Death Note: Kira's return


Kira has returned to the world of the living, and first thing he does is fight back against those who hurt him.

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1: Light’s alive

Up in the Shinigami world, everyone was abuzz about something that has never happen before.

“Hey, did you hear about what that Shinigami with the red eyes did?” asked a Shinigami as he rolled some dice. He looked like a werewolf.

“Do you mean the one with the limp and careening the scythe on his back?” asked another Shinigami who was a bag of bones

“Yeah, that’s the one,” said the first Shinigami.

“What did he do?” asked a third Shinigami who looked like a tree.

“He asked the king for three more Death Notes,” said the first.

“Did he give them to him?” asked the third.

“He did, and now that Shinigami has four Death Notes,” said the first as he took a bite of an apple that he had won.

“Why does anyone need that many Death Notes?” asked the second.

“Who knows,” said the second as he picked up the dice. Meanwhile, at the portal to the human world, the Shinigami that the others were talking about was standing before the portal.

“You sure went through a lot to get those eyes and Death Notes,” said Ryuk as he walked up.

“Did you get what I asked for?” asked the Shinigami without turning around.

“I got it,” said Ryuk with a smile.

“Good, because I have to still show you a good time in the human world,” said the Shinigami as he jumped into the portal followed by Ryuk. While in the portal, the un-named Shinigami started to take on a new form as his bones were covered in muscles, blood visuals, and skin.

“Man is it good to have flesh again,” said the Shinigami as he raised his head to reveal Light’s face, he had the same clothes on that he had died in, but they were clean and brand new now. The two then landed at the warehouse where Light had died.

“Well Light, your plan only took six years to work, but now you’re back and have the powers of a Shinigami,” said Ryuk.

“I know, the plan was for me to admit to being Kira so Matsuda would shoot me, so you could take my life by using the Death Note that you had,” said Light.

“That way everyone would think you died of a real heart attack, you also figured out that since the user of a Death Note can’t go to heaven or hell, it mint that you would become a Shinigami,” said Ryuk with a smile.

“And becoming a Shinigami guaranteed that I would get the eyes, so now no one is safe from Kira, but first I need you to take this Death Note to Misa so she can regain her memories, but make sure she doesn’t use it yet,” said Light as he handed Ryuk one of his Death Notes.

“Let me guess, you want to make sure that she has a long enough life span for the eye deal?” asked Ryuk as he took the note book.

“You know what I’m going to do to her,” said Light with a slight angry look on his face. Ryuk then took off to Misa’s apartment where he found her watching TV.

“Time to start the fun,” said Ryuk as he placed the Death Note in Misa’s lap. All at once, Misa’s memories came rushing back, when she turned around and saw Ryuk, she gave him a smile.

“I take it that the plan went as Light thought it would?” asked Misa as she looked at the Death Note.

“It did, now he’s a Shinigami, and everyone who was after him thinks he’s dead,” said Ryuk.

“And what about your part in the plan?” asked Misa.

“Don’t worry, I got the apple, but are you sure that you want to eat it?” asked Ryuk as he held a gold apple in his hands.

“After you take me to Light, I will,” said Misa as she took the gold apple from Ryuk. A few minutes later, Misa and Ryuk had arrived at the warehouse where Light was waiting.

“Light, are you here?” asked Misa as she looked around.

“Up here,” said Light as he walked on a cat walk.

“You look great for a dead man,” said Misa with a flirty body posture.

“Yeah, you should see my Shinigami form, it would even give murderers nightmares,” said Light as he jumped from the cat walk.

“So, what’s the new plan?” asked Misa.

“I’ll tell you after you eat the Golden Shinigami Apple, if you want to be my wife and the goddess of the new world, then you need the powers of a Shinigami, which that apple will give you,” said Light. Misa then pulled the apple out of her pocket, looked at how it shined for a second, and then took a huge bite out of it.

“Things are starting to get fun again,” said Ryuk as he watched her swallow the apple chunk. Suddenly, Misa started to scream as he skin melted off, and her clothes turned to black leather as her eyes turned black with pink pupils.

“Wha, what happened to me?” asked Misa as she looked at her boney hands.

“You are now a Shinigami, and don’t worry about turning back, all you have to do is think about your old body,” said Light. Misa then started to think of her old body, and as if nothing had happened, she had all of her skin back.

“Cool, so what’s the plan?” asked Misa.

“Easy, kill bad guys and those who were here when I died,” said Light before he let out his evil laugh.

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