The Search For Ash's Father & Team Rocket's Grandest Scheme


Team Rocket is once again up to no good. But who is this mysterious man with them that knows so much about Ash? Learning about his father, Ash will go on his greatest adventure yet.

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Prologue: Team Rocket's Grand Scheme

Giovanni sits at his desk, plotting his latest scheme to rule the world. He does this while smoking a cigarette. His dark suit is well-pressed and clean, just how he liked it, and his dark brown hair combed and well-kept.

His campaign to take over the world started in his late teens. He grew cynical about life and questioned society's norms and values. He grew tired of Pokémon being used for experiments that could kill them, as well as other things. It drove him to the point of no return and he started to think of what could happen if he were in control. None of these plagues would ever take place again as he would be the one making all the decisions for the world. From these thoughts, the plan to take over the world started to take shape. To take action, he formed his own organization: Team Rocket. He turned them into a powerhouse in capturing rare Pokémon to do his bidding and create the world anew.

The world in his image was a thought that always grew in his mind, day by day. It was an image of people saluting him the way they did Hitler, his picture everywhere you looked. It was what drove him on through all the setbacks and failures.

A telephone on his desk rings, cutting him off. He growls as he picks up the receiver.

"What is it?! You better have a good reason to interrupt my daydreaming or you're fired!" Giovanni screamed into the receiver.

"Sir, he's here," said his secretary over the phone.

Giovanni's attitude changed from annoyance to one of pure interest and contemplation. He had been waiting for the man to arrive all day, and now that time had come.

"Good," Giovanni responded. "Send him in."

"Yes sir."

Giovanni smiled after putting down the phone. This was the man he had been waiting to see for many years. This man was his final piece of the puzzle to figuring out how to take over the world.

The door opens and in walks a man in his mid to late 30's. His tidy black hair cut short, ending just at the middle of his neck, and his light green eyes glowed with malice.

"Ah, Drake," greets Giovanni as they shook hands. "It's so good to see you. Please have a seat."

"It's been far too long, Giovanni," the stranger returns before sitting down in a chair. "How long has it been? Sixteen years?"

"It's been around that time, Drake," Giovanni puts the cigarette out. "Ever since you lost contact with me after that one mission about sixteen years ago."

"I thought so. How the years go by, my friend. Just seems like yesterday that I had received my first Pokémon. Even sooner, when I was so close to winning leagues and winning gym badges."

"Yes they do," Giovanni then changed the subject. "Have you considered my proposal?"

"Yes I have," responded Drake. "I must straight up say that with the agents you have now, there's no way you will complete this."

"You dare call Team Rocket incompetent?!" Giovanni roared.

"I'm not calling anyone anything, Giovanni. We're just talking," placated Drake. "I mean that some of your agents are incompetent, not the whole organization. Like that bumbling duo, Jessie and James. Why do you keep them around, no matter how much they fail? I remember when the sight of Team Rocket was enough to make anyone quake in fear. Now we're just the butt of jokes."

Giovanni is now taking complete interest in what Drake had to say. This was why he asked him to come today: to help him find ways for world domination.

"Whom do you speak of, Drake? Tell me who you have in mind."

"One of the top trainers in the world. He's known as the Chosen One, the favorite of the legendary Pokémon. And he lives right here in Kanto: Ash Ketchum." Drake proclaimed.

"That kid?" Giovanni chuckled. "Please, there is no way he could be your..."

"Don't say it!" Drake stormed before returning back to normal. Giovanni understood why he bristled and elected not to press on the subject.

"Ok. I will have a couple of agents sent to capture him and bring him to me. We will convert him and with him, Team Rocket will rule the world. And it will be all because of you, Drake."

"I don't want any solo credit for this, Giovanni. We've done all this together."

The door busted open followed by sounds of squabbling. Giovanni turned from Drake to look at who was at the door: Jessie and James were fighting over who got to get in first. Wedged between the door frame, they shoved each other from one side to the other.

"No I got here first so I should go in first!" James said.

"Well I'm a lady and the rule is to let ladies in first!" Jessie shot back as they then noticed Giovanni.

"Oh, good morning boss," they both said as they then tumbled into the room in a mangled heap. Meowth stepped over them and walked into the room.

"What are you three doing here?" Giovanni asked annoyed. "It better be worth my time."

Jessie and James smoothed out their shirts and wiped off any dirt.

"We have a brilliant new plan to capture Pikachu and it is fool proof!" Jessie exclaimed before turning to James. "James, tell him what it is."

Drake chuckled when he heard that, having heard about these two buffoons.

"Why me? You're always the one who comes up with these crazy schemes," whined James. "Must be why we haven't captured Pikachu yet."

"What was that?" Jessie raged as she grabbed James by the front of his shirt and shook him like a doll, demanded him to say what he had said.

Meowth slapped his paw to his face in exasperation. He is tired of them arguing like this.

He then jumped up and slammed their heads together, causing them to stop and grab their heads in pain. Meowth had started doing it because scratching them caused his claws to start chipping. Arceus knew he loved having pure claws.

"Thank you. Now will you two please knock it off?" Meowth roared.

"I don't want to hear about your stupid plan right now." Giovanni interjected, agitated at their antics. "Please wait outside for now until I call you in."

The three then slumped over and walked out the door. Giovanni turned back to Drake, pouring two glasses of scotch for the both of them. Drake got up and stood by the window with him, looking out at the green forest on a bright sunny day.

"So where were we again?" He asked as he handed Drake a glass.

"Find Ash Ketchum and things will just get all the more easier," explained Drake, taking a sip of the glass. "His quick wits and expertise in battle will make a valuable asset to Team Rocket. I have seen it."

"I agree. That little runt will be an agent, no matter how long it takes." Giovanni agreed. "Though he is as self-righteous as his mother. To add extra incentive for him to join, we must attack right at the heart. If we kidnap his mother and hold her hostage, he will do whatever we say."

"I'll handle it," Drake said. "Dispatch me a helicopter and I will do it. Been a pleasure doing business with you, Giovanni."

Him and Giovanni shook hands with wicked grins on their faces.

"I agree. Now send Jessie and James in."

Drake walked towards the door. Just as he opened it, Jessie and James, as well as Meowth, fell out onto the floor. It seemed they had been eavesdropping.

"Were you three eavesdropping?" Drake asked.

"We weren't dropping any eaves. That's for sure." James chuckled.

"Whatever." Drake walked past them and left the office.

Jessie and James, almost immediately, raced over to Giovanni's desk and stood at attention.

"I've got a job for you three and you better not mess it up. If you fail, I'll have Butch and Cassidy do it and you are fired." explained Giovanni, "I have had it with you three and your unflattering track record. Succeed and you will be rewarded."

The three villains immediately did some weird happy dance. Jumping around like little pixie horses, anime tears coming out of their eyes, and so on.

"A job?" Jessie squealed.

"For us?" James sounded just as excited.

"Say the word and we'll be off, boss."

Giovanni gave a small smile.

"I need you to catch that Ketchum kid," he replied.

"The twerp?" Jessie asked. "What do you need him for?"

"Yeah why is the twerp so important?" Meowth also questioned.

"A small operation. One that could gain us the world. I don't care how you do it or how long it takes. Just get it done." he said before shouting "UNDERSTAND?!"

The three agents immediately ran out the door post haste while trying to say that they understood.

"The world will now be mine." Giovanni then let out an evil laugh.

Giovanni walked through the hangar. He was preparing to go out on assignment and make sure everything went according to plan. This scheme was going to succeed and he would make sure it did while he had breath in him.

"Boss, it all goes on your command." A grunt stood at attention."We are ready to do as you command."

Giovanni grins in delight.

"Good," he responded. "Today we will be making a visit to the peaceful little town of Pallet. We have something special there to pick up. We leave in four hours so make it worthwhile."

"Right away, sir," the grunt saluted and took off.

Giovanni entered his helicopter and sat down in the seat behind the pilot with Persian in his lap. Giovanni stroked the feline's back, causing it to purr at its master's touch.

"Take us out of here," said Giovanni to the pilot. "We must do some scouting."

"Right away, sir." The pilot responded as the helicopter started to take off into the morning sky. The telephone on the chopper immediately started ringing. Giovanni growled as he picked it up and placed the receiver up to his ear.

"What is it?" He demanded.

"Sir, we have just learned that the kid that Drake mentioned is back in Pallet Town from the Kalos region." his secretary said on the other line. "Seems like everything is falling into place. Permission to now start proceeding with Operation: World Domination?"

Giovanni smiled even wider than before. Everything was becoming so easy that it almost made him want to laugh.

"Permission granted," he replied before putting the phone down. 'Everything is falling just as I have planned. Team Rocket will rule the world!'

"How are we going to catch the twerp this time?"

Jessie, James and Meowth were all in the mess hall with the other grunts in Team Rocket having breakfast. Jessie sipped on a cup of coffee while reading the daily digest.

"Doesn't matter how hard we try because we always end up blasting off again." Meowth pouted.

"I don't like your attitude, Meowth," Jessie snapped. "Why don't you go poop on someone else's party, you little party pooper."

"There ain't a party to poop on as long as you two are around." He shot back. "I've never been to a party since college."

"I never knew you went to college, Meowth." James interjected.

"There's still a lot of things you don't know about me, Jimmy ole pal." Meowth smirked as he went into a fantasy of the parties he used to go to in college.

"Come back to Earth, you Animal House feline!" Jessie snapped him out of his flashback sequence. "Now if you two won't help me figure out a plan, then I guess I'll just have to do this mission by myself."

"Hey Jess," came a snarky voice. Jessie scowled as she knew who it was behind her. Behind her was a blonde-haired young woman in her early twenties with a sneer etched onto her face.

"What do you want, Cassidy?" She growled. Ever since the two of them duked it out in their trainee days, they have always had it out for each other. No matter what the circumstances, the two were like two Tauros in a china shop when they were together.

"Oh nothing. Just wanting to know if the rumors were true," Cassidy giggled.

"What rumors?"

"I heard that Giovanni put the two of you on the job of trying to catch that kid and his Pikachu," she smirked. "Don't worry, honey. If you fail again, me and Mitch will take care of it for you."

"The name's Butch actually," came the disgruntled reply from her teal-haired partner. "Not Mitch."

"That's none of your business, Cassidy," Jessie raged as she stood up in Cassidy's face. "And just so you know, when me and my partners complete our mission, you will be at my feet. You will be crying for forgiveness when we get promoted by Giovanni."

"Yeah, as if," Cassidy laughed. "I'd be more likely to kiss a Seviper before that were to happen."

Cassidy and Butch then walked away from the group, leaving Jessie spitting angry.

"Ok, that's it," she raged. "We are pulling out all the stops now. No more Mr. Nice Team Rocket. Either the twerp and Pikachu are coming with us or we are going to just capture them by force. No matter what!"

"What do you have in mind now, Jess?" James asked, stabbing his eggs with his plastic fork without interest.

"Only the most cut-throat and cutting-edge plan that I have ever come up with," she cried.

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