Kagome's Choice and Pain

Kagome's New Look

Kagome's P.O.V.

I can feel a change in my body. I can't help but wonder what it will mean. I know I had to make my choice but what will I gain from it and what will I lose? This is what I was asking myself over and over in my head. I kept being told I had to make a choice but what was this choice?

Suddenly I was standing in my hut but wait it wasn't my hut, it was a bit different. My eyes widen when I realize that was standing in the hut that I now owned but it was still designed like Kaede had it when she was alive. I could smell the tea she always drank and when I looked towards where the fire pit was I saw a shocking sight. There kneeling by the fire was Kaede making tea like always.

"Kaede," I call to her hoping that she was real even though I had watched her take her last of life nearly a year ago.

"Kagome," she said with her same sweet smile that made you want to smile as well. "Child come and sit we have a lot to talk about and little time to waste."

I sat down as instructed, "Kaede am I dead?"

"No, child," she said, "Ye are merely drifting in your head. I have much to tell you and I know you have questions."

"Kaede, I am not sure what's going on. I keep hearing a voice that is telling me I have to choose something but I don't know what the choice is in the first place. Do you know what it is I am supposed to choose?"

"Aye, child I do," she said in her voice that told me to be still and listen. "Ye must choose if ye will live. If ye choose to life then how will ye live, as a half-demon or as a demon? If ye want to stay a human then ye will surely die. Ye have a little time to waste so ye must choose quickly. What will ye choose?"
'Half-demon or demon? What should I choose? I am not sure but I felt a lot like I did when I first arrived in the feudal era and was asked the same thing by Inuyasha… Inuyasha, would he love me still if I was a half-demon? Or would he want me to be a demon even if it means I would surpass him in strength and most everything else? If I choose to be a demon I could never return to the village as a priestess, and if I choose to be half-demon I may be hated or hunted much like Inuyasha was as a child. Oh, what should I do?'

"I don't want to die, at least not yet anyway and I want to stay close to Inuyasha. So, given the choice I want to live, as a half-demon." I nearly shouted at no one in particular.

"Child, before the change begins I must tell ye something important," said Kaede as I finished my little speech. "Ye will keep you miko powers and they will grow in strength as you gain control over you demonic powers. Ye will have many challenges ahead but I know ye will be safe because Inuyasha and the others will be with you every step of the way."

"Kaede, do you mean that one day I will surpass the skills and level of strength of Inuyasha. Will my powers be stronger than his?" I only asked this because I want to make sure to know so I could warn Inuyasha and tell him I was sorry in advance.

"Yes you will someday but not because ye will be better than in fighting but because you will have more demonic blood than he does."

"What do you mean more demonic blood?"

"Ye have blood from Inuyasha and Lord Sesshomaru, now coursing through your veins and that means you will be more than half-demon ye are actually a ¾ demon. Ye has more demonic powers than either had thought. See the powers you gain from Inuyasha will be ½ the strength of what he has however, the powers you gain from Lord Sesshomaru will be more powerful than that of Inuyasha's powers at full strength. Couple those with your growing miko powers and you will be a very powerful ¾ demon. This means that you will someday surpass even Lord Sesshomaru."

"Wow," I said in surprise at this revelation. "Wait… what do you mean Sesshoumaru's blood?" However, it was too late the world around me went white and I was suddenly in pain once again.

I knew the pain was important but it didn't change how much it hurt at first. Slowly it dulled and was nothing more than an ache but it still was annoying to have to feel it all the time. My transformation was nearing the end and I wanted to get through it as much as possible. I also knew that my change would be over before I knew it if I didn't fight it even if my first instinct was to fight the change.

The change happened quickly after I stopped fighting. My ears shifted from the side of my head to the top moving the auditory processes to that of a canine. My teeth I felt elongate and become pointed into fangs like Inuyasha's. I watched in strange fascination of seeing my nails lengthen and become like the claws that Inuyasha had with one exception my nails changed color and be black with silvery white tips.

Suddenly I found myself opening my eyes in the white world around me and seeing a person whom I had not seen but as a statue in the sacred cave near Sango's village, Lady Midoriko. I was shocked to see her and hoped that she was not some kind of illusion caused by the pain I was feeling from my transformation.

"My daughter of the future, I am glad you have made the choice that would keep you happy and bring you closer to your chosen protector, Inuyasha. I have come to you to tell you that I have watched you since your birth from within the Shikon no Tama that first was within your body and later destroyed by your hand with Inuyasha's aid. I am proud of your ability to keep going even though it has not always been easy for you." She then smiled at me and looked me over in a manner that made me blush. "I am sorry for the burden you were forced to bear on behalf of me and Lady Kikyo."

"You don't have to apologize to me Lady Midoriko."

"I do because despite all you have given up to bear this burden, I must ask you to bear one more burden that I was unable to prevent before I was destroyed."

"What burden is that? I thought the Shikon no Tama was the only thing in this world that you created and it was destroyed."

"Yes, the Shikon no Tama was destroyed however, something new is coming into existence soon and it will bring about a new enemy that will be as powerful as Naraku. However, the new object of power will have the power to change the future that you were originally born into and this has created a kind of alternate timeline that you are now a part of as well. This could be the end of the future that you once knew. However, there is a chance you can stop the enemy once you learn to control your new powers. The object of power will be created soon. It must be created however, it also must be destroyed much like the Shikon no Tama. If you don't destroy it then you will never be born and all you have done up until today will never happen."

"Will I be able to sense the new object like I could the Shikon no Tama shards?"

"I don't know the answer to that. I only know that the power that it will have can either save the world or destroy it." She seemed to start to fade away after saying this phrase. "I am growing weak again I can't stay much longer."

"Wait, why?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you telling me all this now?"

"Because only you can save the future. If you can bring back the future of your past then you will be born and you will still be with Inuyasha. I can tell you something; do you remember the fact that there weren't any demons in your era?"


"Well, that is because you never lived to see the future. The demons were all killed in a great war among the demons. However, with you living in this era now you may be able to change that so everyone can live together in harmony but still have the same time line. Please keep that in mind in the future. I must go now and it's time for you wake up."

With that she vanished and my vision went black. I was starting to wake up to the sounds of people talking and the smell of food however I could tell one person wasn't there. "Inuyasha?"

Third Person P.O.V.

Inuyasha had been holding Kagome since the duel had been interrupted 4 days ago. He had not eaten nor had he slept in all that time. Everyone was starting worry about the friend that they knew so well.

Even Sesshomaru was worried, even if he had not said anything about it; he was concerned about the half-demon's sanity and physical health. He could smell the stench of uncleanliness coming from Inuyasha and made him feel sick. He hated seeing Inuyasha in such a weakened state. He was about to say something when the slayer spoke up first.

"Inuyasha, I need to clean Kagome and change her bandages, if needed. Please allow me to do that. You know as well as anyone that she can't stand not being clean every day." Sango said with a voice of sadness and reasoning rolled together. She was concerned for the young man whom she had come to care about as brother and even though he was half-demon he still had human needs unlike demons. "Why don't you go and take some time to get something to eat and relax for a few minutes?"

"I ain't hungry."

"Inuyasha, you are not going to be of much use to Lady Kagome if you become sick or weakened by not eating." Miroku said with his wise voice as a way to reason with him and get him to eat.


"Inuyasha," Kohaku said, "I am a human and I can't possibly understand what has happened to Kagome or how it affects you. However, I do know that you have sensitive nose as does Kirara and Lord Sesshomaru, so if I as a human can smell the foul smelling coming off of you then so can they. That also means that Lady Kagome will smell it too when she wakes rather as a half-demon or as a demon." Kohaku then handed him some bathing things and then went and sat down by Kirara who was still in her full sized demon form.

"Kohaku is right," said Miroku with a serious look on his face. "Think of how Lady Kagome would feel about your sorry state if she saw you now. She would want you to look your best and be ready to fight if needed. Right now you would not win in a fight unless her life was on the line and even then I doubt you could win anyway."

"Fine," was Inuyasha hoarse, hushed whisper, he then turned and walked out of camp to smell out a hot spring nearby. He found one rather quickly and set down the bathing supply.

Before he could even think Sesshomaru, who had followed him there, spoke to him which made him start for a short moment. "Inuyasha," was his stoic statement.

"What the hell do you want?" Inuyasha snapped without turning around to look at his brother.

"You are pathetic. You are willing to waste away to nothing while the girl you begged me to save is fighting for her life, to make a choice between being a demon, like me and being like you, a half-demon. You really are a pathetic man."

Inuyasha didn't have time to react to the fist that flew at his head. He staggered back and fell to the ground on his behind with an audible thud. "What the…?" was his incoherent question upon landing on the ground then he glared up at Sesshomaru. "What the hell was that for you bastard?"

"That was for being a selfish arrogant fool," said Sesshomaru as he glared down at the man who was his brother rather he liked it or not. "Do you honestly think that the girl would like to see you looking so weak and haggard? When she wakes up? Who do you think will be training her to use her new abilities, hmm?"


"Well it will not be me because I will not take the responsibility. I didn't train you and I sure as hell am not going to train her. Get you act together, if you honestly care about the girl then grow up and own up to your failure and move on. She will forgive you even if you don't forgive yourself so just get over it and move on," with that being said, Sesshomaru disappeared into the trees leaving Inuyasha to think over what he had just had beaten into his head.

Rubbing his head were Sesshomaru hit him he stripped down and entered the hot spring, as he thought about what Sesshomaru had said. "I am at fault here and I deserved to be punished for failing to protect her. But, Sesshomaru and the others are right Kagome will always forgive me no matter what I do. I know that, too. So why do I feel so lousy? Why do I feel like she left me for good and is never coming back?"

"Maybe, because you are scared."

"Sango," Inuyasha blushed and ducked under the water to cover his nakedness. He recognized the voice of his companion even though he had not turned around to look at her. He was blushing very deeply, "What are you doing here?"

"Sorry," turning so her back was to him showing that she could not see him. "I came to bring you a towel so you can dry yourself. I heard you talking to yourself. I didn't mean to listen in on your conversation with yourself. However, I think that you are scared that she will be so different that she will not be the same Kagome you fell in love with during our journey to defeat Naraku."

"The Kagome that you waited to come back for three long, lonesome years while me and Miroku married and started a family. While you had no one to comfort you or love you like only she could, because you could not love anyone like you love her. Kagome is a special person who made your life very different than the one you had before she came into your life. Kagome told me once that you were surprised when she cried for you, when she worried about your injuries, above any she may have gotten. I have watched you change as well from a gruff, ill-tempered child to and gruff, ill-tempered loving adult, in the short time I have known you. Even Shippo has been able to learn from you and has even taught you something you may not realize you needed to learn, patience."

"You have learned to help those you love even if you will die because of it. Inuyasha, Kagome will not change that much if anything she will be even better for you because she can share something that she couldn't before, your life."

"Well, enjoy your bath" she should be awake soon." Sango disappeared into the trees just like Sesshomaru had.

While Inuyasha was still blushing from having been seen by Sango naked, was glad she had come and talked to him. He thought about what Sango and Sesshomaru had said and he had a newfound respect for both of them. Even though he would never tell either of them that he did respect them he had a feeling that they would figure it out somehow.

Inuyasha was just finishing he bath and was putting his clothes back on when he suddenly smelled the change that he knew would be happening soon. He finished dressing and raced quickly back to the camp so that he could see her again. When he got to the camp he shocked at the change that Kagome had gone through and yet despite this he still thought she was even more beautiful than before.

"Ka…go…me?" Inuyasha said slowly to the glowing Kagome that stood before him and smiled when she turned to look at him. The light faded and he was impressed with the look she had.

Before him, Kagome stood taller than her human height. When she was human she came to the middle of his chest when they stood on flat ground, but now she stood just a few inches shorter than him with long legs and well-defined muscles. She was currently wearing a short kimono with bandages wrapped around her legs from the injuries she had gotten in the fight.

Kagome's hair is as long as Sesshomaru's and is colored black and silver. She has streaks of silver throughout most of her hair. Her bang and the forelocks, like Inuyasha's, were all silver as well. Her eyes were not a bright golden color like Inuyasha's but a light honey color instead. She has both Inuyasha's demon streaks on her cheeks as well as Sesshomaru's she has the same on her legs and arms as well with both colors. She also had a symbol on her forehead but it was not the same crescent moon that Sesshomaru has but a downward facing moon that was all black.

She has claws and fang like one would expect but her claws were black with silver tips. Her ears are also black to with silver tips. She was very pretty and looked like an angel to Inuyasha.

"Kagome? Is that really you?" asked Miroku and Sango in perfect unison a little louder than they expected and saw Kagome wince at the sound.

"Yes it is me but keep your voices low please, I am still adjusting to the change in hearing so everything seems loud to me." She smiled at them and they nodded their understanding.

"Kagome, I am glad you alive and well. You look great for a half-demon," said Sango.

"Thank you. However; I am not a half-demon."

"What do you mean you look like a half-demon to me," said Miroku.

"I know I do but I am not. I am in fact a ¾ demon. I have demon blood from Inuyasha and from Sesshomaru but because I was human and Inuyasha is half-human as well I only got the ¾ the demon blood. Thus I am really ¾ demon and ¼ human. Kaede told me that in my dreams."

Suddenly everyone was silenced by a loud thud of someone hitting the ground and turned to see Inuyasha laying on his back with his eyes closed. Everyone rushed to his side to find out he was not hurt anything just unconscious.

"Do not worry his is not harmed. He just fainted like a weak human after hearing you say you are more demon than him."

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