Kagome's Choice and Pain

The Demon's Facts Of Life & Kagome's New Skills

"What do you mean, Myoga?" asked Kagome as she watched the little flea hop around.

"I mean what I said," Myoga shouted sounding rather angry at the fact that the girl was asking in the same manner as Inuyasha but not sounding like him. "The demon's talk is normally done by the father for young males and by the mother in the case of young females. I know you don't have a demon mother so; therefore, it falls on me to explain this to you. I hope you will listen with more patients than Master Inuyasha normal does, Lady Kagome," the flea then hopped over to Kagome's shoulder so that he might tell her in private.

"Oh, no you don't, Myoga. I know what you are up to and I won't let you do it. Tell her here with me and in plain sight or I will squash you flat," Inuyasha threatened.

"As you wish, Master Inuyasha," Myoga said with a heavy sigh, "Lady Kagome, I am sorry if this embarrasses you and if you need me to stop at any time please feel free to do so. However, you should know what I am going to tell you. Since you are now a ¾ demon you will have many changes that have little to do with your physical appearance. First of all I am sure you already know about reproduction in the human world. However, in the world of demons marriage isn't something that occurs often. Mating is when the female and male lay together to create a child or to pleasure themselves. I believe humans call it making love. Mating is completed in many different manners depending on the species and the age of the couple at the time of the mating. For Master Inuyasha's Family, only Lord Sesshomaru knows the details however, most canine demons mate for life. They only mate when they decide to have pups or when they find the mate that they love; love, however, is rarely a factor in the mating. However, because you are ¼ human and Master Inuyasha is ½ human the mating mostly ends up being a marriage of sorts."

Kagome sat listening to him rattle off this small bit of information wondering if there was more that he needed to tell her and blushing madly about some details that may be too intimate for her to want Inuyasha hearing the information. She began thinking about how to figure out the weapon powers and giving Totosai a choice on the weapons she wanted created for her.

"Lady Kagome, I know this may embarrass you but since Master Inuyasha is being unreasonable about our conversation I will have no choice but to discuss it in front of him. However, Master Inuyasha, you must be warned I tried to be discreet about this so do not blame me." Myoga said with a gulp hoping to save himself from being squashed into oblivion for what he had to say next.

"Keh, I don't care what you have to say I ain't going to let you have a suck on Kagome's blood when I ain't looking," shouted Inuyasha who was blushing with fury knowing what might be coming next but he wasn't about to let anyone take a taste of Kagome's blood again. He folded he arms up into his sleeves with his customary pose of annoyance.

"Very well," signed Myoga as he turned back to Kagome, "Lady Kagome your cycles will soon change as well to be more like a dog demons cycles which means you will be in heat longer than when you were a human. This will most likely last on average 7-10 days but could last anywhere from 4-20 days and can make you desire mating even more than before. There will be a longer grace period of your bleeding time as well. This will be about 60-90 days. However, this could be shorter due to your human blood as well. You will be able to tell that you are in heat because Master Inuyasha could most likely act more grouchy or even become very affectionate towards you. I would also want to warn you that multiple births are more common in demons than in humans. I think that is all I need to tell you. Do you have any questions about this?"

Kagome thought about everything that Myoga had told her and was not sure how to handle the information. She was not sure how to take that fact that she was going be in heat longer than most people in her time. She did stop to think about the fact she would be able to mate once she learned how from Sesshomaru, another thing she was blushing about was the fact that she would have deal with Sesshomaru explaining how to mate with Inuyasha, most likely in great detail.

"Thank you Myoga, I am grateful to you for providing the information to me. I will keep it in mind as time goes on and thank you for worrying about my privacy." Kagome told the old flea as she stood to take a walk to really think things through and to digest what she had just learned about herself.

"Hey, Kagome we need to talk to Totosai about the weapon you want," called Inuyasha.

"I will be right back just let me go for a short run okay, Inuyasha," Kagome didn't even wait for him to answer she was off and out of sight before he could even say two words about what she had said.

Inuyasha thought about what Myoga had said as well and he was a little embarrassed by what the flea had said about her female cycles. However, he was more worried about what Sesshomaru was going to tell him about the mating of Kagome. He didn't want to harm Kagome even if she was also demon but he still saw her as a fragile person who needed to be protected. He went back in to talk with Totosai about the weapons he could make and some ideas for of something that he could make for her since her birthday was coming up soon. She may be a ¾ demon but she still has a birthday and he had to get something for her soon or she would be angry with him for forgetting, he believed.

Two hours later Kagome returned to Totosai's cave with three rabbits, cleaned and ready for cooking she handed them to Kohaku. Then she went into the cave to speak with Totosai on what she wanted for a weapon.

While she had been out walking she was able to remember the weapons she had read about in schoolbooks and she remembered some of the ones she found very interesting and would have liked more than others. One of the ones she liked was the bladed sai's which could be created by using one of her fangs which would contain her miko energy and powers. She knew that she would have to find a way to continue to use her bow and arrows but wasn't sure how that would end up going over.

Finally she figured out what kind of a weapon she wanted to use in addition to the sai's was a sword that would allow her to seal her blood rage and could be used as a weapon when needed. She wanted it designed to be a necklace that could not break and could still seal the demon blood rage. She even had what she wanted it to look like in its full form if Totosai could make it happen then she would be happy with the weapon.

When she entered the cave she noticed right way that Inuyasha was in the cave as well and was talking to Totosai about Kagome. She didn't want to be accused of spying on him so she lightly coughed as she came closer to the two in the cave.

"Hey, did you have a good time relaxing?" asked Inuyasha with a chase smile and small twinkle in his eyes.

"Yes, thank you for letting me go on my own. I brought back dinner. Kohaku is cooking it now. I would like to talk with Totosai and see what he thinks of my idea for my weapons." Kagome said as she sat down beside Inuyasha in a traditional manner.

"Oh what do you need weapons for?" asked a very confused Totosai, which is typical of the old sword smith.

"Oi, old man you know full well what she is talking about you old fool," shouted Inuyasha as thumped the old man in the head hard enough to form a nasty lump on the head.

"Totosai, please listen to me carefully," said Kagome in a deadly sounding voice. "I want you to make me two things, one being a sword from the teeth that Inuyasha brought with him and I want to be made to be a necklace that will not break. The second thing I would like you to make for me with my own tooth is a set of sai's that are bladed. I will leave the finally design to you to decide. Thank you in advance." Kagome then proceeded to pull out one of her teeth and hand it to the old sword smith.

Kagome didn't wait to see if Totosai had accepted the requests or not she just go up and walked away. She was suddenly in a foul mood and need to go and relax. She could not shake the feeling that she was just bored like Inuyasha but she didn't like how she was feeling. She had chosen to go and eat some of the food that she could smell being cooked by Kohaku instead of sharpening her new claws on her sword maker.

Kagome then spent the rest of the next 8 days either training or hunting alone. She was gone for so long at one point Inuyasha went looking for her. She was found killing a rabbit since it was close to mealtime for them.

Totosai had completed the weapons and had told them to have them treated by the potions master to make them even more powerful and to help her learn more about the powers they have as well as how she can gain more powers.

It was the morning of the ninth day of Kagome's foul mood and suddenly Inuyasha was halted by the all too familiar scent of wolves. They did pass rather close to Koga's territory it was strange that the wolf would come and bother them now after nearly three days of walking so close to his home.

"Hey, Inu no Kuso, how have you been lately?" Koga called from a small outcropping above them. Then he jumped down and landed in front of Inuyasha who was brisling from the insult but didn't let it show much.

"Hey, ya mangy wolf cub, whatta doing around here?" Inuyasha teased back to the wolf prince. "I was taking Kagome to see the drunken potions master about some weapons that need to be treated."

Meanwhile, Kagome and Kohaku were sitting by and watching the whole sense with mild amusement. However, while Kohaku was mildly amused, Kagome was anything but amused. In fact she was closing in on being livid when she smelt poison. Then as if she was watching it happen from someone else get up and run at Koga.

"Look out Koga," shout Kohaku and Inuyasha in unison.

Koga ducked out of the way of Kagome's attack and noticed as he did so that there was some massive melted spot where he had once stood and before he could blink the woman that he had loved for years was now glaring at him with menacing eyes. He knew that there was no the way that Kagome could always view him a threat to her love if he acted as he had in the past. He wanted to know what had happened to change her so but one look at Inuyasha who was not holding her back told him that now wasn't the time to ask.

"Well I need to check on my mate so I will catch up with you all later on. I will swing by the village in a few weeks. We have much to talk about," and with that Koga sped off, as fast he could now that he no longer relied on the Shikon jewel shards.

Kagome finally was able to regain control over her body and was confused as to why she would attack her friend, Koga like that. Yes, she was bothered that Koga was teasing Inuyasha but she knew it was all in good fun. So why had she attacked him like that?

"Kagome, are you alright?" Inuyasha asked as he came to her side and looked her square in the face.

Kagome for her part was too shocked to really trust her voice so she just nodded once and then looked at the part that was really worrying her the most. She had never seen Inuyasha use poison claws however she knew that Sesshomaru had them and even had an up close and personal view of how deadly those claws can be for most anyone who comes in contact with them.

"Kagome, we need to keep moving maybe the potions master will be able to help you understand your new power. Okay, but we need to get moving," Inuyasha was gruff but gentle at the same time.

Kagome again just nodded and allowed Inuyasha to pull her onto his back and run as fast as possible for him while keeping a firm hold on her and allowing Kirara and Kohaku to keep up with him as well.

The following day they reached the old potions master and he did indeed understand why Kagome had powers of poison in her like Sesshomaru had. She was given blood from a poison dog youkai. This meant that she would have powers like that of Sesshomaru and would need his help to learn how to control and use the powers that she had from him. This news didn't make Inuyasha very happy and he knew Sesshomaru would not be very happy with the news either after what he had told Inuyasha before.

It was later as the small group set off once again that Kagome learned more of her attacks and how they worked. She was surprised by many of them and she was even able to label them as she learned most of them.

Wall Soul-U~ōru-This ability is used when Kagome and her friends are in danger this includes Sesshomaru, Rin, Koga, Ginta, Hakkaku, Shippou, Sango, Miroku, and even Jaken. It is swirling barrier that combines the demonic offensive and miko defensive protections to allow her to purify in coming threats but also counter attacks that can't be deflected.

Jade Shield-Sōru Jeidoshīrudo-Jade Shield is a projected protection shield she put up around someone without her being in the shield. This allows her to protect children, Shippo and even a Human Inuyasha from danger it also leaves them undetectable by any demon or miko besides her.

Omni Strike-Omunisutoraiku-Her ultimate demonic attack, however she has little control over it save for it only attacks enemies and not allies. However, she was unable to stop it from killing innocent young demons that were caught in its path and therefore rarely uses it.

Energy Purification-Enerugī seisei-This is her Ultimate Miko attack. However, this she has no control over and can kill enemies and allies alike. When used it creates an energy field around her body that spreads out nearly 500 yards from her body in all directions. All demons and wicked humans are killed instantly. She once used it when she believed that Inuyasha had been killed and destroyed several yards of evil demons and a few innocent demons as well who were caught in the path for it. She cannot call on the power at will it just happens when she is under duress of losing someone she loves and cares for.

Flowing Poison Claws-Dokusō o nagareru-Kagome was surprised when she was visiting with Koga as he teased Inuyasha and calling him by his old nicknames. Kagome was so angry that she was able to create poison from her claws. She later used them on demons when need be if she had no other choice.

Her two weapons were coming in handing right now as she learns more control over her powers and over the powers that the weapons have at the same time.

Longorb-a Set of Bladed Sai's that channel Kagome's Miko Powers in close combat. Her sai's are able to be carried on her legs. She has the ability to heal and purify with these weapons however, the disadvantage is that she is unable to do it on more than one target at a time, at first, as she grows in strength she can take out no more than 6 enemies and can heal only one person at a time.

Oni bureido-Demon Blade-a small sword that is used as a demonic channel for her demon side when she is in her blood rages. While she rarely uses this weapon she is able to carry it discreetly. When drawn she can use the bladed weapon to heal and to kill. She can save up to five people with the blade if she calls upon the right powers and mixes her demon and miko energies. Or she can purify 10 demons with her miko energy channeled through the sword. This sword has a jagged blade of a red color. The guard strongly resembles a mouth with rubies for fangs, the blade extending from it like a tongue. Its grip is formed like an angel holding an opal.

She and Inuyasha knew that the next few months would be hell for them both. For Kagome, it would mean days of training and short nights. She also wanted to get the demons together to form some kind of demon council to prevent the war from becoming the end of her race forever. She also would have training for increasing her miko powers to allow her to rely on both kinds of power.

For Inuyasha on the other hand, he was going to have to deal with the fact that he could not help Kagome in all of her training and therefore he would be once again asking Sesshomaru for assistance for Kagome.

The questions will soon become what will happen in the future and how will they be able to prevent the Demon war and bring the demons that Kagome cares for into the time period she was born into. When will the sacred treasure, much like the Shikon no Tama, be created? What will it look like? How will Kagome know it's time for the treasure to be made? And most importantly what will Kagome's NEW clothes look like?

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