Kagome's Choice and Pain


When Kagome is severally injuried during a fight, she must make a choice to save her life. How much is she willing going to give up in order to live on.

Drama / Adventure
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New Adventure

Kagome's P.O.V.

She disliked this. She didn't trust the fact she wasn't in control. She had always been in control of things in her life nevertheless; this was not something she could control. The pain was unbearable with the burning and stinging of the change that was happening in her own body. The burning was that kind of white-hot pain that left wishing you were dead and hoping the end come soon. However, she knew that as much as she hated it, she was going to have to deal with it because she needed this change in order to save her life. She didn't like it, but she had to trust that things would work out in the end.

Inuyasha's P.O.V.

I had watched her over the years, knew how strong and brave she was, and also knew she could put on a brave face from time to time. However, this latest injury was unlike anything she had ever encountered before, and I knew she would not be able to fake her way out of this one. Only a person with demon blood could survive without any problem or any scars, a person like me, half-human and half-demon, could survive, not without any scars, but we could live, a human could not. Not even with her human/miko blood could she survive due to the type of injury she sustained.

I knew when we took the job that it would be dangerous but still I didn't think it would be this bad. Going into the Western Territory was never a good idea and I would have avoided it if it were possible. Because the village we were called to be so deep in Sesshomaru's domain. That by itself made me feel more apprehensive about going there in the first place. I even tried to convince everyone that we should go a different route in order to keep us out of the main part of his domain as much as possible.

Sesshomaru and I had a very unsteady alliance since the destruction of Naraku and the Shikon no Tama several years ago, 5 years ago to be precise. Rin had been living the village with Kaede, until her death last year, and she had even helped with killing off a few brazen demons that tried to attack our village a few months ago. That did not mean that Sesshoumaru viewed me as a friend, or even family for that matter. I also knew wasn't likely for him to care about what happened to those whom I called friends or family, in other words, those I choose to protect.

Now, here I am heading straight to him to ask for his help. I know that he may know of some kind of trick that could save her. He just has to, because if he doesn't know of a way to save her or maybe someone who can help us, she will die and that just can't happen.

I know I am not one to beg, but I will if that is what I have to do to save her. After all, it is my fault this happened in the first place. If I had gotten to her sooner, she would not have been in this situation right now. Thank whatever gods there are out there, that my other friends where there to save her or she would be dead right now. However, that doesn't change the fact that I failed in my duty to protect her like I always promised I would.


Third Person P.O.V.

"Come on, Kagome," called Shippo as he followed her to the hot springs. "Why can't I come with you guys? It would be just like old times. Except now I can help fight now that I got stronger at the Kitsune Academy," He whined.

"Shippo," sighed Kagome and with a tone of chastisement, "you know we can't leave the village unprotected now that Kaede is gone. So we need you to protect the village." Then as an afterthought she said, "You know that it is a very important job and think how proud Inuyasha would be if you could ward off a demon attack while we are gone and save the whole village." She knew that Shippo would do anything to make not just her, but Inuyasha proud of him. She smiled at the young man who stood before her who now was as tall as Inuyasha and almost as handsome in her opinion.

Hanging his head in shame at his childish manner, he knew that if no one was protecting Sango and Miroku's children then they would not leave the village and they were needed on this journey as well. In addition, Kohaku would take his place in a manner of speaking. Therefore, he needed to stay behind and protect the village and all those he held dear to him. Besides, what would happen if Sesshoumaru showed up and was angry because Kagome wasn't there and decided to pick a fight with the village?

"I'm sorry, Kagome," He smiled at her, "you're right, I shouldn't be so selfish. I will do my very best to protect the village and use all of my new skills to keep harm away." He then hugged her and hopped into a nearby tree and as he vanished, he called back to her. "Thank you for reminding me of my responsibilities, Kagome, you're the best!" With that he was out of sight and off to protect the hot springs as he was asked by Inuyasha.

Kagome chuckled because she knew where he was heading and why. A year ago or so she noticed that when she was bathing alone at the hot springs she could sense that Inuyasha was nearby and that he was not alone either. She then learned to figure out who was there with him through her training. She figured out that it was Shippo watching with Inuyasha. She felt really safe because of that and she never told them she knew that they were there but she had a feeling that already knew that she knew.

Six months later, she noticed that she wasn't always being watched by both of them. Sometimes it was just Inuyasha and sometimes it was just Shippo. She wasn't worried or scared because Inuyasha wasn't there when it was only Shippo because she still felt safe with Shippo near. Not as safe as with Inuyasha, but still safe because she knew she was protected.

When she had finished her bath, she returned to the village with Shippo. Upon entering the village she noticed that her friends and Inuyasha where all sitting by the fire in front of Kaede's old hut discussing something. Miroku and Sango were seated on one log to the right of the fire, and Inuyasha was seated on a log across from them. They all looked rather concerned, but Inuyasha had more than just concern etched onto his face.

"What is it?" asked Kagome almost scared to know what was wrong. She took her seat next to Inuyasha, put a hand over his, and squeezed it to offer comfort to him.

"Greetings, Lady Kagome, I trust your bath was pleasant?" Asked Miroku and received a lovely lump on his head from his beautiful wife Sango. "I mean…" he trailed off when he looked at Inuyasha who looked like he wanted to kill him.

"We are just discussing the best direction to the village that needs our help and Inuyasha doesn't want to take the quickest route he wants to add one to two additional days onto the journey so that we can take a longer route. However, he will not say why or justify his choice of routes. He was just about to explain why when you walked up so now you can hear his answer," said Sango as she looked over at Inuyasha with a look that said 'you had better explain yourself now or I will find a way to kill you'.

Inuyasha, to everyone's shock, paled visibly and gulped down the sudden lump in his throat. "I just don't think that the normal route is the best way is all. Okay? If we go the route that I said, we will be able to stay out of his… just never mind okay. We are going my way that is final!" With that, he got up and leapt away but not before looking at Kagome with pleading eyes, eyes that she rarely saw.

After Inuyasha had been gone for a few minutes Kagome spoke up, "I think we should listen to him." She stopped speaking as she realized something. "Wait where is this village again?"

"The village is 4 days, on the quickest most well-traveled route, from here in the Western part of Musashi," said Miroku.

"Why?" asked Sango.

Thinking for a moment it hit Kagome like a bundle of rice, 'Oh! I get it he wants to go the other way because it is less likely to draw attention to Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's older half-brother!' Once she realized this, she just had to explain it without revealing this fact to the others. "I think that maybe we should listen to Inuyasha and go the direction that he wants. For two reasons, one being that I know he knows that area very well, he may have a good reason to want to go that way instead. Second because if we don't go that way then we have to listen to him complain about us not listening to him. Besides, we could shave a few hours or so off the journey if we travel with Kirara and Inuyasha going as fast as possible for the first day or so. What do you think?"

"Okay, Lady Kagome, if you think it's best then we will do it his way," said Miroku.

Kagome nodded, then turned, and walked in the direction that Inuyasha had leaped, hoping she could find him before nightfall. 'I wish I was a half-demon then I could find him more easily. Oh well, I will go meditate by the Sacred God's Tree.' She thought to herself as she walked the familiar path. She could hardly believe that it had been 2 years since her returned from her world to live out her days in the feudal era with Inuyasha and her friends. She still missed her family in the modern era but she would have died in her own world without Inuyasha because as she realized, just as Inuyasha did, that she was born to be with him and he was born to be with her.

When she reached the Sacred Tree she sat down on the base roots that were exposed that made for good seats and practiced her balance while meditating. She got comfortable and began to clear her mind. She started to have difficulty completely clearing her mind so she began to hum to help her concentrate on the task at hand.

Using her miko powers she began to stretch her senses around her until she sensed all the people in village and even found Inuyasha and Shippo. She was able to sense that Kohaku was not far away on Kirara and would be here in a few hours.

She could also sense a few small low-level demons that where just about a day's journey away which was just about the extent of her range. She was safe and would not be harmed while she practiced her powers for a little while.

Suddenly she felt a pull on her that was both powerful and familiar at the same time. She was not sure if she should explore the pull or stop and talk things over with Miroku, who had become her spiritual trainer after Kaede's death last year. She decided to pull her senses back and not explore anymore because she was going to be needed to finish the dinner and then eat and head for bed. She knew her duties of the home that she and Inuyasha shared with Shippo and Kohaku. She also helped make a large meal for Sango and Miroku's family as well. She would do this because she knew that they had a lot of work to keep up with three children.

Just as she finished pulling her senses back and then calming her nerves from the strain, she opened her eyes only to get a big surprise. Inuyasha's golden eyes were right there in her face.

"Ahhh!" she screamed as she fell off her perch on the roots.

"Damn it," cursed Inuyasha, "Are you ok Kagome? Are you hurt?" He then helped her to her feet.

Still gasping from surprise she glared at him, "How long have you been there?" Holding a hand to her chest as if to calm her run away heart rate. "You surprised me!" she exclaimed.

"I didn't mean to you know." Inuyasha said with a sad look on his face with a tiny hint of anger in his golden eyes. "I haven't been here long and I was just trying to see if you could sense me being so close to you just now." Then with a playful chuckle he added, "I guess you still need to work on that huh?"

"Oh, really?" Kagome said as if she was upset with his statement though she wasn't upset at all. "I will have you know that I was sensing long distance. I am not able to sense when someone has moved from the spot they were when I first sensed them. I usually just sense how close they are to my general location." Kagome sat back down on the root she had fallen off of and motioned for Inuyasha to sit beside her.

Inuyasha sat down where she asked him to sit and looked over at her, "Haven't you been training to get better at handling your powers?"

"Yes I have, which is why I have been out here every day meditating. I think I have been doing very well so far. I can sense up to a full day's journey away from the village. I can sense up to hot springs from here or to the tree from the hot springs." She sighed. "Thank you Inuyasha, now I have a new goal to reach."

Smirking Inuyasha stood up and pulled her on to his back. "Well, I am glad you have something new to work on. I just hope that your fighting skills have improved as well, with Shippo and me helping with your target practice by being moving targets for you to shoot your powers at, which hurt me less than Shippo," with that he carried her back to the village.

When they got to the edge of the village he let her down and before letting her go he pulled her close and kissed her nose. "You didn't tell them why did you?"

She knew what he meant and she shook her head. "Nope, just told them that we would go your way."


"Because that's your business. I also felt you would explain if you wanted to and since you didn't you had your reasons for not wanting to talk about it. Sound good to you?" She said with a smile.

"Yes, Thank you." He kissed her again and then walked her to the hut that they shared.

**End of Flashback**

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