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Angel Wings

By Kaitlyn Scanlan

Adventure / Fantasy

Her Maid: Reliable

I stood silently before the wooden door, balancing a plate of warm chocolate cake in my hand. Listening carefully, yet my young lord made no noise inside the room. Taking a deep breath before entering with a gentle knock. Books lined both walls of the study and directly ahead sat my young mistress, staring blankly out the wall of windows. I sighed, setting the cake down.

"Tonight for snack I present you with marble cake with creamy, homemade chocolate frosting." Evelyn, my lord, did nothing but smile vaguely before turning back to the window, not touching the cake. "Are you alright my Lady?" I asked gently, watching her with curious eyes. "You seem...distracted." she nodded taking a single bite of the cake to show she was putting in an effort.

"It's so quiet." The girl whispered after a moment of silence. "I hate the winter, it's too cold and quiet...everything is dead." She said depressingly. I furrowed my brow in concern before looking out the window at the courtyard coated in silvery white, painted orange, red, and yellow in the setting sun.

"Forgive my opinion madam but I love the winter. Watching as the snow coat everything in a pure white cocoon, wiping the world clean so it can start anew in spring. Almost like a resurrection." I pressed glancing Evelyn from the corner of my eye. She grinned, and rolled her eyes.

"Like Jesus?" she asked. I nodded proudly and she almost laughed.

"Always bible references with you." I smiled gently, cocking my head at her.

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked playfully, she just shook her head as if I was 100% predictable, though I could see her sorting out my words, absorbing a new concept of winter and considering it. She ate her cake silently and I waited patiently for her to finish. Taking the empty plate a moment later. I stared at her, her first Christmas since her parents' death, her first one alone. I couldn't help but pity the girl.

"The manor is so quiet." she said resting her chin on her arms on the desk, the silence making her feel alone.

"Enjoy it now, once the servants return from their holiday it will be everything but." I said attempting to cheer her up but to no avail. "Your parents are happy you don't need to mourn for them." I said bluntly, startling her.

"Are they really?" she asked me wonderingly. I nodded.

"Yes they are, and eventually you will join them...you've ensured that." Evelyn smiled a little, before returning her face to an impassive mask, void of all emotion as she nodded. Her shoulders relaxing a little from my words. I placed a letter on the table, sliding into her view, she straightened up.

"What's this?" she asked, staring at the opened envelope and spotting the Trancy family crest plastered across it.

"It appears the young lord Trancy is going to have his annual Christmas ball." I said, my mind already beginning to wonder about the ball. Evelyn visibly cringed, picking up the letter.

"When is it?" She asked, skimming the letter herself, barely touching it as if it were diseased.

"Christmas eve." I answered respectfully.

"Don't I have plans that day?" she asked, "Extra classes, or a show, or maybe horseback riding lessons." she asked almost pleading.

"My lady it's winter." I said raising an eyebrow at her horse excuse.

"Well can't we just say I have plans?" she asked. "Please."

"Lying is a sin." Sophie corrected causing Evelyn to sigh and return to reading the letter.

"He has included a list of some of his guests." Evelyn noted skimming over the bottom of the letter. "Madame Red...Lady Elizabeth...Ciel Phantomhive...I don't know anyone who is going and quite honestly I don't think anyone will notice if I do not attend." Evelyn said as she put down the letter, massaging her headache with the palms of her hands.

"Lady Evelyn, I understand you seem to hold a grudge against Lord Trancy, However you cannot simply leave your fiancΓ©'s ball unattended." furrowing my brow, concerned about her misbehavior. "Besides lord Trancy's father recently passed, he deserves our sympathy."

"Yea, yea I know..." Evelyn trailed off, mentally cursing at her late family for engaging her to such a childish boy. "It looks like the ball is tomorrow... I thought you just said I don't need to mourn the dead?" She asked giving me a suspicious look. I bit my lip nervously.

"We need not grieve for your parents; however I am afraid the late earl Trancy was a lost soul." My stomach lurched at the sheer idea of his sins. Evelyn nodded in understanding, quickly moving on from the topic.

"If I am to attend this ball of his, I need to bring a gift of some type. How do you suppose we go about finding this gift?" I smiled softly closing my eyes and letting my silver hair fall over my shoulders as I tilted my head.

"Just leave that to me." I said cheerfully, picking up the empty plate and striding gracefully from the room, Evelyn's eyes following me curious of my intentions. I walked briskly down the hallway, already blessed with an idea for the perfect gift. I walked faster, eager to get started.

Evelyn would be fine if I vanished for a little while. I thought. Besides I simply don't have time to prepare the coach for her to ride with me. She won't even notice my absence. I decided, cleaning the plate quickly before stepping outside, the soft snow crunching under my feet. I allowed my feathery white wings to blossom from my back, revealing my true form as I leaped into the air. I pushed my hair from my face as I flew through the grey sky, the wind brushing the light snow gently from my shoulders and hair. I glided gracefully through the clouds, enjoying the scenery and the freedom that came with flying.

I flew swiftly to the bay, making haste of my time. My wing's dissolved into nothing as I landed in a deserted alley. I smoothed my gown and my hair before walking towards the merchants in search of the desired gift. Time ticked away from me as I walked around the docs, unable to find what I searched for. The sun finished setting and darkness fell, and with it I could feel the men around me gathering. I ignored them and continued my search, remaining calm and collected as I searched every stand and merchant in the market but couldn't find what I was searching for. Feeling defeated I made my way back to the alley, I prayed silently as I walked, while simultaneously trying to think of an alternative present. I prepared to spread my wings when a group of grubby men emerged from the shadows, their wild eyes and evil grins reminded me of demons. I remained calm, my face passive as the leader approached me.

"Oi," One of them said his voice deep and gravelly as he eyed me, his disgusting sinful gaze looking me up and down, causing my skin to crawl. "Are ye lost ducky? We can show ye the way home." He said, one quick glance told me they were obviously pirates and I had no interest in dirtying my hands with them.

"I am not lost." I said calmly, as I bowed my head in respect. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to get home or my lady may worry for me." I tried to walk away but they just closed in around me.

"What's the rush?" one of the younger sailors asked.

"Aye, why don't you stay a while." another one added. I bowed my head pressing my hands together to pray.

"Forgive me." I muttered quietly. Quickly grabbing my hidden Katana knives, their silver blades glistening orange in the sunset, their black handles were painted with ribbons of white, the bottoms of the handles carved into Yin/Yang symbols.

I reacted to the nearest man who lunged at me. I used the handle of one of my daggers to jab him in the stomach, he kneeled over in pain, but he would be alright eventually.

"Forgive me," I apologized with a bow of my head, "We can end this now if you like, I would prefer not to shed blood."

"Wench! You will pay for this!" the man cried out as all of the surrounding men lashed at me. I sighed, but my blades worked quickly, swiftly slicing through the air and their clothes as I gracefully twirled between the men, careful not to cut skin as I fought using the backs of my blades. And one by one, they all fell to the ground until only one remained standing. He gaped at me before blindly charging blindly like a wounded, cornered animal. I sidestepped him, bringing the handle down on his head knocking him out. I began to walk down the alley, past the groaning men, knowing that in a day's time they would all be well again. Glancing down at the captain something shiny caught my eye, peeking out of his jacket. I crouched down beside him. I gingerly pulled on the silver chain, finding a silver pocket watch with the new Eiffel tower engraved into it; it was exactly what I had been looking for. However it was undoubtedly stolen.

"May I?" I asked gently.

"Take it! Take it!" the man cried out frightened. "Just leave me alone!" I pulled the watch free and tucked it away safely with my katana. I stood to leave, a pleasant smile on my lips. "What- what are ye." the captain asked, as I reached the edge of the alley. I turned back to him, smiling warmly at him.

"I am simply one heavenly maid." I said, as my wings burst from my back, and I leapt into the air, vanishing into the distance, leaving the man gaping in awe.

I arrived back at Ashden manor a half hour later, and presented the French pocket watch to Evelyn as I readied her for bed. She gaped at it a moment before gingerly picking it up, almost as if she was scared to break it.

"Where...how did you..." she asked amazed. I smiled placing a finger to my lips in silence.

"It's time for bed young lady. We can share stories tomorrow." I said tucking her into bed in a way only a mother would.

"Goodnight Sophie." Evelyn said, already drifting to sleep.

"Goodnight my lady." I said, blowing out the lantern and shutting the door so I was alone in the hallway. "Well then." I said to myself. "I guess tomorrow, it's off to Trancy manor."

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