minutes; Elsa not being able to take out the bandits and them not being able to lay a hit on Elsa, but eventually Elsa would wear herself out and they would be able to defeat her. The men started to realize this and started to pick up their attack speed; Elsa started to feel the exhaustion taking over her body.

Just when Elsa was about to collapse when an arrow whizzed past one of the men, cutting a gash through one of the men’s arm and pinned another by the cloak to a building. The only person more surprised than the men was Elsa, when she looked up she saw the last person she expected to see; Eugene Fitzherbert and a dozen guards from Corona.

The guards charged the men who either charged back or took off running. But those who decided to run ran in to another problem; a hooded James dropped down from a roof top, sword drawn and supernatural glowing green eyes.

Both James and Eugene started moving through the battle towards Elsa, cutting, slicing, and stabbing through the men. When they converged on Elsa, who had sat down in exhaustion, they pointed their swords at each other and demanded to know who the other was.

“I am the next king of Corona and husband to Repunzel.” Eugene declared.

“I am James, friend of Elsa.” James said, slowly lowering the bright blue blade as Eugene lowered his steel one. “No offense meant, but may I ask as to why you are here?”

“I am here to offer help to Elsa, who is my cousin in law.”

“Well you have excellent timing your majesty.” James sheathed his sword and lowered his hood, revealing his playfully messy blonde hair and odd green eyes. He then walked over to Elsa and crouched down to come eye to eye with her. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” Elsa said, but James pulled out a piece of chocolate which she took gratefully with a warm smile from both of them.

“You don’t need to call me ‘your majesty’, Eugene will be fine, especially from someone who took down half of those guys single handed.” Eugene said as James stood back up and faced him.

“Speaking of which, we need to find out who they are and who sent them.”

“My men are already on it, although they’ll be placing them in the cells in Arendelle castle, if that’s alright?”

“It’s more than alright.” Elsa said, trying to stand up, but she had to accept help from James who helped her stand up and gave her something to lean on. “If I may, can I have a word with James? Anna would be very happy to see you.”

“As you wish, Repunzel is also here so I’ll be taking her to the castle as well.” Eugene said with a charming smile and bow as he started towards the castle.

Elsa pulled James over to a public bench and they both sat down. “Did you save that kid?” Elsa asked.

“Turns out it wasn’t a real abduction, it was an ambush to get you alone, and I fell right in to it.” James said, lowering his head in shame.

Elsa placed her hand on his shoulder, “It’s alright, I would’ve told you to save him anyways.”

“Still, I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

“Its fine, I was able to protect myself until you came back.” Elsa said, gently pulling his hood back over his head, Elsa couldn’t help but notice that his hair was very soft. “Come on, let’s head back to the castle, we’ve got mercenaries to interrogate.”

James looked up at her and gave her a smile that warmed her to the bones, his green eyes seeming to see straight into her soul and give it a happier side. He stood up and offered his hand which she took as he said, “Alright Snowflake, let’s get going.”

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