The Primordial Prince

Chapter 8

Elsa met Eugene and Repunzel, who were happily making conversation with Anna and Kristoff, with James invisible and silent at her side. When she noticed Elsa; Repunzel ran over and gave her a big hug which Elsa returned.

“It’s good to see you Elsa.” Repunzel said, pulling away and smiling from ear to ear. Elsa laughed.

“It’s good to see you too.”

“Eugene told me you were attacked, are you okay?” Anna asked, concern written all over her face.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine and Eugene was able to save me with some guards.”

“And that other guy, James wasn’t it?” Eugene said, looking around as if to find him hanging around somewhere. But of course there was no way he could see him, James was too good with magic to be seen by accident.

“Yes it was, he’ll be joining us in the dungeons later.” Elsa said, trying to draw the conversation away from James.

“The dungeons?” Anna asked.

“Yes, we need to figure out who they are; the attack was too organized for them just to be bandits.” Eugene explained. “So if Elsa would show me to the dungeons we’ll get started.”

“Are you sure? Don’t you want to eat first?” Repunzel asked, concerned about her husband’s health.

“I’m fine, this won’t take long.” And with that Elsa led Eugene down into the dungeons where the men were being kept, Anna and Repunzel decided not to come and instead have lunch.

As they were walking through the halls, descending a set of stairs and at the bottom was James, leaning against a wall playing with a little ball of blue light floating a little above his palm which lit him with a soft blue glow.

“Ah James nice to see you once again.” Eugene greeted.

James just chuckled and closed his palm, allowing the ball of light to die out. “And the same to you Eugene, shall we begin Elsa?” He gestured towards the end of the hall where there was a large oak door with iron bands across it; which led to the cells.

“That would be best; hopefully we can get this done soon enough to have lunch.” Elsa said with a small smile.

The trio walked down the hall and through the wooden door into the damp cobblestone dungeons where some of the kingdom’s lesser criminals were kept to interrogate. There was only one guard keeping watch over the rows of prison cells, but James didn’t skip a beat; he took two large steps over to him and threw a handful of dark blue smoke into the guard’s face who proceeded to slump against the wall fast asleep.

“Woah!” Eugene exclaimed, “What did you do that for?!”

“Mmm, it’s kind of a long complicated story but for now I’ll just say that it’s best that no one but you two know that I was down here.” James said simply, laying the guards down into a more comfortable position.

“Do you know where the man is?” Elsa asked Eugene, to which he denied. James looked over and simply smiled and winked playfully. He took his right hand and waved it across the floor in front of him, and a light blue mist rose up out of the cracks in the floor and made a path to a cell on the right wall ten or twelve cells down the hall.

The man was sitting on his bed, staring at the ceiling deep in thought. As the trio approached the jail cell he refocused on them and worry spread across his face as soon as he saw James was with them; apparently he was one of the men that James had defeated.

“Hey you, we’ve got some questions that I seriously think you should answer.” James said, placing his hand on one of the bars; from where his hand touched the bar blue lightning spread across the gate.

“Well that depends on what those questions are.” The man said.

“Why did you attack me?” Elsa demanded, feeling the need to know after her life was threatened.

“I didn’t want to attack you, but I had to.” The man said simply.

“And why did you have to?” James asked, obviously irritated immensely. To this the man did not answer, he simply looked back at the ceiling.

“Answer him.” Eugene demanded. The man looked at him and chuckled, turning his head back to the ceiling.

“Why should I?” The man asked, still absently staring at the ceiling.

“Give me two minutes,” James said placing his hand on Elsa’s shoulder, the warm feeling spread across her shoulder and down her arm. Elsa nodded and James walked into the cell, he had somehow unlocked the cell.

James towered over the man, who quickly backed up on the bed and pressed up against the wall. To be honest; James, when he brought himself to his full height, and with blue lightning occasionally cracking across his hands, he was actually pretty intimidating. This freaked Elsa out; she had grown to know James as a kind noble person who wouldn’t hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it, but the dark vicious person that he was hopefully just acting as was the exact opposite of what she expected.

“One last chance, why did you have to attack Elsa?” James asked, his voice was low and threatening.

“I can’t tell you.” The man said, his voice quivering with fear.

“Wrong answer.” James said, and he placed his hand on the man’s forehead. Before Elsa could scream and tell him to stop; she realized nothing happened, the man’s eyes glazed over but besides that nothing happened.

Elsa and Eugene glanced at each other and expressed their confusion with a simple shrug. They stood there for exactly two minutes, just like James said, until James removed his hand and the man collapsed on the bed shaking violently.

James slouched and leaned against the wall next to him, his breath suddenly becoming labored and ragged. Elsa rushed to his side and tried to help support him.

“Are you okay James?” Elsa asked, very concerned.

“Completely fine, just tired, I used a lot of magic today.” James reassured, slightly placing a bit of weight on Elsa to help him stand up.

Elsa helped James stagger back over towards the man still shaking on the bed. Elsa could see that James was looking down on the man with a mixture of disgust and sadness. She knew that James didn’t want to do this, she could just see it, but that he had to in order to do what needed to be done.

“Tell me, right now.” James demanded.

“You threw me off a cliff!!” The man screamed in rage, getting up and glaring at James.

“It was just an illusion. But I will do it as many times as I have to until you tell me.”

The man collapsed on the floor, openly weeping. The man was babbling incoherent pleas of mercy, Elsa tried to block him out but his piercing cries were still heard.

“My children, my children, he has my children!” The man sobbed. When Elsa looked up at James she saw he had gone pale, and his eyes were full of shock.

“Your children; who has your children?” James asked, barely above a whisper but was somehow heard by the man.

“The duke of Weseltown, he has them on his crown ship a few leagues north of Arendelle. He told us to attack Arendelle and try to kidnap Queen Elsa if we wanted to see our kids again.” The man choked out.

At this point James started to shake, when Elsa looked up she saw that James was furious. She could feel his body literally heat up and she could see lightning flash across his green eyes.

“Don’t worry; I’ll make sure your kids are safe. I’m sorry about the cliff.” James apologized. “Please rest. Elsa, can you help me out of here?”

“Of course, James.” Elsa responded. Elsa shuffled James out of the cell and down the hall. As they walked down the hallway, Elsa couldn’t help but notice how James leaned on Elsa just enough to be helped but also not enough to hurt her. Even exhausted, he still took the time and energy to make sure that Elsa wasn’t in pain or uncomfortable; this made Elsa smile slightly. Elsa thought it was unfortunate that James noticed her small smile while she stared at him. James let a small smile spread across his face as he looked at Elsa. The small smile warmed Elsa down to the bone, her entire day got better as she saw his smile.

“Excuse me, but what do we do now?” Eugene cut in.

“First we have some lunch, and then we find and free those children.” James said, totally determined to do exactly what he said he’ll do.

“Uhm, we may have trouble with that, the Emperor will insist on having lunch with Eugene and Repunzel.” Elsa said, unable to keep her irritation from her voice.

“There’s no way to escape this is there?” James asked, Elsa could hear a little hurt in his voice.

“Sorry, but there isn’t.” Elsa admitted. She really would have preferred to have lunch with James instead but as per usual, the Emperor got in the way.

When the trio arrived outside the dining hall, James took his weight off of Elsa and said goodbye, after which he promptly faded out of sight.

“Are you ever going to explain him to me?” Eugene asked sarcastically.

“When the time is right I certainly will.” Elsa responded.

“So are you two a thing? Because you two would be a nice couple.” Eugene continued.

Elsa didn’t know what to say; Anna had mentioned that it was easy to see that Elsa liked James but Eugene had noticed under an hour. Elsa quite frankly didn’t know what her relationship with James was. On one hand; James was kind and generous with everyone he met and at least tried to treat everyone equally regardless of their social status. But on the other hand; James was one of the few people that Elsa felt that she could open up to, and whenever he was around Elsa immediately felt better.

“I’m engaged to the Emperor actually.” Elsa finally managed to say, she could feel her face heating up and turning red.

“So would you like to?” Eugene pressed, a mischievous smile spreading across his face.

“Can we please just enjoy our lunch?” The two then entered the dining hall and greeted Anna, Kristoff, Repunzel, and the Emperor.

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