Kagome's Choice and Pain

The Truth about the Changing Spell

*With the other's*

Shortly after Inuyasha left to find Sesshomaru, Kohaku had taken Kirara to hunt down some food to last them a few days and maybe find some vegetables that he could barter for to add with the food.

"Sister, I will be back in about an hour, with some food and other things, to help Miss Kagome." He said as turned to the large cat demon, Kirara and leapt on to its back flew away.

"He could have waited for me to say good bye," Sango muttered in an almost pouting manner.

She had hardly seen him since the birth of her last child. She wanted her children to know who their uncle was and have some kind of interaction with him. However, she was lucky if she would see him two moon cycles. He was taking over her job as a demon slayer with the help of Inuyasha, Miroku and Kagome they had been pretty busy but in a way she was jealous she could not travel like they used to do back before the children. She really missed their travels together.

"My dear Sango you know that Kohaku has become a warrior over the years and he becomes restless if he has nothing to do. I am going to see if I can find more herbs for Kagome and see if I can get some more fire wood it looks like we will be here for a long time." Miroku said as he stood and kissed his wife and then turned to walk in the direction that they had been walking earlier in the day, before the attack.

"I will stay here I guess and take care of Kagome," said a very sad and depressed Sango, she felt left out because she was not the active one anymore, not since she had become a mother. She remembered that they still has some herbs that she could use to make the polpuice that Inuyasha had made and she then could change the bandages that Kagome had on her.

"Okay, Kagome," Sango said as she started to take the bandages off, "I know this may hurt and I am sorry but I need to change your bandages. Please bear with this until I am done ok?" Sango had said in a kind and friendly manner. She was unsure if Kagome could hear what she said but she said it so she had someone to talk to even if they didn't talk back to her.

When she had completed the bandage change and making sure Kagome was clean and sleeping comfortably. Therefore, with nothing more to do she decided to make a small stew for everyone when they got back. She wanted to keep busy and could not leave Kagome alone in case a demon or the snakes came around again.

This took her about 45 minutes to finish and by that time Miroku has returned with a cart that was full of many things for their little camp.

"What is all of that you got there Miroku," asked Sango?

"I have managed to barter a cart from a passing merchant as well as some medicinal herbs for Kagome. I also found some herbs on my way back with the cart," He said to Sango after kissing her cheek in greeting. "I also was able to fill the cart with large amount rice the merchant had. I also was able to procure some dried fruits and vegetables, as well." Miroku smiled at her shocked face and thought she looked so cute like that. "I was able to round out my trip with 10 water containers of water and several sets of wood that I was able to collect along the way."

"Miroku, what about the cart?" she asked.

"I also thought that we could use the cart for transporting Kagome back to the village, if needed." Miroku said with a smile. He then noticed the nice stew that she made in their absence. "Mm, that smells really good, I would love to have some of that wonderful stew, my dear." Smiling at the compliment Sango nodded and dished him up a small portion and just as she was handing him the bowl her brother landed in the campsite.

"Welcome back, Kohaku, I trust you had a good hunting trip?" said Miroku as he took the bowl Sango was handing him.

"Yes," was his simple answer. He was not much of a talker unless it was important. He was still dealing with all the things he did when he was under the control of Naraku. "Sister, may I have a bowl of the stew please?"

"Of course," Sango said as she dished him a bowl quickly, "Kohaku, please enjoy." Sango smiled as she handed him the bowl.

"Thank you."

"Once you have eaten you both should head to the hot spring that is not far from here to have a good soak before Inuyasha and his brother comes back. It's about five minutes' walk just south of here. Leave Kirara here so if something happens I can send her to get you okay," said Sango as she took a bowl of stew for herself and made up a bowl with just broth in it for Kagome and set it aside to cool she planned on spoon feeding Kagome while the boys where soaking in the hot springs. She also dished a bowl for Kirara to eat as well.

"That sounds great Sango dear, what do you say Kohaku? Care to join me at the hot springs?" Miroku asked in a cheerful manner trying to lighten the mood a bit for the young man, he always tried to get time to chat with the boy.

"Sure," Kohaku said with little enthusiasm but he did smile a bit at the thought of a hot bath.

The guys set off for the hot springs a short while later and even though Sango was alone again, save for Kagome and Kirara, she was as lonely as she was the first time. She took her time and was able to feed Kagome some broth and checked her bandages and made sure she was comfortable again.

About forty-five minutes later the Miroku and Kohaku returned and seemed to be in a rather cheerful mood. Kohaku was even smiling and laughing, which Sango had not seen in a long time and it made her smile as well. Even Kirara seemed to perk up at their return. Kagome was still the same just fresh bandages and the stew had been moved off the fire to cool and so it would not burn.

A short while after Miroku and Kohaku had returned Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had arrived in the camp with Inuyasha looking haggard and worn out from all the exercise he had gotten in one single day, though he would not say anything to anyone save Kagome who was unconscious at the moment. Inuyasha went to Kagome's side instantly and gathered her into his arms gently to keep her wounds for reopening. He could smell her health was bad and that death was starting to grab at her soul.

"Welcome back, Inuyasha," said Miroku, "I see you found him quickly. Welcome to our humble camp Lord Sesshomaru." Miroku offered the Lord a bow and friendly welcome.

"Yeah I found him and now we need to discuss what this scroll does and how it will help Kagome." Inuyasha was just barely controlling his temper and annoyance with Sesshomaru, being close to Kagome helps but he wanted answers and needed to know what the bastard had planned for the one he cares for and failed to protect.

"Inuyasha, give this monk the scroll," stated Sesshomaru as he sat down near Inuyasha and Kagome but far enough to not cause Inuyasha to panic.

Miroku walked over to Inuyasha to retrieve the scroll and then looked at Sesshomaru who seemed to be sleeping in almost a peaceful manner. Miroku waited for a moment long and just when he was about to say something the demon Lord looked at him with eyes that said all that needed to be said. Miroku began gathering everything on the list but there were two things on the list that he could not find.

"Lord Sesshomaru," Miroku started, "there are two things here I am not sure about."

"Those ingredients will come from Inuyasha and myself."

"What the hell do you expect me to put into that spell of yours?" shout a very angry half-demon.

Sesshomaru looked at the ill-tempered Inuyasha with a bored expression on his face, as if he was saying 'your temper tantrum is unoriginal, why don't you play a new tune already.' Instead he said, "Inuyasha in order for the spell to work we will have to give her some of our blood mixed with some herbs it requires both your blood and mine because of the mix of powers. She is a human miko and that means she needs a balance of powers to choose from. She must make a choice in order to live."

"Maybe I can explain it better," said Myouga.

"Myouga!?" everyone exclaims save for Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Kagome.

"I have come as instructed. Jaken has headed for the castle to await you there. He was very busy grumbling something about rude half-demons and I can only assume that meant you, Lord Inuyasha," said the small flea demon. "Lord Sesshomaru, you intend to use the Spell of Changing?" Myouga asked from his location near Kohaku, as he always stayed in the safest in his opinion. "Are you sure that is wise?"

"You are questioning my judgment one this, flea?"

"Never milord," Myouga said with a gulp, "It's just that this spell has not been used in a long time."

"The spell will work if used with a demon, half-demon, and a miko of the girl's caliber. Don't question this Sesshomaru's intentions in this matter."

"Well that may be true but they have a right to understand all the implications of the spell and how it will affect Inuyasha as well." Myouga stated in a manner that seemed almost brave and everyone was surprised save for Sesshomaru.

"Very well, explain," said Sesshomaru.

Clearing his throat Myouga sat on top of Kirara's head and began to explain the spell for them all. "The spell will give Lady Kagome a choice between life and death. However, if the use of demon or half demon is used then the person has a different kind of choice death or life as a demon or half demon. However, in Lady Kagome's case she will have a completely different kind of choice if her choice is to live then she has to choose between life as a half demon or life as a demon. She can still choose being human but it will mean death for her." Then as if as an afterthought he added, "In addition, she would get powers from both Lord Inuyasha and Lord Sesshomaru, which means she would have more powers of Lord Inuyasha and only some powers from Lord Sesshomaru if she chooses to be a half demon. If she chooses to be a demon she would have the opposite powers, more of Lord Sesshomaru and only a few of Lord Inuyasha's powers. She will also have a large increase of her miko powers as well."

"Tell them the rest, flea," demanded Sesshomaru.

"Right," said the flea demon as he suddenly looking guilty of hiding something. "Well, if this spell is done incorrectly it can end up with Lady Kagome dying anyway. Also, this spell has not been done since it was created nearly 500 years ago."

"It was successful, was it not?" asked Miroku.

"No one knows if it was or not. You see the person who created it was destroyed 5 years ago with the Shikon Jewel. The creator of the Shikon Jewel and the spell of changing are the same person, Lady Midoriko."

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