Kagome's Choice and Pain

A Painful Mistake

Inuyasha's P.O.V.

If only I had known what was going to happen then I would not only accepted their idea to go the main way but I would have done so proudly in order to prevent what was going to happen. If only I had looked at this in a more rational and logical manner, like she always does, then we would not be in this mess and she would not be in this costly situation.

I wish that the path that I had suggested had been an easier path but unfortunately it was not. There were many lesser demons that kept attacking us. However, we were able to fend them off fairly well with the aid of Kagome's new powers. We also had Kohaku, Sango's little brother, along to help use too and he was able to keep most of the demons off our trail. This kind of reminded me of the manner in which we use to travel only with Kohaku taking up Shippo's place in the group. The only difference was that we were not hunting Shikon jewel shards. Now we were looking for demons to kill because they were attacking a village.

For me it was still the same because she was there with us and as always worrying about our injuries. Grated we didn't have her modern first aid things and of course we didn't have any more ramen either, which I am still missing even after all these years, but she is here with us.

I can remember how happy I was that day when I had caught her scent and raced off to the well hoping it wasn't just a trick of my mind. Looked into the well and there she stood like a vision of beauty standing there and looking up at me with her wonderful smile. I reached down and hoping that I wasn't just seeing things and when she touched my hand I pulled her up into my arms to hold for all of eternity. It was and still is wonderful to have her back by my side once again. We know we love each other and we will someday call each other family in the truest sense of the word. However…

However right now I have to find Sesshoumaru and get him to fix my mistake before it is too late for her. My Kagome, I can't lose her now after getting back only two short years ago. We already lost Kaede and we can't lose Kagome, too, we just can't.


Third Person P.O.V.

The next morning, when they would leave for the village, was a beautiful one and was bright. It seemed as though nothing bad could happen on such a wonderful day. Kagome had packed everything they would need for the journey as well as things for the villagers when they got there. She had Rin, who had been taught to make medicinal concoctions for healing purposes, make as much as she could without totally depleting the stocks they had in the medicine room of Kagome's hut.

Kaede had left instructions that the shrine and her hut was to go to Kagome in the event of her death. She also left a side note that if Kagome were dead or something should prevent her from staying in this time then the shrine, grounds, and the hut would become Shippo's and Inuyasha's. It was obvious that she had made this "will", as Kagome called, it up before the defeat of Naraku. Therefore, to honor her wishes she inherited the hut as stated. She and Inuyasha, Shippo and Rin and even Kohaku, when he came to visit Sango, all stayed in the hut. Shippo and Inuyasha had remodeled the hut to help make more room for them all and so that when and if they had children of their own they had the room then.

Kagome had discussed with Inuyasha taking their relationship to the next level but they both agreed that right now was not the best time. They could talk about it in a few years. They wanted to make sure that they were ready to take that next step. Inuyasha understood how she must be feeling and never pressed the issue.

Inuyasha and the rest of group headed out northwestern part of the area. This would add at the very least 2 additional days on their journey but Inuyasha thought it was for the best if they could avoid a confrontation with his brother, Sesshoumaru if they didn't have too. Inuyasha had Kirara carry Kohaku, Sango and Miroku while he carried Kagome and her bags of supplies, because of this they could move at a much faster pace than if they walked only.

Because of this arrangement they were able to make great time and the first day and most of the night was spent traveling. The next day after a small rest they were able to make the difference that they had lost with extra distance. They made it to the first rest stop as the sun was setting and they quickly set up camp to get ready for another couple of days to make the rest of the time.

That night Inuyasha actually slept and as he was sleeping he had a dream about their journey. He didn't have a good feeling about the way that dream went and he spent the rest of the night pondering the dream he had. It made him very uneasy by the outcome and he was worried it would come true.

~Inuyasha's Dream~

They were in a small clearing that has a dark cloud that seemed to surround them. Kagome was beside him. Kirara and the others where off to the left. Inuyasha was able to smell something but he wasn't sure what it was. Then he saw Kaede and was confused even more.
"Ye must protect her, Inuyasha," spoke Kaede in the same cryptic voice.

"What are you talking about you old hag?" was Inuyasha's response.

"If ye fail then ye will lose her forever."


He was cut off by Kagome's blood curdling scream that made him jerk away from Kaede and search for Kagome. He found her on the other side of the clearing with a wound in her chest.

End of Inuyasha's Dream

'I hope that is not some kind of strange prophecy thing that Kaede thought it would be funny to drop in on me when we are so close to HIS territory,' thought Inuyasha to himself. He did manage to fall back to self but not a deep enough one to really dream just deep enough to feel rested at the break of dawn when he was awoken again this time by Kagome calling him for breakfast.

It was midday by the time they reached a clearing that to Inuyasha was all too familiar. He had a bad feeling about his clearing and wanted to move on fast. He was about to say something to Kagome when she spoke first.

"I don't think that this is a good spot to take a break maybe we should keep going for a little while longer." She said as she started to keep on their journey.

"Lady Kagome, It has been a long day already and we need to rest," complained Miroku.

"This isn't like you Kagome, what's going on that you would want to keep going instead of stopping to rest," asked Sango.

"Look I just get a bad feeling about this area we should keep going," was Kagome's only response.

Even Inuyasha thought she was asking strange but right now he didn't want to argue with her when she was right. He had a feeling that maybe Kaede had visited her in her sleep as well. He was about to voice his agreement with Kagome when he heard the sound of movement behind where Kagome was now standing, which is about where she was screaming from in his dream.

"Kagome you might want to move right now. I heard something move behind you," said Inuyasha.

Moving as she was told she now stood beside him and as he glanced around the clearing everyone was in the same positions as in the dream. 'Damn it, that old hag just had to show me so many damn details. Great, how am I supposed to protect her when things are so screwed up now?'

It was just then that a group of orange-headed snakes entered the clearing. Inuyasha stepped in front of Kagome, as he always did when there was danger. He knew that he had to do what Kaede had said in his dream. However, it was then that Kagome touched his shoulder.

"Don't worry you will protect me no matter what." She whispered into his ears low enough that only he could hear it.

With a nod he turned and charged the demons that where now crowding into clearing. He knew had to take out the leader first then he could contend with the others after. However, he just had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that it would not matter at all what he did she was sting going to get hurt.

The others fought their hardest and took out a great deal of demons along the way. Even Kagome was doing her part not just with her arrows, she was using her hands as well, it was a trick that Kaede had taught her and she was thankful for that. However, Kagome was using a lot of her powers and it was physically draining her very quickly.

Inuyasha had the leader of the snakes nearly defeated when he had heard the one thing in the entire world that he always wished not to hear. Kagome's gut wrenching, blood curdling scream, the kind of scream that you only hear in your nightmares that leaves you wishing for the death of the person doing but knowing that they will not die but instead they will be in pain for the rest of their life. It was the kind of scream that you never wish on your worst enemy, save for Naraku.

Inuyasha wanted to look at Kagome, to find out what had made her scream in such a way but he wasn't able to because the large snake was keeping him from doing so. This angered him even more. He had enough of dealing with the snakes and their leader. He pulled around so he was between all the snakes and his group and he let loose the biggest Windscar anyone had ever seen even those of his own group. He wasn't planning on using such an attack while in Sesshoumaru's lands but he was too angry to care.

Now that the demons where gone he could turn he attention to the matter at hand, Kagome. It was then that he noticed the scent of blood in the air. He finally turned around, slowly fearing what he would see. Knowing he had to look if he was to save her as Kaede had warned but still dreaded the sight that would be fall him.

Kagome lay in the place she had in his dream and she was covered with blood. She was pale and though she was hurt she looked as though she was just sleeping right there. The wounds she had on her hands and face where small and seemed to be minor in comparison to the one on her chest.

The chest wound was to small fang marks on her right breast and they were red and angry with some green ooze coming out of them. Around the area of the wounds was bruising and she had cuts and scrapes, most of the blood that she had lost was form a much larger gash to shoulder. 'That is the same place Kikyou had gotten hurt,' thought Inuyasha as he moved closer to her.

Kagome's P.O.V.

Inside her head

I was in pain but at the same time I could not tell where the pain was coming from. When the snake struck me I had not even noticed where it had hit me. I did feel the sting of the attack but I kept fighting. I never noticed the blood now staining my kimono.

The second strike was what I felt, I mean really felt. It felt like someone had trying to stab me in the heart and the pain was unbearable. So I screamed as loud and as long as I could. That's when it all went black. I had no idea that now I was going to be in for the fight of my life.

Suddenly, I was watching things happening in my life that had happened several years ago when I first came to the feudal era and met Inuyasha and the others. I first saw me falling down the old well in our family's shrine. Then me finding Inuyasha pinned to the tree, at that time he looked like he was just sleeping but now I know he was pinned there by my other life, Kikyo, with a sacred arrow.

I then seemed to fast forward to when we met Shippo and defeated the Thunder Brothers. Then to when Kikyou was brought back from the dead in a clay body and she had taken my soul. Then when I called the soul back to me all but one small piece of her soul came back to me.

Then to meeting Miroku and Sango and all the other adventures we had been on. Then I skip ahead to the defeat of Naraku. The time Inuyasha had come to get while I was trapped in the darkness and then how he had returned me home and disappeared for three years down the well that I could no longer get through anymore. Finally to my wonderful return to the feudal era to stay forever.

Then suddenly I was in Kaede's hut with Kaede beside me. I was surprised to say the least at this. I knew she had been dead for just over a year now.

"Kaede, what are you doing here?" I could not help but ask out loud.

"Ye child, are here because you are on the crossroads of life and death. Soon ye will be offered a chance to make a choice. What ye choose will determine what future ye will have," she said.

"What choice?" I asked.

"Ye must choose life or death. Human or Demon. It is ye who have to make that choice. I am sure that you understand that you are dying now am I correct?" She asked me.

"Yes, but what do you mean I am going to have to choose life or death, human or demon? That doesn't make much sense," I asked still in shock at what she was telling me.

"Ye will find out soon."

With that she faded for a while and I began watching more of my life until I felt some king of pull as if there was someone or something calling me. It was then that I was assaulted with pain like no one could believe. I was burning all over and I could feel that something had changed in my body. However, I was not sure what it was, I just knew that my miko powers where trying to fight against it. They were not strong enough. That was when I heard the voice of someone I had only met once in my life.

End of Kagome's P.O.V.

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