Kagome's Choice and Pain

The Formation of The Demon Council

Kagome sat on the hill near the shrine of her village. She could see Inuyasha and Miroku practicing some basic combat skills and tracking methods. This was done to retrain the monk for combat since he had not worked on those skills for a number of years. Sango, much to her disappointment, was unable to complete the training since someone needed to stay with the children and the village. Shippo, for once, would be coming with them to help them as much as possible.

The group, other than Inuyasha and Lord Sesshomaru, where unaware of Kagome's plan to create a Demon Council. She was currently working on who should be on the council and how they should create the rules and procedures that are needed for this council. Kagome was drawing on her future knowledge to create a good plan that will keep everyone happy and provide protection and skill for the coming battle.

'What should I do about the leaders and the basics of the council,' Kagome thought to herself in frustration. She had been thinking about this for the last two days since her conversation with Sesshomaru. She was being her typical stubborn self by wanting to do this part before Sesshomaru could do it.

Sesshomaru had left the day before to get some things prepared for the village and castle that he had offered to Inuyasha and herself. He also wanted to give Rin time to say goodbye to those who were still in the village that she wanted to say goodbye too. She has a few friends and Kagome had suggested it to him to be sure that she had a smooth transition between places.

She finally came up with the perfect structure for the council that will help with the basic set up and how they will have the group formed with their basic members. A divisional structure is made up of separate, semi-autonomous units or divisions. Each division has its own goals to accomplish which would be set up by the main committee that would allow for a more fluid system of government. The division leader or clan head oversees their division and is completely responsible for the success or failure of the division. This gets the leaders to focus more on results knowing that they will be held accountable for them. This also keeps the whole system fluid and able to be more accommodating when issues are presented to the main council where many of the main leaders are added to the council to give insight to the different clans. This keeps things set as they are currently but also allows for a final decision to be made not by one clan in one area but as a whole for all demons.

She knew that this would take some time to get set up and to get everyone to agree to it but with the main clan heads as current members of the council it should make things easier. The main clan would include herself, Inuyasha, Shippo, Koga, Sesshomaru, and a couple of other leaders from the east and north. Miroku's family (including Sango) and all future generations will be permeant members of the council as people who understand both humans and demons. This will help the humans/mortals understand that they are not enemies but powerful allies that could be more helpful than to have them as rivals.

Kirara landed just a few feet from Kagome and transformed back to her kitty form. She held a small piece of cloth, which was serving as a communication letter for her with Koga and his allies. Kilala had been sent a week ago and she was just now coming back since Koga, which Kagome and the others anticipated, had to discuss things with his family and clan.

The note read:


What an interesting idea, we as the clan of Koga's do accept your idea and proposal just send a note when you need us to meet. Also, per your instructions we have talked things over and will be adding a few names to the list for subclans to make the committees complete. When we meet I will personally give you the list of additional members. Thanks in advance for you including us in this meeting.

Forever Your Friends

Koga and family

Kagome smiled at this and was happy, "Come on Kilala, let's go talk to the others, Sesshomaru should be back soon."

With that she and the Neko walked down the hill and past the old shrine to watch the others and to start to hunt down some food. She and Inuyasha would hunt the food and Sango and Miroku would cook the meals. Something that had changed not just since she had become a demon but since before when she was gone for three years. Miroku and Sango had become the cooks of the group along with Shippo's help of course.

Kagome and Kilala walked up to the area in which the others had been training. Inuyasha appeared first closely followed by Miroku and Shippo. Shippo and Miroku were discussing the mating rituals of foxes and the differences between them and the raccoon dogs.

"…But seriously, raccoon dogs may mate more but they don't produce as many children. It's funny how they do that," explained Miroku.

"But Foxes have only one litter per season how is it possible the raccoon dogs can't produce more kits than we do?" Shippo asked curiously.

"Simple they choose when the impregnation occurs and this allow them to only have pups every so often. Sometimes they will go for years without producing pups. While Foxes have kits once per season they still have kits four times a year," Miroku explained.

"I see," said Shippo as he noticed Kagome. "Hi Kagome, who is things with your meditations?"

"Well, you two seem to be holding rather interesting conversations. How did this topic come to be the focus of your talk?" She asked though it was clear she was not mad about the topic she didn't like it all the same. She still saw Shippo as her adopted son and therefore she could not help her instincts to shield Shippo from things that were not good for him. But she had also come to realize that he was no child anymore and in the demonic views he was an adult.

"Oh well we saw a couple of raccoon dogs mating and it kind of started the conversation as we came back," Shippo answered with dark stain of a blush on his cheeks.

"I understand," Kagome said with a small giggles as Inuyasha jumped down beside her. "Hello there you, time for hunting?" she asked as if it was completely normal for her to go hunting with him.

The others were still adjusting to this new side of Kagome but never said anything about it. They knew she was still learning to deal with her new abilities but was getting much better with her poisons and had only burned Inuyasha about once a week rather than daily now. The physical training was more intense than ever before but she was stronger and much more agile than before as well. Her hunting skills impressed everyone even Inuyasha. Though she did fine on her own she still liked to spend some quiet time with Inuyasha while hunting because they could be gone for a few hours and still catch enough meat for the week plus find some other non-meat items to go with it.

"Not yet, I need to talk to you before we go," Inuyasha said with a blank face.

"Okay," she said as turned to Miroku and Shippo, "Well I will see you both at supper, and Miroku don't fill his head will too much perversions ok."

"Yes, Lady Kagome," Miroku said with a smirk.

After they were out of sight, Kagome turned back to Inuyasha who motioned for her to follow, which she did. He guided her down a very familiar path, which lead to the Sacred Tree and beyond that was the well to her time, or it use to be once upon a time. She was starting to wonder about what was on Inuyasha's mind since he never came this way unless he was mad, and never took her there either.

"Inuyasha," she started as she was starting to worry that there was something wrong or that he didn't want to discuss with her in front of the others.

"I am not upset or angry but I do have something I want to ask you about," was all he would say as they walked past the tree that held many memories for both of them and then past the well that had brought them together. They walk for several minutes before reaching a secluded lake nearly four miles from the village.

It was a beautiful place full of different colored flowers. Some were hanging in curtains and others were floating in the water. It was surrounded by the some beautiful rock formations that made it seem like a cave like place. There was nearly crystal clear and had a natural pale blue-green glow to it. The whole thing was made beautiful with soft chirping of crickets and cicadas in the back ground.

"Wow," was all Kagome would say as she took in the sight.

"I have been waiting to share this sight with you for a while now," explained Inuyasha.


"Because I wasn't sure you would like it or recently be able to handle the overwhelming scent of flowers. When I first found this place several decades ago, before my dealings with Kikyo, I nearly passed out just walking past it. I knew until you could control your sense of smell you would most likely do the same thing."

"Thank you," Kagome said while smiling happily at the sense before her.

Inuyasha stood behind her and let her look and enjoy the view. He loved her and while he still didn't show it much in front of his friends and family he knew she did as well.

"Kagome," he started very nervous about what he was about to ask her, "I love you more than anything in the world. You know that right?"

"Of course."

"I want us to always be happy and free to live our lives without stress or things of that nature. I know that isn't possible and I accept that we have our lives as they are because we have fought all the battles we have so far. I want to spend whatever time we have remaining together in a place that if we have pups I want them to grow up in a place where they are not shunned because they are what they are." Inuyasha babbled on for a while like this making Kagome's face slightly pink when he finally knelt down before her and handed her a small package, "Kagome, I am asking you if you will be my wife and later my mate for life?" He looked down so if she rejected this he would not see the look in her face.

Kagome for her part was not only pink with happy embarrassment but also crying happy tears. She had waited for this day for a long time and was hoping that she would hear those words soon. She opened her mouth to answer him but no sound would pass her lips. Finally since she could not get the words to leave her mouth form the shock of his request she pulled him up to look at her. When she was sure he was seeing her she began nodding her head furiously.

Inuyasha was happy beyond words and threw his arms around her and lifted and spun her around in happiness. He was going to have a mate and a wife, thus satisfying both their human and demon sides in one fell swoop. He finally stopped spinning her and set her down on the ground and looked into her eyes. She was his beautiful intended. He leaned down and captured her lips passionately but kept it short so as to not arouse their passions and desires. She wasn't on her cycle but he was being careful none the less.

After a while they went hunting with the promise to tell the others at the evening meal about being intended to each other, what Kagome called being engaged. They caught a lot of good food and even found some great vegetables and some fruit for dessert. The day was a happy one and that made them both smile broadly. Kagome knew they would have to talk about the council but that would have wait for the day as they celebrated they intended with a small party.

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