Kagome's Choice and Pain

The Spell of Changing & Sesshoumaru's Price

Third Person P.O.V.

Inuyasha had to really thinking about rather or not he wanted to waste much more of his time trying to convince his brother to help him or not. Knowing how Sesshoumaru hated to be kept waiting he had to make up his mind quickly or lose her forever.
"Fine, name your price." Inuyasha said in defeat. He hated to seem to so weak but he had no choice in the manner this time, Kagome's life hanged in the balance.

"We shall duel. We will find out once and for all who is the strongest of Father's offspring," stated Sesshoumaru in his usual stoic and emotionless voice.

"Are you nuts?" exclaimed Inuyasha in shock that Sesshoumaru would want to waste even more time than he has already. A fight like that would most likely be to the death and then Kagome would die as well.

"This Sesshoumaru is not crazy. However, if you are thinking that this fight would take too long allow me to propose a solution for you. I will save her as long as you agree to fight me once I have fulfilled my end of the bargain. Agreed?"

"Fine," said Inuyasha feeling better about the "price" he had to pay in order to save is loves life, "but you better make good on your end of the bargain as well."

"Very well then we should be on our way to save the girl. We will have to make a small side stop to pick up something that will be needed for the girl."

With that Sesshoumaru started to walk in the other direction than he had been heading to start with and then turned to the left and continued on. Inuyasha had no choice but to follow him so that he could lead Sesshoumaru to the camp where he left the other and the injured Kagome.

It was about an hour later that they arrived at what looked like a small altar or temple. Standing outside of the door was a small dog about the height of Rin. The dog was blind by the looks of it and had silvery fur. It must have sensed them nearby because it walked in their direction and seemed to wait at the bottom of the stairs to the temple.

"I seek the scroll that contains the spell of changing. Bring to me this instant," commanded Sesshoumaru.

The dog bowed it head in what seemed be an acknowledgement of what he had asked for and then turned and walked up the stairs to the door it was guarding earlier. It walked through the doors and then reappeared a few seconds later holding a large scroll in its mouth. When it reached Sesshoumaru, it looked at Sesshoumaru in a manner that would suggest that it was questioning to whom it was to give the scroll too.

"Give it to him." Sesshoumaru said while pointing at Inuyasha and the dog then nodded its head.

The dog then walked over to Inuyasha and lifted its head to give it to him. Inuyasha took it and noticed it was very heavy and thick. It looked like it could have been about 2 or 3 hundred years old by the smell of it. Then to Inuyasha's shock the dog began speaking and by its voice Inuyasha discovered that the dog was actually a female.

"This spell will make the change you desire, however, don't use lightly for it is a permanent spell and can't be reversed once it is completed. Use this scroll wisely milord," she said to Sesshoumaru then bowed her head once again in respect to his station in life as her superior.

"Understood," said Sesshoumaru then he turned to Inuyasha, "Take me to the girl, I will follow from above." A mist formed around his feet and caused him to rise above the ground and hover there.

Inuyasha nodded, "Right," then he turned and sniffed out the direction that contained Kagome and the others. He found the scent he was looking for and took off in a mad dash knowing Sesshoumaru could keep up without a problem. However once question still weighted heavily on his mind. 'What was the spelling of changing and how would it save Kagome?'

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