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The Spectacular Star Kids


For years have we been protected by great heroes like Super Mario or Link the Hero of Time. Many years have passed and many of our heroes are gone. During the times of peace a new evil has risen.

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Chapter 1

Book 1: Birth of a new friendship

A long time ago in a world far from Earth, there was a place known as Star Haven. This sacred place was known for granting wishes and making people from different worlds happy. The entire realm was guarded by the 7 legendary Star Spirits. Basically life was good. Until one day something happened that alerted them. A space rock struck the Earth. Luckily no one was around the impact, but it was one hell of an impact. But what if that space rock wasn't a meteor? What if the impact of it unleashed an ancient artifact, and whoever had possession of it could have unlimited power and transform people around him into vicious evil beings, just like him? And worst of all, what if the Star Spirits were only spirits and didn't have the power to stop him from destroying the world? But hey, what if there was someone who could? I'm Nicholas Shay one of the soon to be Star Kids. And this is my story.

"Nicholas Shay is going back to school?" asked Daisy. "Going back to school?" asked Toadbert. "How old are you, like 17?" asked Yumi. "I'm not playing your game," I said. "So you've been outta school ever since you were 7…." Asked Yumi. "I'm 14 years old," I said. "And you're starting Middle School," asked Toadbert, "Not bad." I looked at my Captain N Poster. "You are somebody," I said to myself. I looked at the clock. "Well, I better start moving before I'm late," I said. I started running to the bus stop and waited. "If the bus doesn't hurry I'm gonna be late," I said. I looked around to make sure nobody was looking. I climbed a building using my cat like agility. Then I jumped on building and rooftops to reach my new school on time. "There it is," I said, "Almost there!" I suddenly saw some people robbing a store. "I better do something," I said.

I found an old mask and put it on. I jumped down and confronted the thugs. "You just committed your own suicide," he said. They all started shooting at me and I dodged them. I kicked one of them in the face. One of them tried to attack me, and I dodged and took him out. The rest of them got in a car and tried to get away. I took a Koopa Shell and kicked it wrecking the car. The police arrived and I vanished just in time. Oh, I guess I guess I didn't explain myself. I'm sort of like a mutant with different abilities. "That was close," I said. I finally made it to the school. "There it is," I said. Suddenly a car ran me over. Some guy with muscles came out. "Hey!" I said, "Hey asshole you almost killed me!" he turned around. "Did someone just fart cause I could've sworn I heard something," he said. "Next time watch where you're going," I said. "Make me watch," he said. He then saw a girl with blonde hair and a high school uniform. "Beauty awaits me," he said.

He confronted the girl. "Hey pretty thing," he said. "Buzz off creep," she said as she turned away. He grabbed her hand. "I'm not done talking to you," he said. "Get off me," she said. "Hey!" I said. He turned to me. "Leave her alone," I said. "Who do you think you are?" he said, "You think you can tell Magnesium what to do?" "Yeah," I said, "And I'm telling you to let that girl go." "That's it," said Magnesium. He tried to punch me and I dodged it. "Come on," he said, "Fight back." He tried attacking me again and I jumped out of the way. "You missed," I said. He attacked me and finally hit me. I fell on the ground. "Well hero," said Magnesium, "Had enough?" I punched him in his face. "That's it," he said, "No mercy!" he attack me again and again and finally hit me a few times until I fell down again. He grabbed me and picked me up. "That'll teach you to make a fool out of me," he said. He threw me in the garbage can and slammed the door.

Everyone was looking. "Now let that be a lesson to the rest of ya!" he said, "Nobody talks back to Magnesium Kanoski!" Everyone walked away. I thought every day was gonna be like this until fate pulled me out of the trash. Literally. The girl pulled me out. "Are you ok?" she asked. "Yeah," I said. I took off my hat and it was almost ruined. "Look what he did to my favorite hat," I said. "I can patch it up for you and give it to you after school," said the girl. "Thanks," I said. "I should be thanking you," she said the girl, "That's the first time anyone tried to rescue me." "No problem," I said. "Are you new here?" she asked. "Yeah," I said. "Me too," said the girl, "I'm Toadstool. What's your name?" "Nicholas," I said as I shook her hand, "Nicholas Johnson Wallaby James Shay." She giggled and said, "That's a long name." "But you can just call me Nick," I said. "I know we just met each other, but I would really like it if we could be friends," said Toadstool. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah," she said, "Can I see your schedule?" I showed it to her. "Looks like we have a lunch period, and math class together," she said. The bell rang. "I'll see you later," she said.

Later during lunch period I was eating and looking at my drawings. "So I see you still won't let go of that drawing board," said someone. I looked around and no one was there. "Marco," I said. "Polo," said someone else. I was looking at a chair. "Hello Nicholas," it said. "Hello chair," I said. Someone appeared in a seat on the other side of the table. It was Natalie. "Nat," I said. "Looks like we go to the same school," she said. "Guess so, ghost girl," I said. "So how was your day so far?" she asked. "Well I was thrown in the trash can but this girl pulled me out," I said. "Is she cute?" asked Natalie. I blushed. "Yeah…." I said. "Is that her?" she asked pointing at a girl coming this way. It was Toadstool. "Gotta go," she said as she disappeared. Toadstool sat down by me. "Hey," she said. "Hello," I said. "So how's your day going so far?" she asked. "Pretty good," I said, "I haven't seen that guy around." "Good," said Toadstool. She saw the comic I was drawing. "Can I see your comic?" she asked. "Sure," I said. She looked at it. "Sweet," she said. "Yeah," I said.

"You're really good at drawing," said Toadstool. "Not that good," I said. "Its really great," said Toadstool. "Thanks," I said. "Do you listen to music lately?" she asked. "Tons," I said, "I started playing guitar when I was 7 years old." "I started at 8," said Toadstool, "I'm kind of a rock person." "Same here," I said, "But I like all kinds of music." "Maybe we can jam sometime," said Toadstool. "Yeah," I said. After a few more periods school was over and I was taking my normal walk. "Well she's a sweet person," I said, "She kinda reminds me of an old friend I knew." I suddenly saw her walking by and she saw some thugs messing with someone. "Uh oh," I said, "I better do something." The thugs were beating up someone. "Hey!" said Toadstool. They all turned to her. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" she said. "Like you?" said one of the thugs. He tried to hit her and she got out of the way. They all surrounded her. "Nowhere to go," said another thug.

"HEY!" I said. They all turned and saw me. "Nicholas?" asked Toadstool. "Another victim," said one of the thugs. They tried to attack me and I dodged. I tried to punch them and they dodged and hit me in the face. I fell down. "Have my skills gotten that rusty?" I asked. I tried tripping them and he caught my leg and punched me again. They all started beating me up. "This is it!" I thought to myself. As one of them was about to finish me off, someone caught their hand. It was Toadstool. "Back off," she said. They all tried attacking her and she dodged them. She did moves that made the thugs beat each other up. One of them tried to hit her with a wrench but she caught it and kicked him in the nuts. Another tried to kick her and she jumped and knocked him down. She was invincible. "Let's get out of here!" said one of the thugs. They all ran away. I was amazed. "Ho-ly crap," I said. She gave me her hand. "Thanks for saving my life," said Toadstool. I took it and got up.

We were walking around the city. "So you take Martial Arts too?" I asked. "Yeah," said Toadstool, "Its kinda like a hobby of mine." "That was amazing," I said, "You made them beat each other's asses." "Yeah," said Toadstool, "I appreciate you trying to help me with those thugs. That was really brave." I was blushing. "Yeah," I said. "Have you ever had a dream?" she asked. "To let the world know who I really am," I said. "Wow," said Toadstool, "That's a pretty nice dream." "Yeah," I said. She kissed me on the cheek. "You got one person to know," she said. "Speaking of Martial Arts, where'd you learn how to fight like that?" I asked. "From a dojo where I go to," said Toadstool.
"Cool," I said. "Why don't you take a walk by so I can show you some moves?" said Toadstool, "Maybe the master can make you one of his disciples." "Really?" I asked. "Guaranteed," said Toadstool. "Ok," I said. "Cool," said Toadstool, "Its every Saturday Afternoon at 12." "Ok," I said, "I'll check it out." "Great," she said as she gave me a hug, "Well its getting late, I should get home." She started walking. "Oh, wait," I said, "Can I get your number?" She gave it to me. "Wow," I said, "Girl Number." She started walking. "See you at the studio, Nicholas Shay," said Toadstool. "Sure thing," I said. "Oh, I forgot to tell you which one it is," said Toadstool, "Its at the Bla…."

I was on my way to the Black Dragon. I saw Toadstool from the window in her Martial Arts Outfit. She saw me. She tried to say something but I couldn't hear her. "What?" I asked. She went to the door. I went inside. "You totally came," said Toadstool as she gave me a hug. A man came by us. "Toadstool, who is this boy?" he asked. "Oh, this is my friend Nicholas Shay," said Toadstool. He looked at me. "I know you," he said, "You're that boy who roughed up one of my students." "Um… This is my first time being here, and I doubt I'd recognize anyone here besides Toadstool." "Oh really?" said a familiar voice. It was Magnesium. "You are not welcome to our club," he said. "Please Instructor Sid," said Toadstool, "My friend wishes to know the way of the Dragon." "Absolutely not," he said. I walked out.

"Sir, permission to speak freely?" she asked. "Yes," said Master Sid. "Are you out of your friggin mind?!" she said. "That boy roughed up Magnesium for no reason," said Instructor Sid, "And he is not fit for our dojo. Martial Arts is only for the strong." "But Sid…" she said. "But nothing!" he said. "Well what if I taught him some of our moves?" asked Toadstool. "Absolutely not!" said Sid, "No student of mine is going to allow an outsider to…" "Enough!" said the master. They all bowed when he came out. "Master Yin," said Sid, "Your star pupil was going to defy us by showing an outsider our moves." "I see," he said, "There is only one way for him to prove if he is worthy for our club." "What's that?" asked Toadstool.

"A match," said Master Yin, "He will face on of our students and if he passes, he will become one of us." "Very well," said Sid, "But you are still not allowed to teach him any of our moves. You may observe him if you wish, but no teaching. Understand?" "Yes Instructor Sid," said Toadstool. Little did he know that she had her fingers crossed. "Sucker," she thought to herself. After class she walked out to see me. "So what did he say?" I asked. "He really doesn't like you," said Toadstool. "Man," I said. "But my master says he'll give you a match in a month to see if you're worthy of being in our dojo," said Toadstool. "Ok," I said.

"He says that Martial Arts is only for the strong but he's got it backwards," said Toadstool, "It was designed for the weak to defend themselves against those who are stronger." "Then how come they don't teach that?" I asked. "Over the years I've learned that it wasn't Martial Arts," said Toadstool, "Its just an a-hole teaching bad things." "Well I learned that when he beat the hell out of me," I said. "I have more good news," said Toadstool, "I'll teach you some real Martial Arts." "You mean it?" I asked. "Totally," she said, "Meet me at this location tonight at 8:00." She gave me a piece of paper.

After a few hours I finally met Toadstool. "So what do you know about Martial Arts?" she asked. "Not much," I said, "My uncle made me give it up because he thinks I shouldn't be fighting for myself or others." "He couldn't be more wrong," said Toadstool, "I use it do defend myself and others." "Ok," I said. "I'll teach you something basic first," said Toadstool. She did some stances. "When you're facing like this, its called Hai-ho, and when you're like this its called Tai-ho," she said. "Ok….." I said. "Maybe you won't learn like this," she said, "Try and attack me." "What?" I asked, "I'm not the kinda guy who would attack a lady." "That's noble," said Toadstool, "Try and touch me then." "Ok," I said. "This is a way I can teach you how to dodge," said Toadstool. I tried to touch her and she moved quickly out of my way. I tried again and again and she kept dodging. "Wow," I said, "You're fast. How'd you do that?" "I learned it from an old friend," said Toadstool, "The key thing is the movement of your feet." She started moving again. "You pin point them where your opponent is, and at the right moment you just jump out of the way and that gives you the advantage to attack," said Toadstool as she moved again. I tried doing the same move.

"Now I'm gonna try and attack you," she said, "You do exactly as I did." She tried attacking me and I did the moves she taught me. "Very good," said Toadstool. She tried again and I kept dodging her. "You're doing good," said Toadstool, "Remember your form is the key." "Got it," I said. "This also gives you the chance to counter-attack," said Toadstool, "Right after you move you attack the opponent back." She stood in defense mode and I tried to attack. "Like so!" said Toadstool. She dodged and hit me in the back. "Nice," I said. "There's something I wanna show you," said Toadstool. She took me to an ocean. "The sea?" I asked. She giggled. "No silly," she said, "This." She did some strange movements and made the water rise and she created waves. "Amazing," I said. "You see, I've had this ability to control water since I was a child," said Toadstool, "So you
could say I am a mutant." "I have something to show you too," I said.

I did some strange moves and fire came out of my hands. I lit some torches around the area. "Wow," she said. "So yeah," I said, "I'm a mutant too." She gave me a hug. "Thank you," said Toadstool. "For what?" I asked. "For letting me know I'm not alone in this world," said Toadstool. I smiled. "No problem," I said. Little did we know that Magnesium, was spying on us. "So busted," he said.

For the next few days I was learning new techniques that Toadstool had taught me. One day we were at school during lunch. She showed me a way to block attacks as if I was opening my locker and closing it. "You're getting really good at this," said Toadstool, "If we keep this up You'll be more than ready to take on one of the students in no time.” “Thanks,” I said, “I’m really glad you’re my teacher.” “I’m glad to teach you,” said Toadstool. I went back to training. “Nicholas?” she asked. “Yeah?” I asked. “I was wondering…. Do you wanna hang out sometime?” asked Toadstool, “I mean you’re the new kid on the block and I think I should get to know you more.” “Really?” I asked. “Yeah,” said Toadstool, “I mean we’re good friends and there are….. reasons for you to hang out with me…..” I was blushing. “You want me to hang out with you?” I asked. “Yeah if that’s cool,” said Toadstool, “It’ll be fun.” “Sure,” I said, “I could go for some fun. When would you like to do it?” “How about tonight?” asked Toadstool. “Tonight’s good,” I said. She got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a location for me to meet her. “So yeah, 8:00?” asked Toadstool.

So Yeah

I was at the spot waiting for Toadstool. "Why are you just standing there?" asked Toadstool. I laughed and said "I was waiting on you." "Nice day out," said Toadstool. "Yeah," I said. We were walking around the city. "So what inspired you to try and stand up for people?" asked Toadstool. "Huh?" I asked. "When you tried to rescue me," said Toadstool, "What made you decide to do that?" "When I was a child I use to watch this show called Captain N," I said, "He was an amazing hero." "Oh," said Toadstool. "He was really cool and he inspired me to do something I never had the chance to do," I said, "Defend Brooklyn from Terrorists." "What happened?" she asked.
"7 years ago there were terrorists attacks on 9/11," I said, "I wanted to fight them back but my uncle made me leave everything behind. I had a chance to save them but was denied." "Aww," said Toadstool. "I was also inspired by Captain America," I said, "I made some kind of shield and put a yellow star on it." "Cute," said Toadstool. "Yeah," I said, "I'm kind of a worshiper of these comic book characters." "Well that's not really crazy," said Toadstool. "I'm glad you think so," I said, "Most people think its stupid." "I don't think its stupid," said Toadstool. She suddenly squealed. "What is it?" I asked. She pointed to an amusement park. "I haven't been here in like ever," she said, "Can we go?" "Sure," I said pulling out some gold bars.

We were walking around the amusement park. "You're a nice guy aren't you?" she asked. "I try to be," I said. "More like fails to be," said a voice. I looked around but no one was there. I turned around and smelled someone's scent. "Ciampa," I said. Maddy revealed herself. "I keep telling you I know when you're there," I said. "Whatever," she said. She saw Toadstool. "Who's the new girl?" she asked. "This is my friend, Toadstool," I said. She laughed. "Come on Nicholas," she said, "Don't you mean to say 'Girlfriend'?" I blushed. "I…." I said. "I'm just teasing," she said, "You two have fun now."
We continued walking. "That was one of my old friends," I said. "She seems nice," said Toadstool. "Yeah," I said, "I've made a lot of friends." "That's neat," said Toadstool, "Friends are an important thing to have." "Yeah," I said looking away. "You ok?" she asked. "I'm just nervous is all," I said, "What if I fail the test and I'm not a member of the club?" "You'll do great," said Toadstool, "The master thinks you're a great person." "Yeah but your instructor and the other students hate me," I said, "I may be used as a punching bag if I get in." "Not the way I see it," said Toadstool, "Come on, let's go ride some rides." We went on some roller coasters and different rides. Then we went in a photo booth and took some pics together. Afterwards we went to a slide. "Are you sure about this?" I asked. "Trust me," said Toadstool as she took my hand. We went down the slide and fell in a ball pit. I had a ball in my mouth and she giggled.

We were having a really good time. "I really had a fun time Nicholas," said Toadstool, "I mean Nick." "I guess you like my full first name," I said. "Yeah," said Toadstool. "AHA!" said a voice. It was Magnesium. "I knew you would go against the instructor's wishes," he said. "Were you spying on us?" asked Toadstool. "You know it," he said, "Wait til he hears about this." "Don't you dare!" said Toadstool. She tried to attack him and he dodged and pushed her out of the way. "You're next shrimp," he said looking at me. He tried to attack and I dodged him. "So you can fight a little," he said. He tried punching me and I used my locker technique to force him back. He tried attacking me again and I used the step method Toadstool taught me. "Amazing," said Toadstool, "Its only been a day and he's already using the moves."

He punched me in the face and I fell. "Loser!" he said. Toadstool came charging at him. "You asshole!" she said. She kicked him in the face and he fell down. He was bleeding. "You're gonna pay for that!" he said as he ran off. She went to me and gave me her hand. When she bent down I saw something familiar. It was the blue Star Spirit an old friend had. I suddenly realized who she was. "Princess Toadstool?" I asked, "Is it really you?" She helped me up. "How do you know I'm a princess?" she asked, "Who are you?" "Its me," I said, "Nicholas." "Nicholas?" she asked. She suddenly knew who I was. We came at each other hugging. Maddy saw us. "What's going on here?" she asked.
"Maddy this is Toadstool," I said, "She's my best friend." "The girl from 7 years ago?" asked Maddy. "Yeah," I said. I saw Izzy. "Hey Isabel," I said, "Get over here." She saw Toadstool. "Toadstool this is Izzy," I said, "Izzy, Toadstool." "Pleased to meet you," said Izzy, "He's told me lots of things about you." I was happier than I ever was to be reunited with my best friend.
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