Kagome's Choice and Pain

The Duel to the Death and Kagome's Awakening

"Midoriko!?" Everyone but Sesshoumaru and Kagome exclaimed in shock at what Myouga had just revealed to them.

"Yes, she created the spell when some whom she loved and cared for deeply was dying," said Myouga. "No one knows if she was successful or not because there is no written record of it. I am rather surprised that you Lord Sesshoumaru would even have any knowledge of the spell since it was lost centuries ago."

"Father, had the spell put in our families library of spells. In fact, Inuyasha, your mother was going to be given the spell after you were born but he died that day, so he could not give it to her. When he had found you both she was dead, father used my sword to revive her instead. It was that act to protect you both that cost him his life." Sesshoumaru explained and didn't bother to hide the contempt he felt about the dishonored manner in which his father had died.

"A father protecting those he held dear is not a dishonor you know, Lord Sesshoumaru," Sango said in a way that sounded as though she was defending Inuyasha.

"We should get started Kagome is getting worse," said Inuyasha said to keep a fight from breaking out among his friends and Sesshoumaru.

"Flea, draw blood from Inuyasha and myself, DON'T DIGEAST IT. Monk, you will mix the herbs and water together and heat it then the flea will drink that as well. Then we wait for an hour for everything to mix well. After the hour is up then the flea will put the mixture into bamboo bottle for them. Then Inuyasha you will get her to drink the mixture as quickly as possible. Then it is a waiting game to find out if the spell has worked or not."

One hour later, Inuyasha was feeding the mixture to Kagome with the patience of a saint because she had to be forced to drink every last drop. The task took nearly two hours to complete and Inuyasha never once seemed to get upset or angry at Kagome for not drinking it faster. If anything he seemed to have grown concerned that she would not be able to drink the entire mixture.

"It's all gone," was all Inuyasha said in a full two hours.

"So now we wait," Sesshoumaru said, "While we wait for her to change to be complete why don't we duel."

"Duel!?" Everyone shouted in shock.

Inuyasha gently laid Kagome back down and covered her with his haori. Then he stood with almost a sad gate he walks out of their makeshift camp. Sesshoumaru followed him as did everyone except Kirara and Kohaku who decided that they would stay behind to watch over her.

The small group didn't go very far when they found a clearing that they could fight in without disturbing Kagome or their campsite. The others stayed as far back so they would not be in the way or cause any problems. They were still unsure as to what was going on until Myouga made his appearance once again this time on Miroku's shoulder.

"Master Inuyasha had to pay a price for the information that would save Lady Kagome's life. The price was a duel and inu laws the duel will be one that will end in death…" Myouga has started but was cut off.

"You are wrong flea," said Sesshoumaru, "I have no intentions of killing him at all. I want to see if he has skill enough to come close to killing me. I don't intend on make a kill because it would be pointless. Save the girl and take away the one she loves? Even I am not so cruel as to do such a thing."

"I will not fight if there no heart in it Sesshoumaru," state Inuyasha as he drew his sword and lunged in for an attack. The sword hit the ground as he missed Sesshoumaru before receiving a kick to the head. "Good at least you are taking this fight seriously now," Inuyasha taunted.

"At least, I am able to sense the difference of power."

"Yeah well at least I understand how to control my temper and I don't hide my emotions like you do all the time. Man, do you even know how to smile or do were you born with that stupid stoic expression?"
Sesshoumaru almost smiled at his question but instead drew his sword, Bakusaiga. "Now we can see who has the power and who is the one undeserving of being Father's heir." Those where the last words that either spoke for a long time.

Sesshomaru lunged forward at Inuyasha who parried his attack only to take a swing at him with his fist. The fist just missed the mark punched the air instead, which left Inuyasha in a momentary shocked state of mind. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru took a swing at Inuyasha and connected, thus sending the half-demon sailing through the air and into a tree with enough force that the tree splintered into several pieces.

"Is that all you have you twisted bastard?" Inuyasha taunted as he slow stood up. Although he would not admit it, that had actually hurt pretty bad. He could feel at least one broken rib and twisted ankle but he would be ok to keep fighting.

"No, but I do not wish for this to end too quickly. Let us continue on then, unless you wish to admit defeat?" Quipped Sesshomaru as he readied his next attack.

"Nah, I am just getting warmed up," Inuyasha said with a soft chuckle. 'But if I don't finish this soon I won't see Kagome again,' he thought to himself.

The fight was a long one and had lasted nearly two days without either showing much wear or tear. Neither of them wanted to back down and neither would admit the other one was starting to get the upper hand on the other. Miroku had noticed something over the course of the two days and had an idea of what the real reason was that Sesshoumaru had wanted the duel in the first place.

Inuyasha's attacks seemed to get weaker after each attack and when he used the sword, Tetsusaiga, the attack would start out strong and then slowly get weaker as well. Miroku could not understand what was going on with the changes in how Tetsusaiga was reacting. Then on the morning of the second day he noticed something as well the fang, i.e. Tetsusaiga, was starting to detransform and so was the Bakusaiga.

By mid-day the two men where only fighting hand to hand because the swords had become so weak that each feared that they would break. The exhaustion was evident on both and yet they continued. Sesshoumaru panted as he fought breath, sweat was pouring down his face and his normally shiny hair and clean clothes where dusty and lacked the healthy shine.

"So will you give up?" asked Inuyasha.

"Only if you will," responded Sesshomaru lacking his usual formality that he normally spoke with, which surprised those who heard it.

"Ha! Fat chance of that happening any time soon, pal."

Miroku and Sango came back just in time to see the two give other one final push to finish the fight when suddenly a blinding light can pouring into the clearing cause the two men to cease all movement and stare in wonder at the direction the light was coming from.

Inuyasha was the first one to react as he sped out of the clearing and off in the direction of the camp. Miroku, Sango and Sesshoumaru all followed suit all wondering what was going on and what was creating the light. When they arrived in the camp they say Inuyasha standing there with his mouth agape staring at the source of the bright blinding light.

It was Kagome standing there with a new look and something that even caused Sesshoumaru to gasp in surprise. Before them stood a fully transformed Kagome with long hair a more shapely form and something the no one had ever seen on her before. Dog Ears atop her head. As the light faded she opened her eyes to reveal she had golden orb which had replaces or normal chocolate ones. She as only slightly taller than she had been for but she also had claws on her fingers.

"Kagome?" was all anyone heard before both Inuyasha and Kagome fell to the ground.

"What is going on now Inuyasha is out for the count and so is Kagome?" cried Sango and Miroku held her in his arms to console her.

"Worry not," Sesshoumaru said as he took a seat near both Inuyasha and Kagome. "There is nothing to fear. Inuyasha is just very exhausted from our duel and Kagome is not really waking up she just was stretching her miko powers some and she was the back unconscious once she was done doing so. Allow them both to rest. However you may want to move Inuyasha away from the fire before all his hair burns off," Sesshoumaru chuckled as he pointed to Inuyasha's hair being nearly in the fire pit and the ends already beginning to burn.

Miroku and Sango moved Kagome and Inuyasha so they were laying side by side. Miroku created a cloth curtain so that Sango could check on Kagome's injuries and make sure that she had not torn anything open while she was stretching her powers. However, to Sango's surprise none of the injuries where there anymore.

"Wow," said Sango. "All of the injuries are gone and not even scars remain. I think she will make a full recovery. Let's leave this curtain up so she can rest and she can have privacy. Inuyasha will be out for a while longer but when he is awake I doubt he will want to leave her side anyway."



"Did you see her new look at all?"

"What do you mean?"

"Were you able to see past the light and see Kagome's physical change or even now without the light has her appearance changed?" Sesshoumaru asked looking over at the curtain that now concealed the young girl and his brother.

"No," said Sango, "The light was too bright and her appearance has not yet changed. Why do you ask?"

"Because I was able to see it and I must admit I am shocked."

"What do you mean?"
"I saw Inu Ears."

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