Kagome's Choice and Pain

A Price Must Be Paid

"Damn it," Cursed Inuyasha as ran over to where she was laying. "Sango, bring the herb back," he called to Sango before she could even reach them. Miroku your water pouch… please." He looked at Kohaku and without saying a word the boy started working on a fire right way.

"Inuyasha here," said Sango when she was next to him. "I have never seen demon snakes that looked like that. Do you know anything about them?" Trying to help him stay relaxed so he could think clearly.

"Yeah," he said as started to set to work to putting some different herbs together.

Sango was about to ask him more when he looked at her with a look that she had not seen for several years, the look of absolute terror. The kind of look that told her to just listen to his instructions and understand that he was just barely holding on to his sanity at the thought of losing Kagome.

"I have dealt with only once before and really thought they had died out." Miroku handed him so water that he slowly added to the herb paste before returning to the information that Sango wanted from him. "When I was a little child, no older than your oldest child, a kid in the village my mother and I were living in at the time had been killed by some kind of snake. He didn't die quickly either he suffered for nearly a week before his weak human body gave out."

"About 10 years later I was on my way home when I was attacked by the same snakes that I had seen attack that kid. I made it home and I had to suffer for a week but with mothers herbs and potions she managed to keep me alive and because of my demon blood the scars are very small. However, from what I have heard these snakes' venom can kill a human by make them insane from the pain. Demons can deal with it but they are scared for life. Not just physically either, I have heard of some demons becoming shells of their former selves and having to be put out of their misery. I was lucky that I had demon blood and my mother's herbs but not everyone had been so lucky. I am making a poultice for her wounds. My mother taught it to me as a kid just in case I ever needed it. I know of only two people who could help her and one of them is dead." All the while he was telling this to them he had managed to make the poultice for Kagome and had applied it to the wounds.

Kagome's wounds would have been easily treated and healed with some herbs and bed rest however, due to the toxins that where now in her system she was in for a fight of her life. Kagome was unconscious and even though she appeared to not be in any pain she was in more pain than any one human could stand. The snake was able to hit her so hard in the chest that it caused many of her upper ribs to crack or break. The bruises that formed on her chest where dark purple and the green liquid, which had changed to a clear liquid which oozed from the snakebite, was not a good sign, it meant infection and that skin was being eaten by the venom. Each puncture wound was bright red and swollen causing the skin had more of a shine to it than it should have.

Kagome's brow was glistening with sweat and she looked like she was gasping for each of breath she took. She was not going to last long if something was not done soon. Everyone in camp was worried about Inuyasha and for Kagome, the young girl who was the person that they all cared about for different reasons.

"Inuyasha, maybe you should try to talk to…," started Sango.

"Absolutely not!" he shouted at her when she had started to speak. He knew what she said would be the truth but still why should Inuyasha waste his time trying to find that person when he knew that the person would not help her. "I will not ask him for anything. That bastard can rot in hell for all I care but I will not beg him for anything. No way. Nothing doin," and with that he began to mix up some more of the poultice that he had made earlier.

"Sango, is right if we don't something soon she will die. What do you suggest, if we don't ask him for help?" this time it was Miroku's calm voice that softly called out him as the voice of reason.


A soft almost hushed voice reached he ears and he nearly didn't believe what he was hearing. "Inu…ya…sha."


"Go to him… Ask him… For me… Only you can reason with him…He must…Save…"


As quickly as she had come around she was unconscious again. 'Does she understand what she is asking me to do?' Inuyasha thought.

"Fine, I am going." He said. "Miroku and Sango, quickly give me the village's share of supplies. I will drop them off and tell them they have a problem that we will come to them as soon as we can. Then I will go and find that Bastard and drag his ass back here if I have too. I'm only doing this because she used the last of her strength to beg me to go, it's only because of that."

The others went right to work doing as he asked and doing so as quickly as possible. With unspoken goodbyes they watched as Inuyasha took one final look at Kagome before leaping off in the direction of the village.

**End of Flashback**

Inuyasha's P.O.V.

I have to find him soon or not only will she die without me there to help her but that village will not be saved either. I wish I had more time to work this out. I have just left the village after the promises were made and all the demons that where in the way on the way there were taken care of. Most of the bear demons where easy to wipe out when the leader came to seek revenge I did something that would have shocked even Sesshoumaru himself. I told the leader if they didn't leave the village alone then he would contact the Lord of the West and get him involved. That seemed to be enough to discourage anymore fight the leader may have had and they all turned tail and ran away.

I dropped the supplies off with villagers and let them know that all was well once again. I also let them know that a miko would be along with a monk to bless the village but where hung up with an illness and would arrive a week or so. They seemed pleased and told me to thank them for their kindness.

I was then on my way. I had left the village and headed deeper into the western domain to find Sesshoumaru and beg him he had too. It only took me about five minutes to locate his scent and only ten minutes to actually find him. I was really surprised that I was able to find him so quickly.

"Sesshoumaru!" I panted as stopped in front of him. My sudden appearance was so sudden that Jaken, Sesshoumaru's annoying retainer, was knocked off his feet.

Sesshoumaru looked at me with as much interest as I would pay to an ant on the ground. Very annoying to me as usual and I knew that if I didn't hurry I would lose Kagome.

"Kagome, sent me," I said in calmer voice.

"…" was Sesshoumaru's response.

'Damn bastard, you could at least say something since I was sent to get you by the one that cares for Rin.' I thought angrily to myself. "She needs your assistance."

"…" He still said nothing but I noticed a fleeting bit of worry. I knew what he was worried about Rin.

"No, it's not about Rin. It's about Kagome, she's in danger," I didn't want to give him any more information than he needed.

"What do you mean she is in danger and what do you expect This Sesshoumaru to do about it," he asked?

"She was poisoned by the orange-headed Snakes. We were on our way to help a village that asked for our help. We were attacked and she was hurt. I…I failed… to protect her," I didn't care how weak I might have sounded right then. I just wanted to stop wasting time and be on my way back to her. "Please?" I said this with sadness in my voice that even surprised me that I would say such a thing to him of all people.

"Please?!" was Sesshomaru stoic question. He seemed really surprised that I would go so far as to beg for his help.

"Yes," I hung my head, willing the tears not to fall or even show their presence. "Please, help me save her. Without her I will die this time," I continued to beg. He know about the problems I had when she had disappeared for three years in her time.

"Orange Head Snakes?" He asked and I nodded because I was not sure if I could keep my voice from breaking and giving away the emotions I was feeling at the moment. "Then she shall die."

"What," I was shocked a bit by his total disregard for Kagome, the woman who had been protecting Rin for the last year. "Please there must something you can do to help her," I said as I dropped to my knees and allowed my tears to fall freely despite myself.

"What does this Sesshoumaru care if she dies or not?"
"Are you kidding?" Still shocked but even worse I was royally pissed at his lack of caring after all the work we, me, Kagome, and the others had done to make sure his ward was well cared for and taught about humans as well as what I could about the demon world. "If Kagome dies, then your precious Rin is going to be all alone in the village with only Miroku and Sango to care for her." I challenged now standing once again and shouting at him. "What do I care if your Precious Rin is in danger because your stupid crappy ass, you are the one who dumped her on us and now you expect us to care for her if Kagome ain't there to help us? Forget it," I knew he would not risk Rin. While he thought this over I turned as though to strode back into the forest when he stopped me.

"I know of only one way to save the girl, however, there is a price for the information."

"I knew there would be some kind of catch to this." I muttered angrily, "What is this price I have to pay?"

"I don't think you would be willing to pay any price that, Lord…" Started the toad demon that was Sesshoumaru's retainer, however, he stopped short with a rock to the head.

"Figures you would be a prick about this, what is your damn price the longer we wait the longer I am away from Kagome and the more likely she will die." I challenged trying to get him to spit out what he wanted for the information that would save her life.

"Of course, the information will not come free nor will it come cheap."

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