Kagome's Choice and Pain

…So her Training Begins

Kagome and the others had made a meal and even Sesshomaru enjoyed the meal with them. Inuyasha was awake and had eaten before retreating to the forest for an extended hunting trip. Kagome could smell him close by and gathered that he was thinking things over on his feelings. He was also most likely coming to grips with the reality of her powers and levels of demonic blood that she possessed in contrast to his. She was a little sad that he had reacted in such a manner in regards to her and wondered if he was truly jealous of her blood or if he would still love her despite this new turn of events.

Deep in the woods nearly half-hour walk from the campsite and close to a stream in case it was needed, Inuyasha walk around in circles to see how many of the trees need to be cleared to create a training ground that is sheltered from the campsite. It would still be within a reasonable distance of the campsite to allow the humans in the group to be safe from the training that Kagome would need to be doing before they head back to the village.

'I still can't believe that she is more demon than I am. I still think that it's not fair. She was supposed to be a half demon like me or a full demon like Sesshomaru. So, how did this get so messed up? I really was hoping that she and I would be equals.' Inuyasha mumbled to himself unaware of the new presence in the area until the wind shifted and the scent hit his nose.

Inuyasha whirled around and saw Sesshomaru standing just inside the small clearing that Inuyasha had been working on while talking to himself. Inuyasha stared at his half-brother with a small amount of fear and yet at the same time fascination.

"What do you want now? I thought you would have been long gone by now, seeing as how you have fulfilled my request," said Inuyasha with a bored sounding voice.

"Does it really bother you so much that she has more demonic blood than you do?" Sesshomaru asked instead of answering Inuyasha's question.

"Of course not," Inuyasha snapped and continued his work. "Why would it bother me that she is going to have more powers than me and one day she will be able to kick my ass? Hell no, it ain't going to bother me in the slightest," Inuyasha practically shouted to his brother as he had finished his task of cleaning the area and stacked the wood in one spot closest to the camp area for easy access but still remaining out of the way.

"Inuyasha, keep in mind that I would not normally offer you any sage advice, considering that you are someone who is so far beneath me, However, bear in mind that she is still in her infancy stage of the abilities that she may possess." When Inuyasha looked confused Sesshomaru clarified, "In other words, she will not come into her more advanced abilities until much later on after a great deal of practice and training."

"I ain't sure what skills she will have, the only thing she has ever done was shoot a bow and arrow with her priestess powers. What should I do when her powers outmatch mine, or worse what if she has a blood rage that she can't control? What kind of weapon should she have?" growling more to himself than to the man standing in the impromptu training arena, "Gods, what should I do? I'm very confused about this!"

"First, you need to calm yourself," spoke the wise voice of reason from none other than Sesshomaru. He was uncharacteristically kind in his words and advice, "Then, spend a few days training then journey to Totosai's home to commission a weapon to seal her demonic blood. You will need this," without hesitation he pulled a fang from his own mouth and handed it to Inuyasha. "That, with one of your own will make the weapon stronger and allow her to gain abilities for the weapon of choice. Allow her to choose the weapon and she will should have something that will fit her size and abilities."

"Thank you," Inuyasha said hesitantly.

"After you done at Totosai's then head back your village to check in with Rin and the others you left behind. Finally, wait there, I will bring some clothing that will serve her better than the normal clothes she has worn in the past or the ones she has now," that being said Sesshomaru started to leave.

"Wait, why are you so kind to her, or me for that matter? What are you up too? What do you expect in return?"

"I require nothing more than you and her to continue to protect Rin. In return I will work on forming a better alliance with you and your home village. I would like to also to extend a castle that boards your forest and mine. I hope you will take it as your home should you choose to leave the village after Rin leaves. Your friends and family are also welcomes to settle in the small village just west of the castle should they choose." Sesshomaru started to leave but then stopped and turned to Inuyasha, "By the way, should you choose to mate with the girl please let me know so that I might preform my duty of instructing you on mating customs for our family and welcome her to the family. I have already made sure that she is added to the family tree but she is not listed as your mate, yet."

"What?" Inuyasha nearly shouted as he stared at Sesshomaru slack jawed.

Sesshomaru just simply turned and walked away from the clearing that was created in the direction of the campsite. Leaving the confused and shocked hanyou there to wonder what had happened to change the demon lord so much in a short amount of time. Shrugging it off he headed out to find some place to lay small traps for Kagome to train to use or avoid, nothing too dangerous but enough of a challenge to teach her how to protect herself should they ever be separated.

It was nearly dark when Inuyasha made his way back to camp and was greeted by a smiling Kagome and happy friends. They didn't ask what had caused their friend to disappear for the day nor did they try to press the issue. Kagome and Sango were working on the food, though, it looked like Kagome was not handling the strong smells as well as she would have liked.

"Kagome, come with me, please," said Inuyasha as he held out his hand for her to take.

"Okay," Kagome said and took the hand that was offered and followed behind Inuyasha until they came to a hot spring. The same hot spring Inuyasha had used to bath prior to her awakening.

After reaching a suitable distance from the others, as well as the hot springs that he had used, Inuyasha turned around to, really look at Kagome. Her ears twitched often and she was nose was still wrinkled in disgust of all the smells. She seemed to be trying to learn all the new things she could sense at once. A bird made a loud noise to not too far off and caused Kagome to cover her ears to drown out the sound.

Without warning she found herself being pulled up close to Inuyasha's chest. "Focus on my heartbeat, Kagome. Listen only to it and nothing else." He told her as he stroked her hair and tried to help her a bit with focusing her hearing on things she wanted to hear and tuning out the things she didn't. "Take in my scent and try to ignore everything else. If you relax and clear your mind it will help until you get the hang of it okay." He said in a soft, soothing voice. The voice surprised Kagome and Inuyasha, neither of them knew that he could sound so caring and loving at the same time.

"I hope I get the hang of this soon," Kagome said, "I didn't know the world was so loud all the time." She complained while trying to do what he said and it slowly began working for her.

"I am only half demon and most of the time it's too loud for me. I am not sure how Shippou or Sesshomaru deals with it. If you have a human night you will be surprised how deafening it can feel not to be able to hear all the sounds you normally hear. I will work with you for a few days to get you better trained. Then we head to Totosai's place to get a weapon made for you to keep you demon blood in check. You have both mine and Sesshomaru's blood in you so your temper may be more difficult to handle. Sesshomaru gave me a fang to add to mine to make it very strong. The weapon will be of your choosing and will give you a high advantage in battle. Sesshomaru is going to meet us back at the village to give you some demon attire. Nothing bad but something that will act much like my fire rat clothes do, repairing themselves and protecting you when you have a human night or when you fight someone stronger than you." Inuyasha was talking to keep her attention on him and not on any other sounds and so she had the information that she needed to be given.

"Inuyasha, thank you so much for protecting me and making me feel better about this change. I am sorry I have more demonic blood than you but I will work hard to get to your level of skill. I don't know what else I can do but I am sure I have the hearing thing down now. I hope that my physical training will be good so that I can fight with you guys and not just be someone who has to stay back, be protected and let you guys fight. I kind of understand what Shippou was saying about how he never gets to fight anymore even though he is trained," said Kagome as she started to feel better now that her head was not splitting in two anymore. She then remembered what Lady Midoriko had told her before she had woken up. "Inuyasha, I think we will be back on the road soon after we get back to the village. I was told something while I was unconscious."

"What was that?"

"Lady Midoriko, said that a new treasure that will bring about an even more powerful enemy and that I have to let the treasure be created before its destroyed or I will never be born and all this will never happen. Basically, she said that I will know when it happens and then we will start out but until it does we don't do anything different." Kagome looked Inuyasha in the eyes as she said, "I think we should use that time to train up and get things in place so we have stores of items collected to have on hand to battle whatever this new thing is going to be. She also told me that if we don't do it correctly all demons in the future will die because of some kind of Demonic War and they will all be killed. I also think that we should try to rally our allies and formulate some kind of organized council that will help all demons work together and keep the war from happening," She finally took a breath that sound very much like a heavy sigh.

"Okay Kagome let me see if I understand this correctly. There is going to be a new sacred object that will change your future and stop you from being born resulting in all the demons to be killed off. Also, on top of that, all the work you have done up until now will also vanish forever?" said a shocked Inuyasha as he tried to wrap his head around the information.

"Basically yes," Kagome stated, "in a nutshell that is what will happen. I wanted to talk to you and Sesshomaru about the Demon council but he took off after saying he would see me again soon. He can be rather cryptic at times but I am very thankful to him for saving my life. Also thank you for helping as well, I would not be here without your help either. Thank you, Inuyasha."

They both had their stomachs growl at that point and decided to head back to camp to eat and then get some sleep. Inuyasha wanted Kagome rested so she would be able to really work hard on her training even if it was only for a couple of days.

Sango and Miroku decided that they would head back to the village ahead of the others so that they could see their kids whom they missed dearly. Kohaku said that he would be staying behind to help training since he was a slayer he would be able to provide a very good challenge with the tricks that he had learned when he was younger. Miroku gave Kagome some sutras and some of the coins they had, to pay for an inn should the need arise. Sango gave Kagome her short sword so she could learn to fight with that weapon before she chooses a weapon to have Totosai make.

Kirara took Sango and Miroku back the village with the promise that they would send her back for Kohaku. The group settles into a night's sleep before a long few days. Kagome's training everyone knew would be very difficult and will take its toll on her and Inuyasha's relationship. They also know that it needed to be done.

The next morning began with a pre-dawn run through the forest and then with Kagome having to run through the trees as fast as she can for a half mile. If she fell, tripped, or missed an obstacle she had to start over.

Next, she would stand for two hours in the river while Kohaku, being human it would not hurt her as much, through rocks in her directions she had to either catch or dodge the rocks coming at her. Finally just after noon they took a break to eat and rest for one hour.

The rest of the day was spent hunting, tracking, and training the senses to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste different things that she may encounter at any given point. She did this until well after supper and past dark. She had to hunt a five rabbits for the dinner she didn't have to kill them; Inuyasha was saving that for another time since she was still new to her abilities. She managed to finally get the rabbits and found her way back to the campsite where Inuyasha took the off to be skinned and ready for cooking. After she eat she was told to take a 15 min bath and the off to bed she would be up in 5 hours to start all over again.

It was the morning of sixth day when she was doing so well that everything was second nature to her. That was when Inuyasha took her the training arena to train her in hand to hand combat and strategy. She needed to learn the skills that he had to learn on his own without a trainer. He was going to be rough on her and she would have to learn to survive. While he would never put her in harm's way he would also not go easier on her just because she was his friend.

"Okay, Kagome, I am going to be insulting and rude. I will not hold back and I will most likely hurt you. I promise not kill you but you need to fight on instinct much like I had too. Remember to listen to your surroundings as well as your body it will tell you how you should attack. You will have 5 hours to survive my attacks, or more like you need to do some kind of damage to me. After that you will have the rest of the day training in swords with Kohaku, who has also been instructed in not going easy on you," lectured Inuyasha as he circled her and once she nodded that she understood he went right into his attacks.

This took up the full 5 hours, Kagome thought she would die from how tired she felt but she continued to fight through Inuyasha's attacks. Soon she was able to get in several good blows on Inuyasha but not as many as he got on her. She was sweating very heavily and was even having problems with her vision. After her 5 hours of hand-to-hand combat training with Inuyasha she was hoping that sword training would be much easier.

That was not going to be the case. After she had a small bit of a break to eat and answered the call of nature she was now holding a sword in defense from Kohaku who was teaching her how to parry and look for the opening that would bring her opponent to its knees. While she faired pretty well against Kohaku she was starting to feel the fatigue from the training but she was told she would have to find a way to keep fighting even though she was weakening. Thankful when she did find that opening she was using a stick rather than a real sword or she would have killed Kohaku then and there.

Kohaku and Inuyasha were very impressed with the progress she made in just one day of training. However, she still have four more things to learn before they could head out for Totosai's, how to kill for food, how cover her tracks, how to deal with going long periods without any sleep, and how to recognize various traps and slayer tricks. Inuyasha planned to take off in 8 days' time so she had to learn the basics of those things in the next 6 days so she could rest for two days before they headed out.

Eight days later Kagome was now rested and but already there was a major change in the movements and attitude of the girl who was once a human miko. She had learned many things about herself and how to protect herself. However, when it came to killing for food she was till crying when she did it but she was able to catch and kill 10 rabbits in 15 minutes rather than taking nearly 3 hours to do so. So now they were heading for Totosai's to get Kagome a weapon that would help her fight well.

By the time they had started heading out Kirara had returned with a note from Sango that they made it safely and everyone was happy for their return. Sango had also said that Shippou was glad everyone there was safe and that he hoped they would return soon. Sango said that she had told Shippou and Rin that Kagome was now a ¾ demon and that she was being delayed for training. Rin could not wait till Sesshomaru would arrive at the village.

As they neared the old sword makers home they killed off two strong demons and Kagome was the one who killed the second demons which had impressed Inuyasha greatly. Totosai was there but they had to wait around for three days. During those three days they talked with the old man and Myouga who showed up just before they had arrived there.

"Master Inuyasha, I have to explain some things to Lady Kagome that are important for all new or young demons, half demons, and demoness' to know," said the little flea as he hopped up and down on Kohaku's shoulder.
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