The Primordial Prince

Chapter 9

I snuck in to the dining hall through an open window, still invisible, and quietly nabbed a sandwich and a drink. Standing behind Elsa, who was sitting as far away from the Emperor as possible, I gave it my best try to pay attention to the politics and the wedding talk; but after a few minutes of economic expansion into foreign trade and white wedding dresses versus eggshell dresses, I almost sprinted out of the window.

I had used quite a bit of magic during the fight and a lot creating an illusion of being thrown off of a cliff, and although I was much better at magic after my training with the trolls that much magic still took a lot out of me. So instead of sneaking my way around invisible, I cut off the flow of magic and pulled my hood up to hide my face in the shadows. And just as a precaution instead of wandering around running the risk of being seen by a guard I wouldn’t be able to talk out of turning me in, I climbed up the side of the castle and walked around on the roofs.

Lunches in the castle were usually longer than the ones the villagers had, sometimes lasting for a couple of hours depending on how much Elsa would rather be talking in the dining hall more than doing her seemingly endless supply of meaningless paperwork. So I settled in for a long walk. I emptied my mind and tried not to focus on anything but maintaining my footing on the slanted roofs of the castle.

Even though my mind was almost totally blank, and I was concentrating on navigating the surprisingly challenging rooftops; the thought of a bunch of children being held against their will just so that their parents would be forced to fight for them. The very idea of that put me on edge in a bad way. What I wanted was to start kicking in doors and throwing around some hard ball magic, but I knew that would only serve to put more people in danger so I tried my best to push back that urge and instead think tactically.

If I could find out where Weseltown’s crown ship was located, I could take a small boat out to it and sneak aboard, hopefully find the kids and get them out before anyone noticed. I found a few problems with that plan that I had to mull over as I clambered through a particularly difficult section of roofing where two buildings’ roofs met.

First, if the kids were in a cell any smaller than at least a large room any magic I used at iron doors which were to be expected I would run the risk of hurting them since I still wasn’t the best at any finely tuned destruction magic. I could do some really impressive illusions, which would certainly help with getting to and on to the ship, but wouldn’t help me free the kids.

Second, the kids had already been kidnapped by strange men and taken to a place that they didn’t know. There may not be any chance that these kids would willingly go with another strange man to a place they didn’t know. So I would need someone who would be a more comforting person than me.

My train of thought was ruined when a snowball smashed into my face, perfectly aimed to make it into my hood. After flustering for a few seconds, as any sane person would, I looked for the person who threw it. I spotted Olaf, my favorite walking snowman, running as fast as his little feet could take him towards a pair of large oaken doors.

I couldn’t help but smile a little bit, Olaf was always happy and ready to play with anyone. There weren’t any guards in the courtyard below so I thought; what the heck? And so I hopped off the roof any down into the courtyard, doing a little roll when I landed on the ground, and picking up a moderate jog to catch up to Olaf.

I entered the castle and made my way down at least three different hallways and still hadn’t found any trace of Olaf anywhere which surprised me; Olaf was like a little hurricane that you could track by the path of destruction he left in his wake. But now it was like he suddenly disappeared without leaving anything behind, so I stopped in the middle of the hall catching my breath.

Suddenly, a large group of guards came charging at me from a corner behind me. The guards drew their swords and made a circle around me, holding their weapons at the ready just in case I decided to fight back.

One of the guards stepped slightly forward, still in a defensive stance and declared, “James, you are under arrest as an enemy of the kingdom by the Emperor.”

“Hey, before you arrest me, would anyone care to tell me what his name actually is? Because I really don’t know.” I teased, giving a smile to the scowling guards. I was trying to distract them long enough to come up with a plan, because I really didn’t want to fight them but those kids couldn’t afford to have me locked up in jail.

“Last chance Primordial; come with us peacefully or with us in pieces.” The guard warned.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for this.” I said, lowering my head to deepen the shadows on my face.

I whirled to my left, facing towards a wall that had a window in it. I spread my hands apart, willing the air to pick up half of the guards and gently shove them aside. I sprinted towards the window and hopped through it into a small courtyard with a marble fountain in the center.

An arrow appeared in front of my feet half sunk into the ground. There were guards who had appeared on the rooftops armed with crossbows and full quivers. Guards came from every building in the courtyard and surrounded me with a three layers of back up guards.

A guard behind me came up and hit the back of my head with the hilt of his sword, I could tell by observing his aura and then feeling a painful crack on my head. I fell to my knees and my vision narrowed as the guards seized my arms and started dragging me into the castle.

Unfortunately for my head; as they dragged me through the castle, every time I started to come to they hit me in the back of the head and knocked me to the edge of unconsciousness. The time between my coming to and going outs started to increase, which was certainly not healthy for my brain.

Eventually a pair of large wooden doors was opened in front of me and I was forced into the dining hall, where everyone was sitting around eating lunch. The guards hoisted me up on my knees and pulled back my hood.

I could see Elsa, Anna, and the Emperor shoot up out of their chairs but my vision was too blurry to see their faces. And no doubt they were having a heated argument about whether or not to kill me, hopefully Elsa was winning, but my ears were too busy ringing to pay attention to the life or death conversation that was obviously not as important as an annoying ringing.

Elsa came forward and waved the guards off, she grabbed my arm and tried to pull me up. At the same time the Emperor pushed past Anna and grabbed my other arm a bit too hard. Embarrassingly enough, a five minute tug of war watch between the two holding my arms ensued with me still flopping around between them as they shouted at each other.

Frost quickly spread down my right arm where Elsa was holding on to me and travelled all the way across my body and down my other arm to where the Emperor was holding me. He released me immediately, a look of rage on his face, I fell on top of Elsa and knocked her to the ground.

Guards started spilling in from the double doors into the room weapons drawn. I tried to stand up, or at least roll off of Elsa which was pretty awkward, but none of my limbs responded to me. I had never lost control of my body, and that freaked me out; having one of the few things I required to stay sane suddenly taken away from me scared me more than any amount of guards.

I could feel the cold fear build up in the pit of my stomach, and the panic starting to reach up to my brain and starting to take over my mind. I had trained for this with the trolls; how to suppress fear and panic to finish whatever I had started. But for that training they just gave me simulations of having to face off against the worst monsters they could imagine, and quite frankly some of those trolls had some messed up imaginations, but they didn’t come close to preparing me for this situation.

Before the guards could get into any recognizable formation, the kitchen doors burst open and the cooks came flooding out wielding knives and pans which turn out to be great weapons. They totally skipped over Kristoff, Anna, Eugene, and Repunzel; and instead surged towards the Emperor and his guards.

Swords clashed against kitchen cutlery as the Royal Guards where rushed by the palace cooks. Both pride and fear overtook me; my newest set of friends were willing to fight to keep me safe, but they were hopelessly out matched and outnumbered, essentially; they were going to lose and get themselves hurt or killed in the process.

I couldn’t take that, no one was going to die for me; I wasn’t worth that even if it was just a cook that was sacrificing himself. I had learned that most, if not all, magic is fueled by emotion which is why animals typically didn’t use magic. Some emotions lend themselves more to good, or light, magic or bad, or dark, magic. Typically the emotions that are pictured as good, such as love and happiness, were best for light magic; then there was hate and rage and fear, which naturally gave way to dark magic.

I’m not sure whether it was fortunate or very unfortunate but at the moment I had a huge ocean of fear eating away at my insides. I didn’t want to use it, fear has a nasty habit of slowly taking over all of your life and ruining it, and using dark magic tends to tear away at who you are and slowly at away at your soul.

But I was out of options; my friends close and not, were in danger. I could either put my own soul and mind at risk by using dark magic to protect everyone, or I could let my friends get hurt for me and wait for my usual magic to come back.

I almost didn’t even hesitate in deciding. I plunged my mind into the fear that was spreading through me and drew it in; changing the raw emotion into magic, which showed itself with really dark blue bolts of lightning that crackled across my hands.

I heaved myself up off of Elsa, careful not to let the magic lightning touch Elsa, and brought myself up to my full height which was actually pretty impressive when I really thought about it, not that I did of course.

“ENOUGH!” I thundered over the ruckus that the fight was causing. Everyone in the room stood dead still, even the people who I considered friends froze and stared at me. The only sound in the room was the crackling from the magic lightning being created on my hands.

“Leave them out of this.” I demanded, “I’m right here.”

The guards got over their confusion quickly and unanimously charged me. I’m not entirely sure what happened next; I know for a fact the Emperor bolted out of the door and at least three guards struck at me at once. My mind instantly went into combat mode; I dodged, countered, struck and used powerful and vicious spells without even thinking. After a good five minutes of fighting; the guards laid in a large circle around me either knocked out or seriously wounded, none of them were dead as far as I could see.

The bottom of my stomach dropped out when I turned around and saw that my friends were huddled together, pressed against the wall, Kristoff and Eugene were shielding the girls with their bodies. But I could see Anna and Elsa’s eyes; they were full of fear and pain, Elsa even had a few tears coming down her cheeks.

I realized what I just did; I had given in, just because I was afraid. I had lost control of my powers, and I had probably just alienated the only friends I had in the world. I couldn’t hold the power any more, I let the fear out of my grasp and felt the power it gave me slip away.

Suddenly my head erupted in pain, along with several other spots that I hadn’t noticed before. I had gathered cuts and bruises from the fight or perhaps from the guards hitting me without me noticing while they dragged me.

The strength in my legs disappeared and I fell onto my hands and knees. I looked up and saw deep into Elsa’s eyes, which had changed to something between fear and confusion.

“I-I’m sorry.” I managed to croak out just as the Emperor burst back into the room carrying the golden staff that I had hidden on my perch on the roof, I had no idea how he managed to both find it and retrieve it.

He held it high above his head then slammed the bottom of it down, an invisible force lifted all of us off of the floor and separated the group out so that he could see us all.

“How dare you Elsa, my own fiancé attack me?!” He said menacingly, “But no matter, we can sort that out before the wedding. Although for now, I think all of you need a vacation. You are all banished from Arendelle until the time of our wedding.”

The staff shone brighter and brighter until the light was unbearable, at that point I couldn’t hold on any longer. Instead of being blinded by light, I faded into the darkness of unconsciousness.

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