Kagome's Choice and Pain

Sesshomaru's Training Of Poison

Kagome, Inuyasha, Kohaku, and Kirara finally arrived in the village and were greeted by Shippo and the rest of the group. They talked with Miroku and Sango about the new skills that Kagome has and all the information that had been discussed over the course of the journey back to the village. Kagome was very quiet and didn't talk much which was very unusual for her.

"Kagome, follow me," said Inuyasha as he too stood and walked away.

Kagome followed him and wondered what he would want to talk to her about so soon after returning to the village. She didn't say very much and even made no attempt to look at him all the way to the Sacred God's Tree.

"Kagome, what is the matter with you?" Inuyasha demanded as he spun around to look at her. He then noted the fact that that she wasn't looking at him. "Damn it, look at me. I am worried about you. Don't you realize that by now? I do care what happens to you but since we met up with Koga you have not said two words to me or anyone else for that matter. So tell me what the hell is wrong with you?" He shouted at her.

"I am scared," she whispered softly to him without lifting her head. "I am scared of this power that I can't control. What should I do laugh and pretend I am not scared? Well I can't do that."

Inuyasha was a little taken aback from her statement and wasn't sure really what to say. She could tell he really wanted to yell at her like he had done in the past when she said or did something that he thought was stupid. However, she couldn't figure out what she was scared of but she knew that her power was not the same as what she had before. She wanted to be the normal miko she had always been since she had come back.

Inuyasha was surprised to smell the salty scent of tears and look up to her face to conform what he had smelled. "Kagome," said Inuyasha as he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly, "You know I can't stand to see you cry. Please stop okay, you will learn how to control your powers just like I had to and you won't be alone, me and the rest will help you. In fact, we will be getting a visit from Sesshomaru here soon with some new clothes and such for you. Now you know that he would not go to such trouble for someone who he thought was weak. I will personally ask him to train you with your poison claws and how to use the poisons in your weapons, too."

Kagome looked up at him with a shocked look on her face. She didn't even know what to say to him so she just smiled and hugged him again. Just then both their stomachs growled and made them both laugh out loud.

"I guess we should go and eat before it is too late to eat anything. I am sorry we don't have ramen anymore but I am sure we could cook up some stew instead. How does that sound Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha only smiled as he picked her up bridal style and carried her all the way to the hut where everyone was waiting to talk see if they would come back and answer their questions. Shippo was the first one, when they first had come back, to start asking all kinds of questions about the reason Kagome now looked so different and even smelled different.

"They will explain everything once they have had a chance to rest a little bit, okay," said Sango as she tried to move Shippo out of the way of the seemingly exhausted travelers, whom seem to want nothing more than to find a good soft bed and sleep.

"But I want to know why she looks like that, and why she smells so very different from her normal scent. Please explain that much to us Kagome, Inuyasha," cried Shippo in a very childish type voice.

"Shippo-chan, I am still the same person I was when I left here with the others, and once I have had a chance to relax and have a meal, I promise I will sit down and tell you everything that you need to know about why my appearance has changed. However, until then you will have to be on your best behavior is this understood? I don't want you being a bother to the others. I hope I have made myself perfectly clear young man," Kagome said sounding rather cross with the young kit before turning and heading in the direction of the sacred god's tree without waiting for an answer.

The weeks past and everything became a rather normal routine of daily life. Kagome were up at the first light of day and would do a patrol of the area to ensure that the village was still protected. Then they would hunt for some food to feed the small band of former and present warriors of the village.

Kohaku was off taking care of some of his regular assignments of slaying demons of neighboring villages. He still kept to himself and was quiet when he visited but was a bit more open than before. He was happy that Kagome was safe and not having a hard time adjusting to the life of a ¾ demon. He also started hanging out with a few of the local children who were his own age and one of them was a teenage girl who seemed to have her eye on Kohaku.

Shippo, who had taken the news of how Kagome had been changed, in the first place, fairly well, was now back in training this time joining in with Kagome and Inuyasha. He also learning how to do more tricks and was even teaching Kagome a few demon tricks that Kagome could use in a pinch that all low level demons would do. The tricks were able to fool an enemy into going after the fall traps and not finding the real target when a person's energy levels are low or when she has a time of weakness like Inuyasha.

Inuyasha for his part was pretty much bored with the small lesson except when Kagome had learned to create a scatter pattern attack that he could not follow. He was happy she learned some skills from the little runt. He also hoped she would not need to use her poison powers any time soon before Sesshomaru arrives in the village.

It was still two full weeks of training before Lord Sesshomaru showed up in the village. The villagers, who had been terrified by his initial presence from time to time when he would visit Rin, had come to out to greet the Demon Lord. He nodded his head in acknowledgement of their greeting but said nothing, which they had always expected now and allowed him to be on his way.

Rin was the first one after the villagers to greet him and welcome back. She was always so happy when he came to see her and even more so when she would get a present too. She bowed to him in show of respect, which Inuyasha had been the one to demand of the girl the day he took over her protection after Kaede's demise. She had rebelled at first but when Sesshomaru had learned that she wasn't listening to the one in charge of caring for her, even if it was Inuyasha, he was furious with her and told her that if she didn't start listening to Inuyasha then she would be punished. She didn't listen still, at first, until Inuyasha, at Sesshomaru's orders, sent Myoga to fetch the Demon Lord with a single word message, PUNISHMENT. Rin didn't sit down for nearly a week; she either lay on her stomach or stood. She was never asked what happened to her as a form of punishment but one only needed to watch her to know she had been punished in the form of an abused backside from Sesshomaru himself.

"Lord Sesshomaru," said Miroku who had come up behind Rin with the others not far behind save for Inuyasha and Kagome. "Welcome to our humble village, Milord."

"…" said Sesshomaru as he began sniffing the air and strode away from the small group of Inuyasha and Kagome's friends to find the two he had come to see in the first place.

Not far from the sacred god's tree was Kagome and Inuyasha sparring in a heated manner that Sesshomaru had not seen as of yet with the two, and stood silently to watch the two fight their mock battle. He almost smiled at the depth of skill that young miko turned part demon had developed in just a few short weeks. But while he was watching the events unfold he began smelling the strong scent of poison and looked down at his own claws almost on reflex. However, the poison wasn't coming from him but in the direction of Kagome and Inuyasha. He looked up in shock as he say the all too familiar green glow that he would use to form his whip or even to just spray his poison at a person. He then knew that he had to stop the fight soon.

Kagome lunged at Inuyasha with a deadly glare in her eye. He had been teasing her about not being able make a hit on him all day and she was livid about his continuing taunts. She had been in a bit of a foul mood all day and had even snapped sharply at Sango for no reason. She wasn't sure what was wrong but she had spent most of the rest of the day up in the sacred God's tree that way she would not accidently hurt someone she cared about. However, Inuyasha came looking for her and then teased her for being so stupid. She also was not in the best of moods since he had teased her about her training with Shippo. This was something she could not figure out for the life of her.

Inuyasha for his part was doing his best to just land a hit on her despite the fact that she was still only a just a young child in the terms of how long she had been a demon she was still not only a strong opponent but a very quick study in terms of fighting skill. She had even managed to take a few of his attacks and turn them around on him with such strength that he would have thought that she was going to be when the choice was made to save her life.

Suddenly a movement off to his far left let him know that his older brother had finally arrived. He thought that maybe he should put on a good show for the bastard until he sense the presence of poison in the air. He looked at Kagome to see if she was in danger but instead she was the one who was once again producing the poison. He was in shock, he had intended to help her vent some frustrations however, now he was staring down the one he loved once again who was ready to kill him.

'Crap, I didn't want to have to deal with this until after I had talked to him. Shit, I shouldn't have pushed her so much,' Inuyasha said to himself.

"Get...away," Kagome struggled to say as she lunged at him again. "Please…, Inuyasha…, run."

'She is trying to fight herself to control the poison,' thought Inuyasha at the same time.

"Inuyasha, it would be wise to back away from her until she controls that power," Sesshomaru spoke as he came into the view of both hanyou's. "Kagome, listen, I know that your first instinct is to fight against the poison power that you have. However, this is unwise. Allow it to flow. Allow the poison to flow through you and you will be able to control it once it has been able to flow."

Kagome looked up in shock at Sesshomaru, "But what if I hurt someone?"

"If you need a target, then try me," commanded Sesshomaru, "However, if you try to go after anyone else, I will have no choice but to stop you."

"Sesshomaru are you some kind of idiot?" Inuyasha shouted, "If you get too close she will kill you. I don't care if you are a poison demon you can still die."

Sesshomaru smirk slightly, "I am not as foolish as you and I will not die," with that he turned to look at Kagome once more, "Now, Kagome, attack me…if you dare."

Inuyasha understanding what Sesshomaru was saying, 'She needs to accept the power that is within her like she has accepted everything else. If she doesn't, she will never control the power that this could hold for her.' Inuyasha thought to himself, "Kagome, do what Sesshomaru says. He's right you have to accept this power if you want to control it. If you don't trust him then trust me. Please listen to what he says." Inuyasha then walk a ways away from the two so he could watch and not be in the way. He may be putting his trust in Sesshomaru, but he wouldn't leave Kagome alone with him if he could help it.

Kagome could hear his words and while she wanted to listen she also was afraid of the growing power within her. She also was afraid that she may hurt Sesshomaru or Inuyasha.

'Please,' she begged inside her head, 'please don't hurt them. They are family.' She didn't know for sure why but she didn't want to hurt anyone, least of all Sesshomaru after all he had done for her so far.

"I said ATTACK!" commanded Sesshomaru with an uncouth voice that he had not used in years.

Kagome lunged forward and swiped at Sesshomaru, who stepped to the side and caught Kagome's arm as she continued to drip poison from her hand. She also snarled at him when he caught her hand.

"Good," said Sesshomaru with a small hint of amusement.

"I hate you," snarled Kagome, "I hate what you have made me; it is your fault that I am this way. Why couldn't I just be who I have been all my life? WHY?!" Kagome had shouted the last part ask she took yet another swipe at Sesshomaru with you other hand.

"Very good," Sesshomaru was actually really impressed with Kagome she was learning quickly to fight, despite who had been teaching her. He had to wonder though, if she was this good now what more could she learn from him?

"Sesshomaru, wait," shouted Inuyasha, "There is something wrong. Why is she saying that? She wanted to be this way why is she now say that she hates being like this?"

"Inuyasha, I do not have time to explain, perhaps if you would mate with her she would be able to be more accepting of her new found heritage. Now, if you will excuse me, this training session is not over so I must ask you to stand down or I shall allow her to attack you," Sesshomaru ordered as he threw Kagome to the ground, "And if you can't do as I ask then you should leave."

Inuyasha, somewhat insulted by what Sesshomaru had said, moved away to sulk but was still with in visual and auditory range. He also moved down wind hoping that he would be able to prevent her from detecting should he need to move in to help Kagome or Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru on the other hand was more than happy to pretend that his brother wasn't there and concentrate on Kagome. He tried the direct approach and that seemed to make her angry so he decided to shift gears and try a different approach.

"Kagome, listen, while I understand what you are feeling you must push that aside for the time being, and concentrate on the flow of energy and power that you feel welling up in you. If you fight against it you will only fail and may even die, I know that this isn't what you desire now move forward and allow yourself the power that you do desire." Sesshomaru thought that maybe reason might work better on her than force. He wasn't use to talking in just a gentle way with someone other than Rin and he was way out of his comfort element trying to talk to this woman. However, what she said was true he did help create this mess and now he had to help her deal with his choose of help.

Kagome relaxed a bit and stood straight up with her eyes closed. She began to feel the poisonous power that she could not only feel but smell. She talked with in her mind, 'Please join with me. I want to learn to use you in a safe way. Why do you feel so angry all the time? Please calm yourself and allow me to help you find peace.'

'You mean to kill us,' the poison powers said.

'Kill you? No, I want to accept you,' Kagome said in return. She knew that she needed to do this if she wanted to move forward in life.

'Why should we trust one that has never held us as a power in her life? Not to mention the fact that you are also miko, you will kill us if we let our guard down.'

'That isn't true,' Kagome protested.

'Yes, only the dog demon (full-blood) can control our powers. What makes you think you can control us as well, a pitiful half demon?'

'Because I am not a half demon, I am a ¾ demon. I am more demon than Inuyasha and only ¼ human. I am miko but I am kind and loving to all no matter the blood. I am also willing to learn what Lord Sesshomaru has to offer about you. Only he can teach me how to use you without fearing you. Please, if you want to really live then please join me and trust in me.' Kagome pleaded.

For a long moment she wasn't sure that had convince the powers of poison to allow her the access and control that she needed. She wanted to offer more but she could not offer more than she did or she would die.

'Very well,' the poisons said after a long moment, 'but if we find that you have lied to us in any way we will not hesitate to control you once more and take all you love from you. I do hope this is understood as word of honor.'

Kagome smiles not just in her mind but on her face. When she opened her eyes she was looking into Sesshomaru's confused but intense eyes. "I am ready," is all she says as she lunges forward.

Inuyasha watched with marked fascination at the sudden change in the girl that he had fallen in love with and her demeanor changed when she had reopened her eyes. He could smell the sudden change in her aura and the way the poison had now become a part of her already heady scent which made him want to claim her even more.

He watched her with a small smirk playing at his lips as he brother and the woman, who one day would become his mate, exchange blows. Though Sesshomaru never really tried to land a blow on Kagome, she really tried with all her might to land a blow on him.

The fighting went on for most of the day until finally she landed a blow to Sesshomaru that knocked him to the ground. The blow had caught him off guard because she aimed not with her hands but her feet up between his legs causing even Inuyasha to almost feel sorry for him, almost.

Jogging over to where Inuyasha now stood with his arms folded over his chest and leaning causally against his selected tree, Kagome smiled at him. "So what do you think?" she asked with a childlike enthusiasm.

"I am honestly impressed you could drop him in such a way, Kagome," Inuyasha said with a small smirk that he had finally allowed to surface on his face after so long.

"You know what I am hungry let's get something to eat," Kagome said with hungry smile.

"That's okay I made plans to be here for a while and since you were fighting with Sesshomaru and yourself. I went and got use some food made. I hope you don't mind deer stew," said Inuyasha with a knowing smile. "Hey Sesshomaru, are you done rolling on the ground? I have some food for you as well."

Sesshomaru for his credit was finally getting up off the ground and had begun dusting himself off. When Inuyasha had spoken he even the good graces to slightly blush in embarrassment, though it was so faint that it was difficult to really see it though he did feel it on the inside he would never admit that he was shocked that he had been dropped by the girl.

"I should say that she has some interesting talent, to have been able to do such anything to one such as myself," Sesshomaru said hiding all emotions from his face but failing to keep the amazement from his voice.

"That's Kagome for ya, a surprise around every corner sometimes two if you're lucky," crowed Inuyasha was marked pleasure.

After they had their meal Kagome wanted to learn more fighting techniques that she could learn from Sesshomaru. However, Sesshomaru would not train her further until she was properly clothed and instead walked them all back to the village to give her the things he had for her.

Inuyasha said that he had to run an errand but didn't want to leave Kagome alone with Sesshomaru for very long. He followed slowly behind the two as they discussed the poison powers even further.

"Lord Sesshomaru, might I ask you a few questions while we walk back about the poison powers that we both possess?" Kagome inquired as they slowly walked toward the village.

"That would be acceptable. I am sure you have many questions. However, I will only speak with you about those until we reach your village," Sesshomaru said with a voice that clearly voiced that there was no room for question the subject.

"Okay, I have to ask does you poison powers seem to talk with you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, when I was trying to get a grip on the powers they seem to speak to me in my head. They want full control and to take me over completely rather than allow me control over them. I am just wondering if you have ever heard of something like that before," Kagome explained as they walked up the small slop of the trail.

"I, too, experienced that same thing when I was even younger than you are right now; if you were still human that is, and I too had to get a grip on my own powers it took me weeks to really know what was happening. My mother, stupid as she was, wasn't home and father was off battling so I had deal with it on my own. I finally stopped fighting it because I believed I would soon die but when I stopped fighting the poisons I learned that they too had a voice. I talked with them for a long time and then when I woke up. Since I had fallen asleep while I was talking to the poisons, I wasn't in pain anymore and I was able to control the power. I was even more powerful than I had been before," Sesshomaru explained. By this time they had entered the village which meant that all talking would cease until another time.

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