Kagome's Choice and Pain

Kagome's New Clothes & the Demon Council

*Inuyasha's P.O.V*

When Kagome emerged from the hut dressed so differently that I barely recognized her. I just could not believe just how beautiful she looked. She was a far cry from the scared little human that I had first met all those years ago.

The woman that I was seeing was just too beautiful for words. I only wish my mother could have met her. I know her and father would have loved the woman that would someday be my mate.

I know her mother would have loved the wonderful woman that she had become no matter if she was a ¾ demon or all human, her mother loved her with all her heart. Not to mention that fact that the woman would most likely drive Kagome nuts trying to rub her ears all the time. Besides Kagome's mother would just be happy to know that her daughter would be safe and alive and happy.

*Normal P.O.V.*

Kagome was blushing as she stepped out of the hut. She was wearing her hair up in a half-ponytail that sat high on her head. The rest of the back of her hair was hanging loose down her back nearly touching the ground. Her eyes seemed to sparkle in the afternoon sunlight that filtered in from the forest.

Kagome noticed that both Shippo and Inuyasha were somewhat slack jawed looking at her, which made her feel somewhat self-conscious of the way she looked. Sango and Miroku were there as well and while Sango smiled and Miroku nodded in approval of her outfit. She was sure she saw something lecherous in his eyes as from the way he looked at her. However, she relaxed when Sango knocked him upside the head with the only she could think of, a metal pot.

Stifling her rising giggle, she turned to get the assessment from Kohaku and Sesshomaru. To her absolute shock Kohaku was blushing and looking away. While Sesshomaru was look straight at her. While he wasn't blushing or slacked jawed she did notice a slight hungry look in his eyes. However, either from realizing that she wasn't Rin or the fact that she had noticed him, he gently cough as if to clear his, most likely, tightened throat.

"I found only the best quality materials, before seeking out the one who created the robe of the Fire Rat. I asked them to make this, and several other items for you as well. I would have returned much sooner but I had to make a few additional trips for other items that I required for you as well." Sesshomaru explained as he handed several other parcels to Kagome who took them in to the hut.

"Hey, Sesshomaru," called Shippo from his place beside Inuyasha who seemed somewhat confused by Sesshomaru's odd behavior. "Why did you get all those things for Kagome? What are you up to?" This made Inuyasha slightly smirk at the boldness of the young kit and how he seemed to know just how to voice the thought Inuyasha had been thinking.

"If you must know," Sesshomaru said with what sounded like a bored sigh, "I was stopped by Myoga who want me to pick up some supplies that he said that you all needed. I was force to travel all over Musashi and back to find all the items on his rather lengthy list. I also had heard this young miko would be celebrating a birthday soon and since she is nearly family, which despite how I feel about Inuyasha, it would have been rude of me to not bring her gift for such a special day."

When Kagome reemerged from the hut everyone had a chance to truly look at the design of Kagome's outfit. She was wearing a very tight corset that was made from the scales of Ryūkotsusei. The corset had a white flowing top that was gathered at her chest just under her breasts in order to really show off the look of her frame. The corset, being that it was very tight, it made her look even thinner than she was in the first place.

The cloth portion of the top was pure white though it came with several other colors all of which complemented the look of the scales. The cloth was made from spider demon silk which was very strong and could protect her. The silk could also keep her warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The longer she wore each of the tops they would then be able to slowly begin to repair themselves and will become stronger as well as protecting the wearer from most attacks. Kagome would be able to channel her powers of protecting into the material. The color of the corset is crimson with gold accents and small ornate etching on each scale with Sesshomaru's and Inuyasha's Family crests on them. The string that tied it closed is fixed with a matching string that seems to blend in with the outfit. Once tied and set, it appears to be custom made just for her.

From the top there were flowing sleeves that were made from spider silk as well and that hung down much like Inuyasha's sleeves. However, hers are white with crimson details and they have three oval slits down each side. They are able to repair themselves and were able to regenerate if they should get damaged.

Her lower portion included a set of leggings that cover her legs to her knees then she had a tight wrapping that went down her legs to her feet much like the cloth pieces of Koga's feet. She also had a skirt-like attachment that had an open front to allow for movement. But the lower portion could be used like a shield if she is kicking at an enemy. It is also made from Spider's silk and a tiger demon's pelt with poison protection, from a little of Sesshomaru's and Kagome's blood. This part is a dark-crimson with a tiger design of black and gold. This is also edged with dark golden trim design with a Miko spell to allow for Kagome to use her Miko powers and to enhance both demonic and miko energies.

Finally, around her waist she wore a gold belt to hold her sai's, and a small pouch that Miroku had made for her with a priest sutra that allows her to hold many things in it without having to be weighed down by it. This made it more useful than the oversized yellow backpack that she could no longer use anymore. The belt is highlighted with ruby gems and white spider silk cloth.

Her spider silk miko outfit allowed her to be protected, if she needed to be, she could still fight while doing her priestess duties as well. It also completely repaired itself. However, later if should she become pregnant with pups her warrior outfit would be replaced with this outfit in order to protect her and the unborn pups which meant that she would never have to worry about not being able to fight if need be while pregnant. The outfit its self would not show that she was pregnant to anyone who wasn't family. She would never have to worry about verbal attacks to her for being who she was in the first place. It also came with a small concealment charm that would hide her demonic attributes should she wish to use it. However, only family members such as Inuyasha, Shippo and the others would know the truth.

"Kagome, you have another outfit that will be made available should you choose to have a human wedding ceremony. Izayoi wore it when she married mine and Inuyasha's father. I will hold onto it until the day that Inuyasha chooses to wed you," said Sesshomaru in his usual bored sounding voice.

Although, Kagome could see the happiness and pride in his amber colored eyes which caused her to smile up at the Demon Lord. "Should the baka decided to also claim you as a mate before following human customs there is special but simple robe that will please him I am told." Sesshomaru said while handing her a small package, "I would say that you should not open it in his presence."

Sesshomaru then bowed low in front of her and the others to present her with his next gift to her, "This pendant will protect from all attacks by allies of the family and will recognize you as, not only a family member, but as being protect from all enemies of the family." The pendant its self was rather beautiful and looked like a tiny jade egg with a some kind of symbol engraved then colored black with what Kagome assumed was the family crest.

"The last item that I have for you is a family journal that has been in the family for a number of centuries. As I have no desire to write in it and I don't wish Inuyasha to write for the family. I have chosen you to carry own the record of our family. I would be happy to provide you with any documents needed to catch the journal up since the last entry in it."

Sesshomaru pulled Kagome out of earshot of the humans and Inuyasha "I request that you have Rin ready for departure within the next year," the tone of his voice left little room for doubt that it wasn't a request but a command. "I shall be giving her space at one of my many castles not far from the village and castle that I have offered to Inuyasha."

"What castle and village?" Kagome asked in shock at the sudden news.

"I see he has not had the chance to talk with you about the castle I told him about," Sesshomaru said with amusement sounding within his voice. "I offered one of his mother and our father's castles that boarders on the edge of Musashi and the Western Lands. It was his mother's castle after all. The village nearby is a kind village and one that accepts all no matter the blood. It was the thinking that you all would be happier there where people would not walk in fear of you yet would allow you to be yourself."

Kagome was in awe at the generous offer from a man who always seemed to hate humans and half-demon alike. Him offering so much to not only her but Inuyasha as well. She was able to look at him in a new light and smiled warmly at him.

"I will discuss this with him as soon as we have some time," said Kagome with a small smile gracing her lips. "Oh that reminds me about something. I had a small conversation with Lady Midoriko who created the Shikon no Tama. She told me of a coming war and the fact that there would be a creation of powerful item that would not only bring about the war but would ultimately end my future and the world I had known all my life. I want to prevent this. I was thinking that perhaps we should try to form some kind of Demon Council that would oversee the affairs of the demons in different areas of Japan and at some point the whole world."

"Interesting, we should all sit down and discuss this farther," said Sesshomaru. "I assume this was your idea?"

"Yes," Kagome said with a small nod, "I think that if we get Shippo, Inuyasha, myself, you, and Koga and a few others together to work out the details and finalize the council bylaws and other things we should have a great network that works together. Now this would not bother the current rulers of the areas. They would have a person that can work within the area to solve petty problems and also make it so that when there are larger problems there are things in place that would prevent the Demon War and try to save the humans, demons, half-demons and everything else that is in those areas."

"I agree," Sesshomaru simply said. "I find your idea not only interesting but one that bares more thought."

"Great," with that Kagome turned and went to talk to Shippo and Kirara about some trips they will be making here in the near future.

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